Amber Lilyestrom – Beautiful Brand – Beautiful You

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Amber Lilyestrom – Beautiful Brand – Beautiful You


Amber Lilyestrom – Beautiful Brand – Beautiful You
Amber Lilyestrom – Beautiful Brand – Beautiful You


I hear you, sister
That idea, tagline, online program is right at the tip of your tongue, but for some reason, it just won’t click.
You already see your name in lights. but your website’s a hot mess and you don’t dare share that link…
So you Google and click and stare at the screen until you’re in physical pain

You pull another all-nighter and…sigh…everything still looks the same in the morning.

I’ve been there too.

But here’s the thing…wasting hours, weeks, months, {years?}
comparing your before to someone else’s after ain’t gonna pay the bills, honey.


It’s time to get out of your own way and design a brand & biz you adore.
And until you get clear on what your message is…and how to tell that story…Your brand isn’t going anywhere.


Grab your espresso, tea, ‘Oprah’ chai…whatever helps you find your focus
and let’s create a Brand + Biz roadmap that’ll light your world on fire!

It’s Time to Build Your Beautiful Brand!
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Beautiful Brand. Beautiful You.

from Amber Lilyestrom

What’s going on here?

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BUILD your online business. LAUNCH your brand. TRANSFORM your life.

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Your Brand is your most valuable asset.The most successful online businesses in the world have a strong brand identity and platform in which they can promote their products and services. 

You’re a savvy gal, so none of this comes as a surprise.
BUT, in comparing yourself to the big players in the online business space, it can feel really overwhelming when the only thing you have (right now) is a dream and a prayer.

I started from scratch, too, and in less than 6 months I doubled my list and brought in over $50K through my
1:1 coaching programs.

I left my 10-year corporate career and LAUNCHED my business and transformed my family’s life by becoming a work from home mama with NO limits on my income.

It has been a phenomenal journey and I want to help you write your own success story…

I created Beautiful Brand. Beautiful You. to help you create a kick ass brand and change your life in the process, just like it did for these amazing ladies:
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“Through Amber’s program and the Beautiful Brand experience I feel like I can do ANYTHING with my business.”

I have successfully launched, am busy training my clients and have big plans to open my doors to group fitness and children fitness in the very near future. I joined BB.BY. because I needed extra guidance and I liked the feeling I got from Amber and the things she was doing with her own brand, so I took a leap of faith and trusted my gut. I loved the fill in the blank modules that made me dig deeper in what I wanted in my brand and Amber was constantly providing innovative and fun ideas to help me differentiate and develop my business.
I have to say that the physical modules were one of the best parts of the course! Ambers questions were relative, functional and could be tailored to fit any business needs! They were we’ll designed so that they lead me down paths that I would never had explored if it weren’t for the questions. They really made me think outside the box and better yet, outside my comfort zone!  I felt confident in knowing that Amber and our Facebook group would continue on after the program wrapped and that I have support ANY time I need it. I’ve never felt alone in my business branding journey!!
I believe that there was a reason I was led to Amber and her great personality. She is very talented at what she does and without her help and support I know that my business wouldn’t be where it is today. She helped alleviate my stress and helped me focus my passion and energy on the things that mattered. I am so thankful that she came into my life when she did!! This woman is going to do great things with others and herself! Watch out 2015! 
– Katie Beckmann | Better Bodies Training
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“Beautiful Brand. Beautiful You. gave me EVERYTHING I needed!”   

I decided to enroll in BB.BY. because of Amber! She is REAL and I loved that about her. It felt like I finally had a friend who knew what I was going through..and exactly what to say! I had the ideas, but nothing more than that. I needed a plan and a lot of help. I love the sense of community, with all of the wordswags and questions, we got to know each other and now work together and help one another. I really enjoyed the FLOW of the program. We started at the beginning and finished at the end…It wasn’t all over the place or meant for people who had it all figured out already! I loved the worksheets and how the questions really got you thinking and digging deep.
-Nadia Castonguay
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“I’m LAUNCHING my new website on January 1, 2015!”

I joined BB.BY. to discover how I could build my brand, learn if I really wanted to move forward with my brand and receive guidance on how to live the life I wanted through launching my own business and brand. My favorite parts of the course were  the constant and consistent feedback from Amber via the Facebook group and all of the materials were easy to understand, nicely designed and helpful. At the conclusion of the program, I am launching my new website, I am ordering new business cards to reflect my redesign and I have learned how to be more active with social media and engaging clients in order to get new business. This program was so totally worth the investment!
 – Meaghan Hull | Meaghan Hull Photography

About Amber…

When I returned to work after my maternity leave in 2013, I felt exhausted and depressed. I missed my baby and felt sick to my stomach each day I was trudging to the office to make someone else’s dream come true.

