Lisa Sasevich – The Invisible Close

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Lisa Sasevich – The Invisible Close



Lisa Sasevich – The Invisible Close
Lisa Sasevich – The Invisible Close


The Invisible Close Home Study System (PDF)

Get Your Hands on “The Invisible Close” and Discover…

  • Simple, no-cost practices you can apply right away to increase your sales conversion by 20 to 50%, or more.
  • Ways to flesh out what is truly an irresistible offer versus a big bundle of downloadable fluff. And yes, people can tell the difference.
  • Creative ways to give away a lot but have it cost you very little.
  • The biggest secrets to inspiring someone to act now.
  • A no-pressure way to close those people that need to “sleep on it.” I will give you the million-dollar tip on how to interact with these people while honoring them AND without applying pressure.
  • Step-by-step, how to make BIG money as a platform presenter. You’ll be guided through a plethora of ways to boost your sales, all spelled out for your simple implementation.
  • Exactly how to structure and present truly Irresistible Offers that close sales on the spot. You apply no pressure. They pressure themselves when the offer is right!
  • How to motivate your prospects to take action and buy NOW. No more “thinking about it.” They’ll be ready to buy your offering today.
  • The top Four, must do, simple sales techniques for any live presentation. These are the secrets that will cause the stampede of on-the-spot, back-of-the-room sales you’ve been looking for…and they cost nothing to implement.
  • The secret to transform yourself from “the pursuer” who is calling every week to follow up, into “the partner” who is assisting the customer in having what they need to BUY NOW. This equates to less work, higher self esteem and ultimately…a lot more closes!
  • Most important, I will show you how to share the wealth of your wonderful and unique talents, products and services and receive wealth in return. “The Invisible Close” is compact and to the point. You can read this guide in one day and be in action, making sales, tomorrow! No fluff, no filler, just page after page of proven, simple to implement sales strategies that produce resultsItem #2

    The Invisible Close Audio Tutorial (5 MP3s)

    I cover the most critical sales conversion strategies from ‘The Invisible Close™’ Ebook. I’ll show you how to set it up so you can unabashedly promote your services without being apologetic or timid about it. And I’ll walk you through the teachings that have helped my most well-known clients go gangbusters when selling from the stage. Because it’s audio, you’ll be able to hear exactly how it sounds to use this totally innovative and authentic selling style.
    You’ll receive the download links immediately after registering.

    Item #3

    My Conversion Tracking Spreadsheet (Excel File)

    Here is the Excel spreadsheet I use to keep track of how I’m doing converting sales. It keeps me focused on this important area and simultaneously acts as a checklist so I don’t overlook any critical areas. This is an unbelievably useful tool!

    Item #4

    My Favorite Sales Order Form (PowerPoint File)

    This is the same Specials/Registration Form I have used to create over $1,000,000 in sales. It is the actual form I’ve used for almost every business I’ve consulted with when creating their Irresistible Offers.

    I also include a copy of this form in the manual but you will be able to download this as a PowerPoint file enabling you to save a copy and begin using it to customize your own Irresistible Offers.

    Item #5

    5 P’s to Crafting a Profitable Preview Call (MP3 & PDF)

    This MP3 and training worksheet on crafting your preview calls are the backbone to Lisa’s numerous 6-figure launches. You’ll receive Lisa’s step-by-step formula for crafting your preview call for BIG payday results.





Lisa Sasevich – The Invisible Close


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