Alan Forrest Smith – Copywriting Mentoring

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Alan Forrest Smith – Copywriting Mentoring


Alan Forrest Smith – Copywriting Mentoring
Alan Forrest Smith – Copywriting Mentoring


NOTICE: This is only for those that know me and know what I achieved in copywriting. 

“There goes another new hopeful copywriter sinking like a ship on a stormy night. You have the manuals, listened to the courses, followed your copy heroes, did everything they told you at the seminars and studied like a Franciscan monk, day after day, week after week, month and in some cases year after year.

And guess what? NO clients. NO enquiries. NO system. NO business brain. NO money on the bank. NO strategy. NO tactic. NO positioning. NO reputation…”

More to be revealed later today about a golden opportunity for copywriters only!

Places will be limited as always!

I’m heading to the gym now … MORE SOON…

In your service.

Alan Forrest Smith

Best for copywriters, consultants and those interested in creating a career as a copywriter or consultant.
This is a course that covers everything that I myself to build a huge copywriting business in just a handful of months.

This is NOT regular copywriting course as the course covers a lot of strategy, tactics, technique that almost all copywriting courses DON’T cover.

Here are a few of the modules for you to look over.

Module: Copywriting:- This module has been created to stop you thinking like a copywriter and have you thinker like a problem solver, a customer, a solution specialist. Detailed, in-depth packed with a lot of what some have called ‘daring’, ‘out there’ and hugely successful technique that will have you creating copy like butter sliding off hot toast!

Module: Consulting:- Most copywriters miss out one this one very special, hugely profitable area. Once you gain mastery over consulting you can expect to see your monthly, annual takings rise very, very quickly. Using my mentor technique you will learn how to go consulting, get paid handsomely for doing so whilst at the same time having your accommodation paid for, your food paid for, your travel paid for, and … money in the bank. You’ll learn the secret of being able to charge £750 per hour as a consultant. Knowing how to do this will pay for this training!

Module Marketing:- I’ve also found it so interesting that most copywriters I meet are so client starved. They are trying to build a business for a client yet cannot build a steady flow or even a torrent in their own business. There is a reason for this and you’ll learn that very reason during this module.

Module Positioning:- Probably the most powerful reason anyone in copywriting or wanting to be a copywriter or consultant should do this training.

This module is the difference between charging $500 and $5,000 for a piece of sales copy. This module is the difference between hard marketing chasing clients and clients coming to you. This is the one module that can very easily put you on a course of earning at leas half a million dollars a year as a copywriter.

You’ll be shown exactly how. You’ll be shown the simple math. You’ll be shown the secret of making the real magic happen.

Module Perception:- Why do most people believe that a BMW or Mercedes is a car to aim for despite never having owned one or even driven one?

You’ll discover how to create a consulting and copywriting business that when people see you, read about you or hear others talk about you they will think of you as the very best of the rest!
Knowing what is in this module can transform you life, your business, and your ATM receipts forever. This is also the one thing that’ll take you into the BIG league!

Module The Five Laws of Your Business & Life:- This module will help you to make big changes in your mindset. The reality is we all read about new things but most of us rarely apply what we learn. The reason for that is we don’t understand that the changes in our mind have more impact than the changes in the way we do things. Change the mind (or fine tune the mind first) then watch massive changes take place in your business and life.

You’ll also have module that cover, branding, seeding, framing, pricing, toolkit, traffic, lead generation and so much more that will help you create and build a powerful copywriting and consulting business over the period of the class.


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