Pete Godfrey – Sales Letter Writing Workshop

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Pete Godfrey – Sales Letter Writing Workshop



Pete Godfrey – Sales Letter Writing Workshop
Pete Godfrey – Sales Letter Writing Workshop



Pete Godfrey’s Sales Letter Writing Workshop “From Pre-Head to Post script And Everything in Between” Now Captured on DVD…

Imagine Being a Sales Detective… a Master Persuader Who Knows Instinctively How to Get The Sale…
“Discover How to Master The Most Valuable and Profitable Skill Ever…”
BOOST Your Earning Power And Make all the
Money You Want, Any Time You Please…

One day workshop shortcuts your learning curve…
gets you writing Sales Letters fast…

Best Part: The Workshops are over but the Brisbane gig was filmed so you can take me home and reap the rewards on offer. Here’s the quickest and easiest way for you to discover the secrets to writing sales letters that sell and master this most valuable and profitable skill from Australia’s most in demand and productive pro copywriter Pete Godfrey. No fluff, no filling, 100% content without the sugar-coating!

FROM: Pete Godfrey

SUBJECT: Get Fast Results From My New One Day Sales Letter Writing Workshop


Recently I finished doing 4 very profitable and profound workshops on Sales Letter Writing; workshops that had everyone in attendance drooling over the money making ideas and strategies I shared. Now, you can get it all in a take home pack, so you don’t miss even a second of what was on over.
Below is the letter I wrote to fill the Workshops so you can see
exactly what’s on it way to you, when you grab my Sales
Letter Workshop Home Study Pack…

If you give me just one day, a mere 8 hours of your time, I guarantee to show you how to crank out sizzling sales letters that sell. You’ll walk out of my workshop with the skills, the templates and blueprints to creating Sales Letters so enticing, so mesmerising and compelling, they’ll crash servers and cause a stampede of customers rushing to your door.

Big call?

Maybe, but I’m determined to show you my Sales Letter Writing secrets, from start to finish; no stone left unturned, exposing all my little known yet highly effective secrets… secrets so powerful they should come with a disclaimer.

Not only will you walk out of my workshop with the most valuable of valuable skills, you’ll be carrying 2 BIG Workbooks chock full of examples, articles and Insider Information few know even fewer use… so you can keep referring back to these GOLDEN Nuggets for years to come.

Consider this…

If you want to know how to quickly and easily create Sales Letters that sell…

If you want to shortcut your journey and get spoon-fed all you need in one short day…

If the idea of turning the written word into money interests you…

… then get excited! You’re closer to reaching the above goals than you ever imagined. And in a minute you’ll see why… and how you too can easily create Sales Letters that sell.

But first up, before I get ahead of myself, please understand this…

I’ve put on a lot of copywriting seminars over the years. From my evening seminars, to my two-day boot camp, right up to my $6,995.00 per head Master Class. They’ve all been fantastic events… but more importantly, each and every attendee got great value for their money, many are now reaping the rewards from the secrets I revealed.

The important point for you is I can teach this stuff simply, concisely and in ways that will make a lasting impression…so you can effectively and efficiently shortcut the long learning curve… and get the skills you need to write compelling copy in just one short day.





Pete Godfrey – Sales Letter Writing Workshop


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