Richard Roop & Dan Doran – Ultimate Strategy Seminar

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Richard Roop & Dan Doran – Ultimate Strategy Seminar



Richard Roop & Dan Doran – Ultimate Strategy Seminar
Richard Roop & Dan Doran – Ultimate Strategy Seminar


How to Create a Free and Clear
Real Estate Money Machine

Dear Fellow Investor,

Dramatic changes in the real estate and lending markets nationwide have recently created exceptional profit opportunities when you start using The Ultimate Strategy to buy properties from sellers who NEED to sell… and selling to buyers who want to own.

Now you can offer attractive solutions to buyers and sellers while still making a guaranteed 15% net profit on every deal… and then collect up to 60% of your profits in advance… without delay… in cold hard cash on the same day you buy with no money down.

Here are the top 3 reasons to learn and use The Ultimate Strategy™:

Collect $18,000 to $72,000 in cash on the day you buy any house.
Generate monthly positive cash flows of $500 to $1,500 on dozens of homes even in tough, overleveraged real estate markets.
Build up an impressive portfolio of debt free houses that you own 100% free and clear over the next 5 to 10 years.

The Ultimate Strategy™ works any time, all the time, on any property and in every city in the nation. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a slow market, normal market, hot market or an uncertain ‘post-hot’ market. This investing approach protects you regardless of how much desperation or fear you may see in your local housing market.
With the recent meltdown in the lending industry and foreclosure at all time highs, this may be the single best real estate creative investing approach for collecting immediate cash and get this… for making ANY property in any price range generate a positive cash flow. Use The Ultimate Strategy™ to make huge profits buying any type of real estate including single family homes, multi family units, commercial, townhomes, condos, land, mobiles and modular homes.

It works on ugly properties that need work and pretty properties that need nothing.
It makes every step of investing process easy and systematic.
It’s perfect for both new investors as well as seasoned pros.

WHAT makes this the ultimate strategy?

A real estate investing strategy or business model is usually a combination of what you buy with how you fund it with how you sell it. There are dozens of great ways to make money doing creative real estate deals. My name is Richard Roop. For years, my partner Dan Doran and I have helped our students make millions using most of the proven investing models out there. The best creative strategies we’ve use and recommend include wholesaling, retailing, rehabbing, owner financing, lease options, straight options, buying subject to, round robin bid sales and short sales. But there are pros and cons of each strategy. Therefore, it’s best to use certain business models depending upon several dynamic factors such as your local market climate, the direction of prices, your need for fast cash and your present level of training and experience. On the other hand there’s one strategy, what we call The Ultimate Strategy™, that can generate cash profits for you all the time! It provides more benefits than any other investing approach I’m aware of.

Here are the 47 reasons WHY this
is the ultimate strategy…

How does The Ultimate Strategy compare? MOST creative investing strategies…

Are good with single family homes
Are good with bread and butter homes
Require no personal credit
Are good in normal markets
Require no bank financing to buy
Don’t rely on tax benefits
Work on low end homes
Need no market appreciation to profit
Allow you to easily market to qualified buyers

The Ultimate Strategy delivers on all of these benefits. Now… MANY creative investing strategies…

Are good in hot markets
Are good in post-hot markets
Are good in slow markets
Are good on ugly houses
Are ideal for experienced investors
Are ideal for quick turning
Afford easy ways of funding to buy
Provide simplified deal structuring
Provide simplified paperwork
Help you avoid landlording hassles
Don’t rely on real estate agents
Can offer a great deal to a buyer

The Ultimate Strategy delivers on all of these benefits, too. But… ONLY SOME creative investing strategies…

Generate fast cash now
Allow you to sell or occupy within 60 days
Allow you to easily target ideal sellers
Are good on pretty houses
Avoid the need for short sales
Avoid violating ‘due on sale’
Allow selling “as is” without fixing up
Are good on condos and townhouses
Are good on modular and mobile homes
Are good on multi family homes
Are good on high priced homes
Are good for commercial

The Ultimate Strategy provides all these benefits. Next… A FEW creative investing strategies…

Allow you to easily hold for wealth building
Can get a 15% net profit on any property
Allow you to buy from unmotivated sellers
Are ideal for beginning investors
Allow you to sell without bank financing
Help you avoid seasoning issues
Don’t rely on big price discounts

The Ultimate Strategy delivers on every one these. BUT VERY FEW creative investing strategies…

Create rapid wealth building
Can easily generate positive cash flow
Allow offering full price to a seller
Allow you to sell to unmotivated buyers
Avoid foreclosure laws
Don’t rely on mortgage brokers
Need no appraisal to sell

The Ultimate Strategy does it all… and more!

