Andre Bell Overnight SEO Consultant Home Study Course

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Andre Bell Overnight SEO Consultant Home Study Course



Andre Bell Overnight SEO Consultant Home Study Course
Andre Bell Overnight SEO Consultant Home Study Course


“They Laughed When I Said I Was Going To Make Money From Internet Consulting, But Their Laughter Turned To Amazement When They Saw My $12,000 Proposal A New Local Client Accepted!”

How To Build A Profitable Online Business Virtually Overnight’
Grab This Huge, Nearly 2 GB Consulting Package and…
Avoid the costly mistakes that many web marketing consultants make
Discover new, powerful marketing strategies to get your client list growing fast
Build a highly profitable full-time or part-time business
Learn from a 15-year internet marketing veteran ‘Consultant to Consultants’

Who Should Own This Course
Everyone who wants to finally get started making significant money providing internet marketing and SEO advice right in their own local ‘backyard’.

Everyone who wants a done-for-you SEO and web marketing consulting business in a box.
You Will Receive
THE PROSPECTING KIT – these are the actual presentation materials I use when presenting my services to business owners and decision-makers face-to-face
All the sample articles & newsletters I use for generating leads and positioning myself as an expert’s expert
All the actual sample performance-proving ‘case studies’ I use to convince clients
The actual sales scripts I use for uncovering major projects in my own local area
My hypnotic client-mesmerizing questionnaire that will leave business owners powerless to pay high fees for your services
All the legal agreements I use for ‘locking down’ proposal of as much as $12,000 per project. Yes, this was a proposal accepted in September 2009. Very recent!
A complete list of recommended tools and tactics I use every day to get and service clients and keep them happy
And more

Dear Fellow Warrior,
If you want a straightforward paint-by-numbers way to get started as a high paid local web marketing or SEO consultant then get ready for some good news.

Here’s why:
There’s finally a fast and simple way to build a thriving local web marketing practice…even if you’ve never taken on a client before and you’re not yet completely up to speed.
Every single A-to-Z step is laid out for you in an amazing new home study course called The Overnight SEO Consultant.

This Is Different
The comprehensive manual is the foundation of the Overnight SEO Consultant program. Most offline consulting type programs tell you how to earn small $100 to $500 checks doing super tedious, boring work no one wants to do.

That’s no way to build a substantial business.
Not only will you discover how to earn money from fast-cash projects, you are given complete step-by-step details showing precisely how to submit proposals as high as $5,000, $8,000, $10,000 or more. And get them accepted!
On top of that, the manual gives you over 53 actual documents, sales scripts, and examples that I use in my own consulting practice too. These are real-world ‘in the trenches’ materials. Not fabricated materials created by people who don’t earn their living actually consulting like we do.
Because you’re ordering today, you’ll receive 2 gifts that totally take all of the guesswork out of profiting from this amazing course.

Bonus #1
To make using the course as easy as possible, I’ve recorded over two hours of instructions explaining everything I could think of for using this material to earn real money real fast. Nothing is left to chance or guesswork.
This 8-CD program is called Secrets of Successfully Promoting Your Web Marketing Services. This course alone could easily sell for $137. But the set is yours free at no additional cost to you as part of this amazing program.

