Alan Cowgill – Private Lending Made Easy Premium System

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Alan Cowgill – Private Lending Made Easy Premium System


Alan Cowgill – Private Lending Made Easy Premium System
Alan Cowgill – Private Lending Made Easy Premium System



How To Borrow The Money You Want From People, Not Banks – And Get It Faster And Easier, With No Monthly Payments Or Borrowing Limits

Never Again Lose A Deal Because nYou Can’t Finance It Fast Enough!

You too can get the money you want from people, not banks. You can get it faster and easier, with no limit on how much you can borrow.

In this letter, you’ll learn about these 6 positive items when you borrow from private lenders…

With no monthly payments
With no points or fees – and virtually no closing costs.
With no out of pocket costs – not even for renovations.
With no credit checks or tax returns.
With no waiting periods.
With no prepayment penalties

Alan Cowgill is an authority on attracting private money. In this letter, he spills the beans on how he raised a Million dollars from everyday folks seeking good returns from their investment dollars. He shows you how to create an endless supply of money, and borrow on your terms.

With private lenders ready and eager to finance your deals, you’ll be able to…

Buy dirt-cheap properties like there’s no tomorrow. Don’t lose a deal to someone with “all cash” because you can’t finance the deal fast enough.
Always have cash to close the deal. Make every offer with confidence.
Never take a dime out of your pocket. You always get 100% financing, plus the money you need for renovations.
Collect part of your future profit the day you buy a property.
Borrow with no monthly payments. After all, you’re the one who defines the loan terms. So you entice lenders to let interest accrue until you sell the property.
Wield your “all cash” position to negotiate rock bottom prices on the properties you buy.
Money is always waiting for you. The moment you sell one property, your next loan is sitting there, waiting for you to buy another.


1: How Private Money Could Make You A Millionaire…
2: Why Seasoned Investors Don’t Use Banks…
3: Never Be Handcuffed By “Creative Financing”…
4: Never Let Hard Money Lenders Squeeze You Dry…
5: Get The Money You Want From Individuals, Not Banks…
6: How Overconfidence Can Damage Your Lending Relationships…
7: How To Make Your Phone Ring Off The Hook With Lenders…
8: Attract Prospects And Make Them Beg To Loan You Money…

Over the past 14 years, Alan Cowgill has perfected 16 methods for attracting people with money, winning their confidence, and turning them into private lenders. He’s done hundreds of real estate transactions.

No wonder he’s interviewed alongside Donald Trump in the book Walking With The Wise: Real Estate Investor.

Industry leaders call him the authority on attracting private money, and compete with each other to book him at their conferences.

One year, Mr. Cowgill spoke at 54 conferences and boot camps, 85 training webinars, and was also featured on a couple of radio shows, and a TV show.

How Private Money Could Make You A Millionaire:
Impossible Dream Comes True For Some Real Estate Investors

Imagine it’s two months from now. Your local competitors can never seem to line up financing fast enough. In fact, many of them are afraid to make offers because they don’t know how they’ll finance the deals. But you have an unfair advantage…

You’re surrounded by a number of private lenders, ready and eager to finance your real estate deals. I’m talking about regular people who love getting a good return on their investment dollars.

And now that you’re free from using banks, hard-money lenders, and your personal funds, there’s no limit to the number of properties you can buy!

Friend, with the methods you’re about to learn, you will see the potential to have millions of dollars waiting in the wings – without jumping through hoops for bank loans, being ripped off by hard-money lenders, or getting blown off by sellers who fear creative financing.

If you have private lenders now, you’ll learn to attract so many more that they fight to loan you money. And once they’re in competition, they’ll gladly accept a lower interest rate (After all, their only safe alternative is many investments that pay paltry low rate of returns).

But your credibility is a huge factor. Without the right approach, you could be dismissed as a “fly-by-night”, wreck your precious lending relationships, or get trampled by the SEC.

Why Seasoned Investors Never Use Banks

You were probably drawn to real estate for the profit potential. But if you’re like me, you also love being your own boss, calling your own shots, and making your own rules.

So why let banks decide your fate? Why have your hands tied by their strict underwriting guidelines? Why jump through hoops to prove that you’re a good risk?

I have good credit, but that doesn’t guarantee anything. I once waited 4½ months to get a bank loan approved. If the seller had been impatient (which is normal), I would’ve lost the deal.

The bottom line is, you can’t count on your relationship with a banker. I did, and then one day the “regulators” came in and blocked him from doing real estate investor loans. That shut me down instantly. Here’s what happens when you’re at the mercy of banks:

You lose the hottest deals. That’s because banks can’t finance them fast enough. Distressed sellers need cash today, not in 30-60 days.
You’ve got to cough up a 20% down payment. So your personal funds are always tied up, crippling your cash flow and limiting the number of properties you can own at once.
You’re nailed with excessive points and loan fees.
You can’t finance properties with water damage, missing furnaces, old electrical systems, or anything unusual. Banks are too picky about which properties they’ll finance – and you’re constantly at their mercy.
You’re crushed by backbreaking monthly payments – and often stressed out by negative cash flow.
You could be approved at first, only to have the underwriters change their minds at the last minute.

Never Again Be Handcuffed By “Creative Financing”

In those rare cases where a seller agrees to owner financing, lease options, or “subject to” financing, these creative techniques are great. They free you from using banks and hard-money lenders. But let’s be honest.

When you sell a property, which do you prefer…terms that leave you cash-poor (with ongoing risk if the buyer defaults)…or an all-cash offer? Most sellers are like you. They want closure. They want all cash. When you rely only on creative financing…

You lose the hottest bargains – because investors with “all cash” always beat you to the punch.
You can’t buy REOs with creative financing.
You can’t close on most of the deals you find – since most sellers are afraid of seller financing.
You usually pay a higher price. When sellers concede to creative financing, they usually demand higher prices. Those inflated prices eat into your profits – and the experts who teach these methods are the first to admit it!

Never Let Hard-Money Lenders Squeeze You Dry

When sellers are distressed, they need cash fast. They can’t wait for bank loans. And they rarely offer creative financing. So most investors think hard-money lenders are the only option. But there are far too many downsides:

You’ve got to cough up a 15% down payment. This ties up your personal funds, cripples your cash flow, and limits the number of properties you can own at once.
You’ve got to pay the loan back within 12 months – so you can’t buy time by lease optioning or owner financing the property.
You pay a high interest rate plus five points and you get eaten alive by all of the additional padded closing costs. (When I used hard-money lenders, I saw one deal that had $5,000 in points and more on padded fees, etc.)
You need good credit and tax returns. Ten years ago, hard-money lenders loaned solely based on 65% LTV. But today, they qualify you like banks.
You’ve got to cough up your own cash for renovations. That’s because your rehab funds are stuck in escrow. So even though you’re paying interest on this money, you don’t get it until after your renovations are validated by an appraiser. (And you have to pay for the appraiser.)
You’re slammed with a huge pre-payment penalty – if you flip a house in less than three months.


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