Amy Porterfield – Jump Start Your FB Marketing

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Amy Porterfield – Jump Start Your FB Marketing


Amy Porterfield – Jump Start Your FB Marketing
Amy Porterfield – Jump Start Your FB Marketing

Amy Porterfield – Jump Start Your FB Marketing

Amy Porterfield – Jump Start Your FB Marketing


Jump Start Your FB Marketing

Easy to Implement Strategies to Grow Your Online Presence and Boost Your Fans, Leads and Sales on Facebook

Do you know the single most effective way to grow your business and make more money in 2015?

Amy does.

She’s sold over 15,000 Facebook training courses to entrepreneurs, small business owners, coaches and consultants all over the world.

If you want to keep up with the competition, you simply can’t afford to ignore the power of Facebook any longer. The time has come to grow your business beyond anything you’ve ever imagined.

Are you ready to learn what success feels like?

Are you confused about marketing your business on Facebook?

Tired of spending countless hours on Facebook without seeing any results?

Frustrated by the lack of likes and comments on your Facebook posts?

section 03 amy section 03 sold over

If so, Amy is here to help.


Learn to optimize your Facebook efforts to gain maximum traction


Understand how to attract more customers and make sales while you sleep


Benefit from highly targeted fans ready to buy what you’re selling

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Ever heard the saying, “The money is in the list?”

It’s true; the energy of your business is directly tied to your email list. Skilled internet marketers expect to earn at least $1 per month from each of their subscribers.

So, what if you could build your list to 10,000 subscribers?

If you’re just starting to grow your email list, Facebook is THE BEST platform to do it.

The only trick is knowing how to turn your fans into email addresses. Amy will show you simple, proven techniques to jump start your list building momentum.

You don’t need to learn everything about Facebook to unleash your potential. It’s about working smarter, not harder. The secret is discovering what your audience wants, delivering outstanding value and getting your fans so excited they can’t help but engage with your content.

So join Amy as she candidly shares how Facebook can put your business in front of the people that matter most.

This course focuses on four vital tools to take your business to the next level, including:

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Content Creation

section 05 icon 3

List Building

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Amy will teach you EXACTLY what you need to know (and what you don’t) so you can maximize your efforts on Facebook.

section 06 marie

“Amy’s the real deal.

She has a genuine desire to share her knowledge of social media marketing and always has her client’s best interests in mind. I recently worked on a high­profile project with Amy and thanks to her tenacity and passion, the project was an amazing hit! I look forward to working with Amy again any chance I get.”- Marie Forleo, Best­selling Author, Speaker, Online­Entrepreneur,

Why You Should Be Using Facebook

5 new people join Facebook every second. Worldwide, there are over 1.35 billion monthly active Facebook users, which is a 14% increase year over year. And guess what…

With staggering numbers like these, there’s no doubt your potential customers are on Facebook.

Imagine for a second…

Gaining access to a highly active platform where your potential customers are openly sharing their likes, dislikes, needs and wants. That’s some serious intel for your business!

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Being able to craft the core message of your business to appeal directly to your perfect customer.

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Marketing your product or service to people who can’t wait to purchase, and tell their friends to buy too.

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Facebook is that platform.

You can speak directly to your customers, find out what they want, and build an awesome community around your product or service.

Connecting with your fans and developing strong relationships has never been so easy and, done right, is guaranteed to skyrocket your business.

As one of the foremost Facebook experts, Amy will provide the mentorship you need to succeed in your business.

This program teaches you how to successfully grow your business on Facebook right now, so you can attract a fanatic fanbase and make a huge impact in 2015.

You don’t realize it, right now you have the opportunity to make one of the most empowering decisions of your life.

It can be the turning point in your business.

When you invest in Amy’s Facebook program, you’re investing in yourself and your business, and that’s a pretty powerful investment to say the least.

Okay, okay… so you want what’s best for your business. You know you need to invest in a training program, but you’re scared to spend the money.

Perhaps you’ve put off using Facebook to generate more business because you’re not sure where to start. The fear of the “unknown” with Facebook might be preventing you from moving forward.

Or maybe you’re overwhelmed by the sheer amount of material you’ll have to learn to be effective on Facebook.

Such fears are understandable, but you’re smart. That’s why you’re here.

You already know you can’t ignore Facebook, or continue to play small on Facebook, any longer.

Your competitors are already reaping the rewards on Facebook, smiling all the way to the bank.

Maybe it’s time you got in on the action?

Fortunately, Amy has the solution to help you gain momentum on Facebook right away with no stress or confusion.