If you’re already making good money investing in real estate then start making MORE profits now using The Ultimate Strategy on single family homes. And if you’re not already generating consistent cash every month then this is the perfect vehicle for turbo-charging your investing results.

The 4 steps to using
The Ultimate Strategy™ for creating
cash now and cash flow…

It all comes down to what you buy… how you fund it and how you sell it…

1) Target houses with lots of equity

Many real estate entrepreneurs have discovered that when there’s more equity in a deal, there are more exits and more ways to create an acceptable offer to the seller. Did you know that one third of all homes in the U.S. are free and clear? The benefits of targeting houses that are free and clear… or house that have very little debt… are awesome:

* First, if you need cash for buying and getting a house occupied, you can borrow against the equity without bank qualifying using hard money loans or private investors. You can raise cash for a down payment, doing repairs or remodeling, paying off liens, paying for your marketing and holding costs PLUS pull out cash profits in advance on the day you buy.

* Second, sellers with free and clear houses in many cases do not need any of their equity in cash now. These sellers with high equity tend to be older and many times like the idea of receiving a monthly cash flow. This allows you to buy in installments. You can pay the seller off with the income from the property.

* Next, a lot free and clear houses are ‘non-owner occupied’ and the seller might be facing a big tax bill if they received all their money at once. You can help them defer or stretch out their tax bite by having them finance your purchase.

* Finally, you’ll find landlords with multiple properties who may want to eliminate all their management hassles… and sell all of their properties to you!

2) Create multiple offers with 0% owner financing

If doesn’t matter what price a seller wants for their free and clear house. You can always pay it. The only question is when. The longer they can wait, the more you can pay. The benefits of creating owner carryback financing at 0% interest include:

* You can offer a higher purchase price and get more of your offers accepted by having the seller wait for part or all of their equity.

* You can create a lump sum balloon payment due in 3, 6, 10… even 15 years and then collect all the cash flow from the property during that term.

* On the other hand, you can give all the positive cash flow to the seller if you want to rapidly pay off what you owe the seller and build huge equity positions without ever relying on appreciation. This is ideal for post-hot, slow or uncertain housing markets.

* If the seller ever wants to be paid off early you can discount their note. If you ever want to cash out the property early then you can move the seller’s 0% note to other properties for many, many years.

3) Ensure you get a 15% net profit on every house

Based on your projected a resell price (either now or in the future), make offers that guarantee you at least a 15% net profit on every deal. If backing out all your costs and profit from your resell price drives your purchase price down so low that it’s unacceptable to the seller, you can now raise the price back up by pushing part (or all) of their equity into the future using the simple deal structuring formulas and The Ultimate Strategy Offer Generator spreadsheets.

4) Sell or occupy fast with a lease option or owner financing

Since the mortgage market meltdown, sellers are having trouble selling. But buyers are having trouble buying too. Many of the loans for less than A-paper buyers recently disappeared overnight. This is creating a growing demand for rentals and a greater need for creative seller financing.  How quickly do you want to pay it off 0% financing? That’s right… never! Then how can you resell a property after you a seller agreed to wait for the money with no payments or principal only payments for many years? Here’s how:

* Sell to a tenant buyer and require they close later with “wraparound” owner financing. The Ultimate Strategy home training system reveals exactly how, or…

* Sell to buyer with a larger down payment and close immediately with wrap financing, or…

* Don’t sell. Rent your property out and collect a reliable positive cash flow… or give the net income to the seller each month and own the property 100% free and clear within 8 to 12 years… without ever relying on any appreciation!

What is wraparound financing? On a “wrap” you make a mortgage payment to your seller while collecting a mortgage payment from a buyer. Your junior lien due from your buyer wraps (or includes) what you owe on the senor lien to the seller. You enjoy the difference in monthly cash flow and equity growth.


I recently mailed out a few thousand postcards I created for The Ultimate Strategy. I targeted owners of free and clear houses and got dozens of calls. One seller who called said he had a rental to sell… and some others too if that one worked out. It turned out he had 20 rental properties all in same neighborhood with 17 of them free and clear!

The after repaired value for all 20 homes is $2.2 million and he only owed about $300,000. He bought these houses in the 1970’s for his retirement plan and is now in his 70’s.

I offered to give him full retail price, get the $300,000 paid off and out of his name, give him the same $10,000 a month net income he’s getting right now managing tenants and toilets PLUS… give him the peace of mind he really wanted regarding his wife winding up will all these houses if he “checks out” before her. Suddenly I became his new best friend!

This deal will net over $600,000 in profits on the 10 year payment plan, plus the bonus of 10 years appreciation… and the added benefit of tax write offs.

Discover how to create your
own free and clear money machine!

