Andre Chaperon & Steve Grey – Tiny Little Businesses

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Andre Chaperon & Steve Grey – Tiny Little Businesses



Andre Chaperon & Steve Grey – Tiny Little Businesses
Andre Chaperon & Steve Grey – Tiny Little Businesses


Case Study — $982.81 Profit In 4 Days

Ben Brooks
From: the laptop of Ben Brooks
Location: Braintree, Essex (UK)
Date: May 21, 2013 at 1:28pm

Hey, I’m Ben, and I’ve been a struggling marketer for a long time.

Rebuilding my information marketing business wasn’t easy. I hit loads of road blocks along the way. It wasn’t until I discovered a guy called Andre Chaperon that my business really started to take off again.

Andre is a well known internet marketer who specialises is creating lucrative information marketing businesses with highly responsive email lists of raving fans.

His whole philosophy is based around Jay Abraham’s Strategy of Preeminence. Which, is in a nutshell, is all about helping your prospects move closer to their desired end result, before you ever ask for anything in return.

You effectively become their most trusted adviser and your trust levels shoot through the roof.

This philosophy is now something that I have committed to following myself with incredible results (this case study demonstrates this first hand).

In July 2011 I discovered that Andre was launching an exclusive new training program with a guy called Steve Gray.

(Steve is a traffic genius that spends nearly a million dollars PER MONTH on paid advertising, and runs his own 8-figure business in markets outside of the “internet marketing” space.)

They called the training ‘Tiny Little Businesses’ (TLB for short) … and I just knew I HAD to join!

… so I did 🙂

TLB teaches Andre and Steve’s very unique business model of building lucrative “tiny little businesses” online, that are built for the long haul (read: not “flash-in-the-pan” setups).

They cover everything from market research to sales funnel creation, pre-selling, email marketing, tracking & testing, paid traffic, and everything else in-between.

Now I would be lying if I told you that after I’d completed the training that my business had “magically” turned into an instant success.

It didn’t.

And in fact most of my campaigns were a massive failure.

I spent hours upon hours writing sales copy, email promotions, creating websites and sales funnels.

Not to mention the large sums of cash I spent on paid ads with zero return on investment.

However, after crap loads of testing and tweaking I have come out the other side. I can now build profitable campaigns pretty much at will.

The truth was I was lazy, and I skipped essential parts of the TLB process.

I “shortcut-ed” (is that even a real word?) market (audience) research. I basically jumped into promoting affiliate offers without any clue of who I was meant to be targeting, and what motivated them to take action.

Result … lot’s of time, energy, and money wasted.

But that period of “drought” ended up being the best thing that ever happened to me. Because it taught me a critical lesson.

I learned exactly WHY, what Andre & Steve teach in TLB, works so damn well.

Because it’s all about the customer. I completely missed that critical element by trying to “shortcut” the process. Something I never do now 🙂

I now have a profitable online business that just gets better and better every month. All thanks to Andre and Steve’s ‘Tiny Little Businesses’ and mentorship.

So enough about my story.

I really just wanted to share some initial results with you from a recent Facebook Promoted Post ad campaign I ran as just a test with a $300 ad budget for 4 days (from May 1st to May 4th 2013).

What actually happened has blown my mind.

My $300 test budget turned into a $982.81 PROFIT!

Here’s the deets of how it happened and what I did …

Reach: 52,127
Clicks: 6,816
Ad CTR: 12.049%
Ad Cost: $295.48

facebook ads campaign

Visitors: 5,430


Opt-ins: 419


Sales: 31
Revenue: $1,278.29


Profit: $982.81

Survey responses: 382


Replies to follow up email #1: 21 (in email follow up #1 I asked what their ideal outcome is, and what their biggest fear is)


The results I’ve achieved so far can certainly be improved in some areas, especially the opt-ins. But all in all not bad methinks.

The main thing is that it was hugely profitable, and I’ve gathered some amazing insights into the market and conversion data which I’ll use to tweak the campaign further and develop a tighter relationship with my peeps.

Wanna learn how I created this profitable Facebook Promoted Post ad campaign?

Of course you do! 🙂

Here’s the 30,000ft overview of my workflow (I’ve given Andre & Steve permission to share the more detailed version later)…

The Workflow

With permission this image has been taken from the TLB training. It illustrates the “big picture” view of the TLB workflow (click the image to enlarge it).

TLB Workflow

Notice how it differs in a massive way to the typical “product centric” approach that the statue quo teaches. Where you START by finding a high-converting offer, then find traffic to push at it.

I’ve now learnt a very different model. One that is “customer centric”.

Meaning you START with a “pocket of people” (an audience) who have a desperate need that’s worth solving. Everything works backwards from there.

It’s genius.

Andre didn’t want the area in green to be revealed here. But he’ll reveal it to you later on after this case study.

Market Research

  • I chose a passionate and profitable niche with a specific problem to solve.
  • I researched the niche to find out how I could solve their problem.
  • I created an avatar and empathy map of my ideal customer so that I knew exactly who I was targeting.
  • I bought and researched a high quality affiliate offer to make sure it would solve their problem.

Sales Funnel Setup

  • I created a squeeze page with long-form presell copy which spoke directly to my customer avatar.
  • The presell copy was written in a way that would filter out those that I didn’t want on my list.
  • I wrote a 8 email follow up sequence in AWeber that helped them overcome their road blocks, and pre sold the affiliate offer.
  • On my thank you page I added a survey using Survey Funnel to gather some more insights into the niche and my peeps.
  • In my email follow up #1 I set the stage for what they should expect from my emails and included a link to the affiliate offer.
  • Also in email follow up #1 I asked them what their ideal outcome is, and what their biggest fear is that’s stopping them from achieving their goal.

Facebook Ads Campaign

  • I created a Facebook page in my chosen niche and began posting quality content.
  • Next I created a page post that included a relevant image, a call-to-action, and a link to my squeeze page.
  • Then I created a Promoted Post ad campaign using the ad editor targeting specific interests in my niche, and the precise demographics from my customer research.

So where can you learn how to do this for yourself?

Everything I know about affiliate marketing I’ve learned from Andre Chaperon (and Steve Gray) and their 7-month affiliate training course called ‘Tiny Little Businesses’.

I cannot recommend it highly enough!

So there you have it.

– Ben Brooks

Ben Brooks

We have (a lot) more to share with you about how we built lucrative businesses online.

On top of that Ben has been kind enough to allow us to share more of the “details” of his profitable campaign that he’s building into a real business.

This is a real live campaign that it still running and still making money every day.



Andre Chaperon & Steve Grey – Tiny Little Businesses


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