Anthony Jacquin – The Trilby Connection

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Anthony Jacquin – The Trilby Connection



Anthony Jacquin – The Trilby Connection
Anthony Jacquin – The Trilby Connection


From national television to streets all around the world, it is impossible to ignore the growing numbers of walk-about hypnotists. Learn the skills and take it to the streets. From complete amateurs to accomplished stage hypnotists and hypnotherapists, everyone can benefit from this hotly anticipated DVD set. Released by Head Hacking, presented by Anthony Jacquin and Kev Sheldrake this product also features performances from Amit Badiani, Ravi Mayar and Marcus Lewis.

Aimed at everyone with an interest in hypnosis, this unique DVD set focuses on performance hypnotism. As well as interview-style explanations and training we include footage of taking these skills to the street. You will gain the confidence, attitude, patter and techniques required to excel including:

Set Piece exercises – Eye locks, Magnetics, Stiff Arm and the Card Drop.
Inductions – Rehearsal Induction, Bandler, Erickson and Elman style Handshake Inductions

Full routines including:
Sense Hallucinations
Hypno Theft
Lies and Truth
Approach to Routines
Performance Breakdown and Critique

The Trilby Connection DVD Set is available for pre-order now for delivery September 2010. The limited first edition also includes a valuable bonus DVD of additional performance footage, including those pushed to failure and how that is dealt with, more review footage, out takes plus a special box.



Anthony Jacquin – The Trilby Connection


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