Ray Como – The House-Buying King

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Ray Como – The House-Buying King



Ray Como – The House-Buying King
Ray Como – The House-Buying King



  • Transaction Engineering ($500)
  • Lease/Options ($300)
  • Your Mastermind Script Book ($500)
  • How To Negotiate the Buy/Sell Agreement ($125)
  • The Comprehensive House-Buying Forms Book ($200)
  • Back To Basics Workshop ($300)
  • Streetsmart Landlording ($200)
  • The Corporation Primer ($200)
  • Boot Camp XXV Live ($1,000)…Eight Courses. Retail $3,325

    Ray Como, The House Buying King, had all the tapes in all the courses listed in 1-5 below converted into MP3s. Each tape is roughly 10 MB so he managed to get all four courses + The Comprehensive House-Buying Forms Book on one (1) CD.  This CD is called The Best of Ray Como.   There is so much information on these recordings!!

    This real estate education compilation in audio cassette form retails for $3,325

    1.) Transaction Engineering (Retail Price in audio cassette form is $500)

    Real life case studies from the file.

    First system of its kind ever developed.

    Sellers call you and offer to sell to you.

    Plus…. Simultaneous Closings.

    You will learn…

  • HOW TO get sellers to call you and offer their house for sale to you!
  • Ray’s direct mail SECRETS!
  • HOW TO talk to sellers on the phone!
  • HOW TO use NLP negotiation techniques to get to the seller’s true motivation and bottom dollar asking price!
  • HOW TO negotiate Ray’s Buy/Sell AgreementTM with 19 Profit Centers!
  • HOW TO Package the Transaction for SALE!
  • HOW TO Market the Transaction in 30 Days or Less!
  • Actual CASE STUDIES from Ray’s Files…
  • AND MUCH, MUCH MORE![/list]Includes 12 audio cassettes in digital (MP3) format.

    2.) Your Mastermind Script Book (Retail Price in audio cassette form is $500)

    Your  Mastermind  Script  Book  (Live  and  Text)
    by  Ray  Como

    This copyrighted script book was developed over 26 boot Camps. over 6 years, and over 5,500 hours of research.

    We logged 27,921 phone calls working out the very best way to respond in every situation.

    Your Mastermind ScriptBook(TM) is a compendium of questions, 31 pages of persuasion gambits and power language designed to give you the best way to respond in every negotiation…on the phone or in person.

    It is the most phenomenal tool ever created for the Entrepreneur.

    With respect for the power of the question, we forged YM ScriptBook(TM) from nothing but an idea.

    Includes 20 sections packed with 324 of the most powerful questions and statements ever uttered in Real Estate.

    Includes 8 audio cassettes in digital (MP3) format, Your Mastermind ScriptBook(TM) Text in Rich Text Format document, plus Sellers Incoming Call Sheet in Rich Text Format document.

    3.) How To Negotiate the Buy/Sell Agreement (Retail Price in audio cassette form is $125)

    How To Negotiate the Buy/Sell Agreement
    by Ray Como

    how to negotiate the Buy/Sell Agreement line-by-line…

    buy with NO Money Down
    Without Banks and 0% Interest Seller Financing

  • Buy/Sell Agreement(TM) in Rich Text Format document.
  • Three 45-Minute audio cassettes in digital (MP3) format.4.) Comprehensive House Buying Forms Book (Retail price in printed form is $200)

    Comprehensive  House  Buying  Forms  Book
    by  Ray  Como

    Tools For the Virtual Entrepreneur:

  • Your Marketing Department In-a-Box(TM)
  • Your BigmOuth Script Book
  • Your Contractor Book
  • Hundreds of Forms and Strategies
  • All in Rich Text Format documents5.) Boot Camp XXV Live (Retail price in audio cassette form is $1,000)

    Ray Como’s original and legendary $5,000, 6-Day Boot Camp.? including the Amaziing Firewalk Seminar where Ray teaches students to walk on red hot coals in their bare feet!

    Boot  Camp  XXV  Live
    by  Ray  Como

  • Delightful
  • Live
  • Uncensored
  • Prospecting
  • Running Ads
  • Making and Taking Calls
  • Signing-Up Agreements To Buy
  • Packaging Transactions For Sale
  • Marketing “the Deal Beyond the Deal”
  • Late Night Brainstorms
  • Living the life of a Real Estate EntrepreneurThe complete audio library (32 audio cassettes in digital (MP3) format… including the firewalk seminar)

    From Ray Como’s original and legendary $5,000, 6-day Boot Camp.

    These Real Estate courses are of the same high caliber you would expect from a Real Estate Investing specialist.  If you are considering educational materials from William (Bill) Bronchick, Peter Conti, David Finkel, Ron LeGrand, Robert Kiyosaki, Russ Whitney, Bill Duquette, Robert Allen, or others, you should seriously consider this compilation from Ray Como.

    About Ray Como

    Ray Como graduated from West Virginia University with a BS in Civil Engineering in December of 1978. He started his life as an Entrepreneur in July of 1979.

    Ray Como has created, produced, copyrighted and self-published 15 audio cassette programs and lots of other forms and tools for business, real estate, corporations, selling, marketing, finance, management and Entrepreneurship.

    Ray Como has been involved in countless real estate and mortgage transactions. He has presented over 350 public speeches, taught 155 two-day seminars and 28 six-day “Boot Camps.” At Boot Camp the students logged, recorded and critiqued over 25,000 phone calls, set over 800 appointments and signed up 245 transactions for a total of $15,000,000 worth of business. He has created successful marketing programs for chiropractors, restaurants, developers, property management companies, night clubs and a day care center.

    Ray Como has written, edited and published eighteen 2,000 word issues of Raymond Como’s Financial Almanac, sixty 2,000 word Contrariant Letters and twenty four 2,000 word issues of Your MasterMind. He has written over 100 articles which were published in the top Entrepreneurial publications in the nation. He has written, printed and mailed over 2,000,000 direct mail letters creating over $1,000,000 in sales.

    Ray Como has conceptualized and created six corporations, two partnerships, a host of joint ventures and many private trusts.





Ray Como – The House-Buying King


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