Andy Harrington – The DANAMIC Coaching Certification Program

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Andy Harrington – The DANAMIC Coaching Certification Program




Andy Harrington – The DANAMIC Coaching Certification Program
Andy Harrington – The DANAMIC Coaching Certification Program


The DANAMIC Coaching Certification Program (presented by Andy Harrington) is the most advanced coaching training in the world today. Light years ahead of the old GROW coaching model from the 1990’s that most coaching schools still teach to this day, DANAMIC coaching is a combination of the very latest coaching techniques, NLP, hypnosis and more to give you the most powerful system for change currently taught anywhere. This home study program allows you to learn and study at your own pace.

This proven coaching system is built around TWELVE individual disciplines you MUST master in order to become a world-class coach. They are:

  • The psychology of achievement – discover exactly how your clients mind works and how it can be re-programmed for ongoing financial success.
  • The formula for success – learn the multi-step system for success and how to accelerate your clients income immediately so your coaching pays for itself!
  • The power to win – How to harness the power of the twin forces lying dormant within us all to help your client make powerful destiny-shaping decisions!
  • Believing is seeing – Transform short-term motiviation to long-term drive and help clients to double their income within 12 months whilst becoming fit healthy and vibrant!
  • WHY your clients do what they do – creating long-term change that stands the test of time.
  • Awaken the hero within – Inspire your clients to make a real difference in the world AND attract more than enough money to live a comfortable and fulfilling lifestyle
  • Speak and grow rich – How to master internal communication to build powerful beliefs that guarantee success
  • The tools of transformation – Powerful DANAMIC coaching interventions that break through your clients limitations and guide them to make powerful decisions to shape their destiny
  • Neuro-DANAMIC-Conditioning – A systematic 8-step approach to rooting out any personal limitations the client may have, preventing them from having the life they really want
  • Discover the dominant pattern – Discover the precise pattern your client is running that prevents them getting the results they want (this is part one of a two-hour intervention)
  • The re-patterning process – once you’ve identified the root causes of your clients problems, the re-patterning process will take them on a journey of self-discovery and transformation
  • Go for it! – How to set goals in a unique way to give your clients the best chance possible of achieving them (I guarantee you won’t have seen this in any NLP or coaching programme before)The DVDs are the recording of the live 5 day workshop.



Andy Harrington – The DANAMIC Coaching Certification Program


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