Anthony Robbins & Cloe Madanes – Ultimate Relationship Program

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Anthony Robbins & Cloe Madanes – Ultimate Relationship Program



Anthony Robbins & Cloe Madanes – Ultimate Relationship Program
Anthony Robbins & Cloe Madanes – Ultimate Relationship Program


Tony’s newest program—the Ultimate Relationship Program

What creates extraordinarily passionate and loving relationships? What are the forces that inspire the utmost excitement, joy, love and passion between two people? Love, passion, romance, and desire are powerful forces that can rip apart our world, leaving us bleeding in pain, or lift us to incredible heights, filling our hearts with ecstasy, joy, and delight. Whether you are seeking to spark more passion in your intimate life, to find the partner of your dreams, or to improve any of the relationships in your life, the ULTIMATE RELATIONSHIP PROGRAM is designed to give you the tools and strategies to create sustainable excitement and lasting fulfillment in your relationships.

Create your ultimate relationship in just 10 steps. You will:

Discover how to close the gap from where you are to where you want to be in your relationships
Define what you really want at this stage of your life in your intimate and other key relationships
Understand the power of polarity to ignite or reignite passion at levels you may have previously thought impossible to regain or achieve
Employ a commonsense strategy for strengthening your bond and rekindling intimacy
Break through your barriers as well as those of your partner using the 6 Human Needs
Understand the essential 7 Master Relationship Skills and 10 Disciplines of Love and Passion continually strengthen your relationship, even during times of stress, uncertainty, and transition
Uncover and condition a set of daily practices to bring out the best in you and your partner
Practice the art of giving, balancing your partner’s needs with your needs and outside pressures
Clarify your priorities, resolve conflicts of loyalty, and rediscover your love as a couple
Align with your partner to create a common bond and vision for your future

12 audio CDs teaching you a step-by-step process to transform the quality of your personal relationships
A comprehensive Action Book containing strategies and assignments to help you apply the skills to your life
7 full-length DVD films chronicling real-life relationship challenges featuring the strategic interventions of Anthony Robbins and narrated by master trainer of psychotherapists, Cloé Madanes
$200 in discount certificates good toward Anthony Robbins’ UNLEASH THE POWER WITHIN event and Master Elite or Elite Personal or Professional Coaching Programs
An online Personal Profile—a $225 value


Anthony Robbins & Cloe Madanes – Ultimate Relationship Program


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