Acuity NLP – Creative Coaching

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Acuity NLP – Creative Coaching


Acuity NLP – Creative Coaching
Acuity NLP – Creative Coaching


The Creativity Manual – Online! An NLP coaching course, illustrated by stories of adventure, based on the popular book.

Have you ever wondered how you could expand your creativity? How you could step beyond the forces that obstruct inspiration? How to hack your flow?

It has been suggested that it takes 10 000 hours to reach mastery in a craft. This course will serve as a catalyst for you on your journey, whether you are a creative person on their journey into their art or an entrepreneur starting up a business, a catalyst that accelerates your own mastery over your craft, business and life. It is a course based on the highly rated book: The Creativity Manual and the 5 steps outlined in the book, Self-discovery, Clarity, Confidence, Momentum & Reward. The practical tools are all beautifully interwoven with tales of travel from the author, Johan Nayar MSc. who is an Evolutionary Psychologist, a World Traveller and Creative Explorer. The course offers deep insights from NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer, Tristan Henri, and it is the interaction between these two characters that brings the course to life. The stages are as follows:

1. Self-discovery

The first section is Self-discovery. Much like a singer must find her voice, any creative or entrepreneur must find a style from which they can operate best. We’ll cover the following things in each section:

how creativity evolved in nature
an introduction to Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and its principles.
NLP eye patterns – where do people look when they are lying
perceptual positions- how to gain perspectives on a situation (NLP)
our filters on the world- deletion, distortion and generalisation (NLP)
an introduction to the Myers Briggs personality test

2. Clarity

Now that you know yourself on a deeper level we move onto Clarity, which is a way to gain focus on a goal. A person who is striving towards something is much more likely to achieve it than someone moving away. What we’ll cover:

how niching works in nature and its application in business & art
why focus is so important in any endeavour
an Ayahuasca story
effective goal setting using SMART goals
personal empowerment by taking responsibility for choice

3. Confidence

Now that you have gained the focus of where you want to go, it’s time to put it all into action. Confidence will accelerate this process, we will cover:

status in modern society
NLP anchoring – how to access confidence on tap
the success cycle – how to be more successful
no failure only feedback- how to reframe negativity over ‘failure’
acting ‘as if’

4. Momentum

With confidence comes a level of flow which is the state where the real magic happens. In this section we investigate ways to increase momentum, it includes:

an exploration of planning vs spontaneity
how to hack your flow, be in the zone or get in the groove
maximizing productivity using the Covey matrix
personal editing (NLP) change your unproductive memories
continuation of perceptual positions

5. Reward

In this section you combine all of the above processes into a single, unified force and notice how results begin to manifest all around you. We will cover

the evolution of reward systems
a summary of all the previous sections
guest interview with filmmaker Theo Davies
further learning

This course offers a hands on approach to enhancing creativity and building confidence. You will be leaving the course with so many useful techniques and a clear direction over your goals. You will be not only able to flourish in your own endeavours but be an inspirational influence to others. Read CHAPTER 1 for more information on The Creativity Manual or just sign up above, there’s everything to gain.


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