Dan Doran and I have created a comprehensive new training and support system which details every step of this incredible business model from A to Z. It answers all of the questions that you may now have after reading this report… or all of the ones you’ll have after you taek action and begin applying this strategy. The Ultimate Strategy™ Home Study System lays out everything you need to know. It includes 12 two-hour training modules including detailed instruction, proven marketing tools, deal structuring software, scripts, forms, checklists, contracts… everything! I’ve looked and… I can’t find anything else like this… anywhere… from anyone!

Dan Doran and I have successfully used and taught this strategy for a couple years. Our clients are already having great success with it. By creating this new real estate training course and ongoing support system, we have for the first time put it all together in such a way that anyone can use it quickly and easily… without any other previous experience or training.

What you’ll discover when you own this system:

1) Introduction: How to Get the Most Out of this Training System

How to tap into your free ongoing monthly support
How to access and use all your free bonuses
How to get started fast
This module includes exclusive web links and passwords for access to a vast collection of tools, documents and online audio.

2) Marketing: The Key to Cash Profits Made Easy

How to cost effectively and systematically generate all the quality leads you need
How to use proven, done-for-you direct mail marketing campaigns to find deals
How to get motivated sellers with equity calling you daily to buy their house
This module includes “the world’s greatest” postcards and letters for buying houses, recorded message line script and marketing examples.

3) Prescreening: Identifying Golden Opportunities in Minutes

How to capture your leads and gather property info fast
How to qualify prospects on the phone
How to identify the deals with real potential
How to choose reliable resell price or exit plan
How to get any house occupied within 60 days
This module includes time saving systems, checklists, forms and call handling scripts.

4) Deal Structuring: Creating Cash Now, Cash Flow and Cash Later

How to create compelling offers that get sellers what they want
How to guarantee you net 15% profit on every house you buy
How to determine the most you should pay on any deal
How to structure multiple offers in minutes using the Free & Clear Offer Generator software
This module includes the exclusive Free & Clear Offer Generator software.

5) Negotiating: Mastering the Secrets of the Pros

How to do a value building presentation
How to build trust and rapport
How to identify and use hot buttons
How to overcome the 7 most common objections
How to get more of your offers accepted
How to present multiple offers
This module includes negotiation tips, seller presentation “magic words” and objection handling scripts.

6) Funding: Buying Better than No Money Down

How to avoid using your own cash or credit
How to create 0% owner financing
How to raise millions in private money
How to collect extra cash whenever you buy a house
How to generate reliable monthly cash each month
This module includes tools and scripts for raising private money and several bonus “how to” reports on raising cash.

7) Selling & Occupying Quickly: Creating Multiple Paydays

How to make your houses more attractive, desirable and easier to sell
How to confidently predict the price you can get… and when
How to line up multiple buyers before you close on your next deal
How to systemize, automate or outsource the entire selling process
How to avoid getting stuck with hard to sell properties
How to get higher prices, larger down payments and more cash flow
How to profit more working with real estate and mortgage brokers
How to sell fast using cheap ads, signs, postcards and flyers
How to enjoy a strong marketing advantage when selling
How to consistently get your houses sold or occupied within 60 days
How to qualify and negotiate with buyers
How to use the magic and power of direct mail to find your buyer before you buy
This module includes marketing tools, proven ads, checklists, contracts and other documents for selling or occupying fast.

8) Wealth Building: Creating Financial Independence Faster

How to avoid paying off 0% real estate notes early
How to pay off a seller early and still lock in your target profit
How to create rapid equity growth
How to pay off debt you’ve created at a discount
How to get minimum 35% return investing your excess extra cash
How to buy houses back when your buyer wants to sell
How to get 10 houses 100% debt-free in 5 years or less investing part time.
This module includes special agreements and contracts plus Note Discounting and Wealth Forecasting software.

9) Leveraging Your Time & Money: Making More with Less Effort

How to systemize, delegate and outsource everything you can’t do or don’t want to do
How to increase your productivity 400% within 60 days
How to accelerate your cash flow and automated wealth accumulation
This module includes tools for systematizing and outsourcing plus a complete bonus training system on hiring help and managing systems.

10) Advanced Strategies: Taking The Ultimate Strategy to the Next Level

* How to adjust your offers when paying interest to the seller
* How to give consideration when buying subject to and seller has a lot of equity
* How to buy houses back when your buyer wants to sell
* How to get 10 houses 100% debt-free in 5 years or less investing part time.
* How to structure your terms when selling with wraparound owner financing
* How to sell on without fixing up
* This module includes special agreements and contracts plus Wealth Forecasting software.





Richard Roop & Dan Doran – Ultimate Strategy Seminar


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