Pete Wilson – Outsource Profit Machine

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Pete Wilson – Outsource Profit Machine



Pete Wilson – Outsource Profit Machine
Pete Wilson – Outsource Profit Machine


  • 4 DVDs containing the professional recordings from the one day workshop.
  • Data disc containing:
    – mp3 recordings of the workshop (missing)
    – complete transcripts (missing)
    – 3+ hours of extra interviews from leading industry experts (missing)
  • Workbook containing all the slides and extra training material given to the original workshop attendees.
  • Plus all of the sample outsourcing documentation that we use at Melbourne SEO Services. (missing)Here’s what’s covered on the DVDs:Session 1. Why outsourcing is the solution to most of your business troubles and how to use geo-arbitrage to grow your business like never before – once you understand this, your business will never be the same. (17:49)

    Session 2. Learn the key differences between ‘out-tasking’, ‘outsourcing’ and ‘insourcing’ – most people fail at outsourcing because they don’t fully understand these distinctions, don’t be one of them.  (59:42)

    Session 3. How to use the George Foreman method to attract ‘A’ players to your business – the exact system we use guaranteed to save hundreds of thousands of dollars over the long term in mis-hires. (57:29)

    Session 4. Discover our proven process anyone can follow to welcome new staff into your team – from documentation to software – you’ll set an expectation of success. (1:15:36)

    Session 5. Get the most out of your team with these effective management techniques – don’t waste a moment longer wondering if your team is doing the right thing, know with confidence that they are. (52:41)

    Session 6. Cutting-edge tools and how the pros use to them train, communicate and manage virtual teams – the real secret is how it all works together. (26:29)

    Session 7. Learn why the “money’s in the system” and the step-by-step formula we use to create powerful systems allowing you to work ‘on’ the business, not ‘in’ it – deep down you know you need this information. (1:07:21)

    Session 8. Use our detailed plan to get your outsourcing journey started immediately – most people get stuck before they even get started, at the end of this session you’ll know exactly what you must do to make outsourcing work for you. (48:40)




Pete Wilson – Outsource Profit Machine


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