She’s done all the hard work for you, streamlining a course which focuses on THE ESSENTIAL elements of Facebook marketing. She gives you step-by-step guidance, holding your hand through the entire Facebook marketing process.

If you want Facebook to move your business forward, you need focused direction and insight from someone who’s been there and done it for thousands of people JUST LIKE YOU.

The time you spend on this course will be high value, high return, with a direct effect on the BOTTOM LINE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

Attract qualified fans.
Foster better relationships.
Transform your business with Facebook.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to create a genuine buzz around your product or service
  • The strategy for attracting highly targeted prospects who are desperate to buy what you’re selling
  • How to become a highly effective marketer, so you have more time to focus on your business, customers and what you do best
  • The key to testimonials that help your business dominate the competition
  • How to increase your sales, using a proven social media strategy that works
  • The secret to positioning yourself as a thought leader in your industry
  • How to attract and grow a vibrant community of raving fans without breaking the bank

section 12 mari

“Amy is masterful at building solid,

profitable relationships and developing creative social marketing strategies to catapult her clients’ fame and quickly improve their bottom line. Amy knows the inside secrets of how to monetize social media with less effort. If you get the chance to have Amy on your team, go for it – she’ll make you money!”- Mari Smith, Facebook Marketing & Relationship Marketing Speaker and Author,

What’s inside the program

Imagine what you could do with hundreds
of new fans and new customers each
and every day.

  • section 13 icon 1
  • Branding

    How to Set Up Your Business on Facebook to Instantly Boost Your Brand Presence and Attract Your Perfect Clients

  • section 13 icon 2
  • Content Creation

    How to Create Compelling Content That Attracts Likes, Comments, Shares and Clicks to your Website

  • section 13 icon 3
  • List Building

    Simple, Easy to Implement Strategies to Turn Your Facebook Fans Into Valuable Email Subscribers

  • section 13 icon 4
  • Selling

    How to Effortlessly Craft Effective Promotions on Facebook to Quickly Boost Your Sales

Here’s what Amy’s students had to say about her Facebook courses:

section 15 jane

“Amy, your fan growth strategies really worked for my business!

In just 5 weeks I was able to increase my fan base by over 600 new, quality fans. Plus, my new fans are actively engaged and I’m collecting new leads for my eBook giveaway on a daily basis. Thanks so much!”- Jane Frankland

section 16 mal

“When I started working with Amy I had very little engagement on my Fan Page.

After two weeks of class, things started to change in a very big way. My reach skyrocketed to over 50,000 Facebook users by week 4. And I’ve used Amy’s strategies to get as many as 19,000 people viewing a single post!”- Mal Duane

section 17 tara

“My life has completely changed because of Amy’s strategies.

I increased my email list by 34% with a niche market, produced my first profitable webinar and through surveys found out what my clients truly wanted. Now, I’m confident with my content calendar and I see how it breaks down for the year. Crazy amazing.”- Tara Husband

Amy’s Strategies Really Work

Do you ever wonder how some businesses get everybody’s attention, attracting insanely loyal customers ready to buy everything they’re selling?

These businesses are impossible to ignore and are the ones using Facebook to blow their competition to pieces.

Listen to Amy’s story…

Days after I left my corporate job of almost 7 years working with Peak Performance Coach, Tony Robbins, I began working with my good friend and mentor, Mike Stelzner. At the time, Mike was just starting to create what’s now known as the world’s largest online social media magazine, Social Media Examiner. It was in it’s infancy stage and Mike asked me to come on board and help him build his Facebook Page.

Mike knew that Facebook could be a powerful platform for his brand new company.

Like you, he was clever enough to know he couldn’t just dive in and set up a Facebook page. He knew that the key to growing his site on social media was to hone in on value: valuable fans, valuable readers, and most importantly, valuable content.

So together Mike and I created a Facebook strategy.

We figured out who Mike’s ideal audience
was and crafted a strategic editorial guide
to follow—because to turn Facebook into
a source of traffic (and revenue), you
need high value fans, not lukewarm
numbers. And then we documented
every single step along the way.

Within a year, his Page had 30,000
fans; today, it’s at over 312,000
and counting. Facebook is one of
his top sources of website traffic
and has helped him build a
multi-million dollar company
with an email list of over 320,000
in a few short years.

I know what you’re thinking:
“That can’t work for me!”

You’re wrong. Every business is different, but the strategies that work for the “big guys” can also work for you. These are specific, proven strategies I’ve used consistently to help clients grow their businesses. They’re the same strategies I use and teach inside the program.

This program focuses on taking action and implementing techniques that will unlock the hidden secrets to Facebook marketing.