Bonus #2
My Confidential Presentation Manual Video. Super hot video reveals to you cover-to-cover everything, all 42 pages of ‘secrets’ I include in My Confidential Presentation Manual. See every persuasive compelling document, photograph, chart, and graph I share with you… so you have zero guesswork deciding what to include in a hard hitting powerful presentation manual of your own. Simply copy my proven formula and duplicate my success! This bonus may be removed at any time to decrease the chance of my secrets falling into the hands of competitors. So order now.
Instant Gratification
After seeing all the tremendous value you get so far, you may be wondering, “How do I get started?” How long will I have to wait to get the course?”
Don’t fret. We’ve got you covered.You Can Get Started With This Amazing Course In Just Seconds From Now!
The Overnight SEO Consultant course is available to you exclusively as a downloadable ecourse. As soon as you place your secure order, you’ll have instant access to the course materials.
You won’t have to wait weeks-on-end for your mailman or postal carrier to show up for you to get started! Plus, you won’t have to deal with the expense of pay shipping. That’s another $25.95 you’ll put right back into your pocket by enrolling online!
Stop ‘Thinking About’ It
The Success You Deserve Can Now Be Yours
This is a complete course into getting and servicing clients. 95% of all the effort and 100% of all of the hard work is done for you. In some cases the actual tools and materials you need are included — ready for your immediate “as-is” use.
In other cases the samples may be provided for you to customize to your specific circumstances.
“Put Me To The Test! ”
100% Guarantee: Make no decisions now. Test it out. If after fully using this material you have not earned back ten times your purchase price this material is our gift to you. Yes, the entire package is yours to keep free. Return nothing. We will cordially refund 100% of your purchase price for up to 365 days. That’s our way of thanking you for giving our system a try. We couldn’t be any fairer than that.

Please Note: The material in this course will officially be released to the public at our 2010 California Valley Wine Tour Boot Camp.

Exclusive For You
Our 2010 California Valley Wine Tour Boot Camp will be a three day event held in California Wine Country and is currently priced at $12,999 per person. Attendees of the event will receive the very same foundation material as presented to you through your Home Study Course.
The only differences compared to receiving the material in digital format are each attendee will receive a fully loaded laptop computer with all the software products and tools we use already preinstalled and registered in their names. Plus they will receive ‘live’ group training in person at the event.
That event will literally release dozens of ready-to-go business-in-a-box consulting packages into the world. At nearly $13,000 a pop.
But you won’t have to pay that…
Avoid travel costs. You get this entire Home Study Course material in digital form for instant online access. Each session purchased separately is only $297. But when you enroll now, you get the entire course for less than the cost of just two sessions. More on that in a bit…

Here’s Your Complete Home Study Course
Session #1 – Tested Prospecting Letters + Course Overview + Introductory Materials To Get You Started And In The Right Mindset for Achieving Big Results Fast – $297
Session #2 – Sales Prospecting Processes To Uncover Local Opportunities – $297
  Session #3 – Our Hypnotic Client-Mesmerizing Questionnaire That Leaves Qualified Business Owners Powerless To Resist Paying High Fees For Your Services – $297
Session #4 – Credibility Building Tools [My Personal Swipe File] – $297
Session #5 – Powerful Case Studies and Proof That Makes You An Instant Expert – $297
Session #6 – How To Offer High-End Services That Pay Big Money – $297
Session #7 – Servicing The Client For Big Money – $297
Session #8 – Break Down of All The Forms And Supplies And Tools I Use To Get And Service Clients – $297
…Total of $2376
Your home study course will push your consulting business into the top level of all internet marketing consultants on the planet. I cannot mention all of the powerful tools you will receive because I don’t want competitors having a clue of what now sets you apart from everyone else in the industry.
But I must warn you… if you are looking for a Hollywood production these are not it. I created and edited these slightly over seven hours of ‘in the trenches’ audio and video recordings using some high-end software from my home ‘studio’. So the quality is nothing like a Hollywood production. This is straight from me to you. No fluff. And no space-filling fanfare.
Free Stuff
And even better, this course tells you how to get all the software and tools we use and recommend, pretty much for free.
That’s right, you don’t take a penny out of pocket to get the same tools others must spend $12,999 plus travel costs upfront to get. Yes. You get the equivalent training as the live event for considerably less money.

The details are explained fully in your course materials.
Mr. Nice Guy
I’d love to say I’m making this killer offer because I’m just a nice guy.

That may be true but there’s another reason I give you this amazing offer… you see, I want to collect as many testimonials as possible before inviting people from around the world to pay full price to attend that one-time event.
This huge savings to you is my way of thanking you in advance for promising to give me your thoughts on this package after you use it. Really, consider this an ‘ethical bribe’ to get you to give me your honest feedback. That’s why the savings exists.



Andre Bell Overnight SEO Consultant Home Study Course


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