Anthony Robbins – Love and Passion

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Anthony Robbins
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Anthony Robbins – Love and Passion



Anthony Robbins – Love and Passion
Anthony Robbins – Love and Passion


This collection is a 6 Volume set…
Anthony Robbins Personal Coaching Collection, Volume 3
Includes 1 CD and 1 DVD with FREE downloadable workbook
No matter what our situation in life, an intimate relationship is a powerful force that can ultimately determine the level of happiness and joy we experience each day. That’s why Tony and Sage Robbins have created Love and Passion: Your Journey to Lasting Connection and Fulfillment, a new program designed to help you create or rekindle passion and reach astounding levels of intimacy in your most vital relationship! Whether you’re already in a relationship or looking for someone special, Love and Passion will open up your heart so that you can create the extraordinary relationship you desire and deserve. You’ll discover:

• How you and your partner can become lovers for life
• How to love by giving and doing, not just saying
• How you can use challenges to deepen your relationship
• What your own needs are and how to fulfill those of your partner
• How to select the right partner
• The master skills of relationships

DVD: Back From the Edge Creating Everlasting Love
An Inspiring Film from Anthony Robbins’ Top-Selling Ultimate Relationship Program


Anthony Robbins – Love and Passion


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