The core modules are designed with the end goal in mind, making it easy to streamline the Facebook marketing process and ignite your business.

From content to promotion, the lessons inside the program show you exactly how to apply the concepts with limited time and a limited budget.

The simple but powerful Facebook tools Amy teaches will give you instant results. Her breakthrough Facebook marketing formula means you’ll never have to worry about getting customers again!

section 21 michael

“When I decided to launch Social Media Examiner’s Facebook page I turned to Amy Porterfield.

Not only did Amy help me build a super attractive Facebook page, she also took an active role in the day to day management of our page. In less than 12 months we grew an active fan base of more than 30,000 people using Amy’s techniques. I strongly recommend her.”- Michael Stelzner, CEO and Founder, Social Media Examiner

What is Included With The Program


Boost your online presence with simple optimization techniques to help you find and attract the perfect customer.


Apply the “Perfect Facebook Post” formula to create relevant, attention grabbing posts that spark engagement and stimulate discussion.


Use the Facebook guide to plan your content, ultimately saving you time and money each week.


Implement the simple system to grow your Facebook fans and turn them into email subscribers.


Develop a promotional calendar to create effective campaigns that will increase your sales without spamming your fans.


Gain momentum and supercharge your results with the checklists and cheat sheets provided throughout the program.

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[Image: FC9IyJl.png]


[Image: DKzaADh.png]
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About Amy Porterfield

I’m thrilled you’re here— because we’re a lot alike, you and me. We’re both trying to make a life we love out of what we do.

As the co-author of Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies and one of Forbes “Top 50 Social Power Influencers”, Amy Porterfield is a leading social media strategist for entrepreneurs and small businesses around the world.

Amy has over 15 years of marketing experience, creating and managing campaigns for international brands such as Harley Davidson Motorcycles and Tony Robbins International. She has been teaching Facebook marketing strategies for 5 years, and her success has positioned her as the premier Facebook marketing authority.

section 25 logos

Amy is best known for her step-by-step approach to Facebook marketing and has sold over 15,000 online training programs, teaching professionals like you how to optimize their Facebook and online marketing efforts.

She’s also used Facebook as the catalyst to explode her own online business and marketing success!

Who Is This Program For?



  • You’re starting out on Facebook for your business and and want to do it right from the start
  • You want to maximize your Facebook efforts to attract a better audience and make more money
  • You don’t have time to spend hours a day on Facebook, but just want quick, easy strategies that will have an immediate effect on your business



  • You’re responsible for a company’s social media presence
  • You want to learn exactly how to get real results that will impact your company’s bottom line
  • You want to promote various programs or services within your company
  • You’ve dabbled with Facebook for your business, but have seen little to no real results


The Business Owner

  • You have limited understanding of Facebook but want to take advantage of greater opportunities inside the Facebook platform. You want to fully understand the Facebook strategy to increase your social media presence
  • You may be planning to outsource the social media position in the future, but first you need to have a solid grasp on how Facebook works


The Startup

  • You know you should be on Facebook, but don’t know how to get started or where to focus your time
  • You are looking for step-by-step Facebook instructions that are easy to understand and implement right away
  • You want expert guidance to show you exactly what strategies work to save you time and money

Who It’s Not For

Those who are looking for an easy, get rich quick scheme

Those who are not willing to put in the work to get significant results

Those who are not looking to build real relationships with their audience


100% money back guarantee.
Your Enrollment is Risk Free!

Afraid of investing your hard earned money? It’s understandable.

I wouldn’t advise buying this Facebook training until you feel absolutely sure that it will be the most effective way to grow your business and make more money.

However, I’m so confident you’ll see results with this Facebook program, I back it up with a full, no questions asked, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

If you don’t get the results you want, or feel this course wasn’t for you, there are no hard feelings! Simply send us an email and we’ll immediately refund your money.

section 31 badge

You may already be aware of how easy it will be to grow your business when you invest in Amy’s Facebook course.

If not, as you sit here reading this, I want you to imagine how you’ll feel when you can use Facebook to make 5k, 10k or even 15k per month.

section 32 logo More than that, I want you to picture how your business can touch the lives of your customers and have a positive impact on the world.

By now, if you’re anything like the other successful entrepreneurs who’ve worked with me, you realize the unlimited potential Facebook provides.

When you’re ready to run your business like a pro, you can enroll now for just $197.

Jumpstart Your Facebook Marketing is a 100% digital online course, accessible from any device, anytime. Once your transaction has been processed, you will create your username and password to gain immediate access.

Amy Porterfield – Jump Start Your FB Marketing


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