I knew I needed to make a drastic change.

I wrote a letter to myself on December 31, 2013 and outlined what my ideal year was going to look like. I had no idea how I was going to make it happen, but I put it in an envelope and sealed it with the hope that in 365 days, I would be reading it as a successful business owner and a work from home mom.

I was ready to make my dreams come true!

Fast forward to present day and here I am with a full roster of 1:1 private coaching clients, a full-fledged online business, speaking opportunities on my resume and my very first book IN THE WORKS!

Now, I get to help other women make their dreams come true every, single day!

I believe that you CAN make as much money as you desire. I believe that you can transform your family’s life. I believe that you CAN create a brand that does BIG things in the world!

I know this because I did it.

When I left my job, I was surrendering over $80,000 of our annual household income!
It was a HUGE risk and I was terrified when I walked in to my boss’ office and gave my notice.
But, what I have learned through the process is that the possibilities are ENDLESS once you decide to commit to this goal.

I created a formula and a process to help you design a Brand that feels authentic and amazing. I want you to change the world and the lives of others with your unique gifts.


What do the weekly modules cover?

amber_lilyestrom_heart_rock-1 copy.jpg

Who is this program best suited for?

  • The multi-passionate who just can’t quite get it right when it comes to building your ideal Brand + Biz.
  • The business owner to be who has a big dream, but NO clue where to begin. Do the words Automation, Opt-In, Plug-in, and Tagline make your heard spin? This is the right place for you!
  • The entrepreneuress with a digi-profile (think: website, social, etc.) that is totally missing the mark in effectively communicating your super powers with the world.
  • The 9-5er ready to BREAK FREE from the grip of pantyhose and power suits, performance reviews and glass ceilings to create YOUR dream!

This program is NOT for you if…

  • You’re looking for insta-internet fame and fortune or a magic wand to put this together for you. Beyonce didn’t earn her Queen B crown overnight! (If you are looking for the auto-pilot mode, check out my 1:1 private coaching programs).
  • You intend to add this to your collection of dusty, online programs still sitting in the ‘To Do’ folder graveyard that is  your Bookmarks bar.
  • You’re an established online business owner with crystal clear clarity and vision on your ONE passionate endeavor and you’re up, running and dominating your field (go you!).
  • You want to do this program in solitary. Our online community is about thriving and connecting and helping one another trouble shoot and dream big.
  • You aren’t ready to roll your sleeves up and DO THE WORK in each module to design a super authentic Brand + Biz.

Do the work and this is what you will achieve…

  • YOUR customized Brand, from idea conception to implementation…we don’t miss a beat!
  • A website ready for you to bring on paying clients/customers.
  • A new network of amazing, like-minded, driven entrepreneurs (or soon-to-be entrepreneurs) to share in your journey with. Connections, potential clients, referrals and friends (this one is like finding a golden ticket)!
  • A step-by-step process to design a kick-ass brand and strategy. No time wasting. No aimless searching.
  • Lifetime access to the content you receive as a participant in the program.
  • References/Resources from road-tested entrepreneurs on how to trouble-shoot any and every challenge that comes down the road. Want to launch a webinar and have no clue how? We’ve got you. Questions about scheduling programs or video editing shortcuts? We’ve got you covered there too!
  • The skills and knowledge to LAUNCH your Beautiful Brand and online business!
    (i.e. an amazing lifestyle and endless possibilities!)
  • A 30-day money back guarantee! If you join and complete 4 weeks of the program and decide that this isn’t the right one for you, we will ask for you to share your course materials (to ensure you’ve done the work and this truly wasn’t a good fit) and we review and communicate about refunding your purchase. We want to make sure you are happy. We also want to make sure you are putting in the work to help you succeed…when those two things don’t jive…we are happy to issue a refund.



What does the program include?

  • Lifetime access to the six weekly modules with gorgeous editable PDF documents and weekly videos.
  • Access to the BB.BY. private Facebook Community with daily interaction, inspiration and answers to your questions.
  • Monthly Live Video Chats with Amber and fellow Beautiful Branders. Ask your specific questions and join Amber for monthly themed chats.

When does the program kick-off?

  • RIGHTTHISMINUTE! Enroll right now and you will receive all of the program modules and access to the Facebook Community so you can get started in building YOUR Beautiful Brand…YAY!!!


  • Access to the Brand Love Vault – a private resource area chock full of goodies…webinars, tutorials and links to my favorite resources. It’s a space I am constantly updating and a treasure trove of learning to supplement your program.
  • Access to my private stock photo gallery with images taken by yours truly. Use these images in your marketing initiatives and on your social media and websites, no strings!


Amber Lilyestrom – Beautiful Brand – Beautiful You


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