Rob Balanda – The Best of Clauses

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Rob Balanda – The Best of Clauses



Rob Balanda – The Best of Clauses
Rob Balanda – The Best of Clauses


Power up your real estate deals with creative clauses!

In this fascinating audio CD and accompanying booklet, solicitor Robert Balanda reveals how savvy property investors use clauses to gain the upper hand in property deals, and to avoid potential pitfalls. He discusses a range of situations where well-drafted clauses have delivered significant time and money savings.

Contents Include

Learn how to strike much better real estate deals

Learn how to be far more confident and creative in the way you present your offers to buy property so you’re in total control

Know the insider legal tips on how to prevent an offer falling through so you won’t miss out on profitable deals

Learn how to avoid being beaten on property deals by other investors

Make yourself more street smart and property savvy with your offers to buy properties and outsmart other real estate investors

Educational audio CD on how to use clauses to make yourself more creative with your real estate transactions

Includes a grab bag of the more powerful clauses that you can use to give yourself the edge in a real estate transaction

Commentary on how to use “escape” clauses to allow you to buy a property with a safety net

More examples of practical and useful clauses for due diligence enquiries when you purchase real estate, e.g. fire safety, flood, asbestos and environmental checks.







Rob Balanda – The Best of Clauses


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