Ben Adkins – Arbitrage Magician 2.0

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Ben Adkins – Arbitrage Magician 2.0



Ben Adkins – Arbitrage Magician 2.0
Ben Adkins – Arbitrage Magician 2.0


The Arbitrage Magician 2.0 update is list lower on the page.

…And Here’s How We’re Going to Turn That Small Business into a Million Dollar Operation With Arbitrage Magician 2.0

Session 1: The Shopify Reboot

In this first session, we’re going to refresh you with the Shopify system. Things have changed, but your success shouldn’t. Here we’ll refresh you on the basics. Including: optimal store set-up, payment collection, setting up your first product, apps that will increase efficiency, etc.

Session 2: Sourcing and Private Labeling Like a Professional

You don’t need fancy factories and inventory to create your own product line. You can benefit from the long-term security of having a brand, without the hassle. In session 2, you’ll uncover simple ways to set up your own product line. I’m giving you full access to my list of resources to make it looked polished and ready to sell at a premium.

Session 3: The Million Dollar Branding Recipe

Let’s face it… looks are everything. At least in the marketing world. But you don’t need to invest thousands of dollars to make a mint. Session 3 will show you how to create professional looking packaging that will draw in your buyer (without emptying your wallet.)

Session 4: Increasing Your Customer Pool and Driving Traffic

In 1.0, you got a thorough overview of the Facebook ad platform for driving traffic. But now we need to ramp up, and increase your pool. You’ll be introduced to more ways to draw in customers, and drive visitors (Don’t worry! I’m still taking you by the hand and walking you through.) (we’ll cover Google Ads, Facebook Ads, as well as a host of cool traffic tactics not covered in 1.0)

Session 5: Selling on Multiple Networks

Like I said, 2.0 is all about turning your small business into a million dollar operation. We’re going to expand your storefront onto multiple networks. This will amp up your reach and dramatically boost your profit potential. (How to connect with Amazon and deliver your inventory via FBA is just one of the things I’ll be covering here)

Session 6: Strategizing Your Social Media Takeover

Social media has the power to force your brand forward – increasing customer engagement and loyalty. In our social media strategy session, we’ll map out how to use the 5 biggest platforms to grow your business even further.

Session 7: Next Level Business Moves

You’re a business with a reputation to maintain. Don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it sounds. In our final session, we’ll go over some “not so common” tips to keep customers knocking down your door. You’ll also uncover some next step moves that will continue to push you forward.

Here’s How We’re Making Things Easier With Arbitrage Magician 1.0

– Step 1: Solidifying Your Business Foundation for a Secure Investment
Starting from scratch, Arbitrage Magician will lay a solid foundation while filling in all the cracks. Together, we’ll ensure that there’s a market for your product before you ever put money down. Session 1 is all about getting you started on the profitable foot.

– Step 2: Driving ‘Ready-to-Buy’ Customers to Your Storefront
Wading through the Facebook ad platform to drive traffic is intimidating. Session 2 is a complete walkthrough of setting up ads, and putting eyes on your storefront. You get access to our exact ad template for hassle-free setup and proven results.

– Step 3: How to Transform Visitors into Paying Customers
Once they’ve landed in your store, it’s time to get your visitor to click “buy now.” You don’t need to be a persuasive writer to do this. In step 3, you’ll get access to our product description and ad templates. Each is proven to turn visitors into paying customers.

– Step 4: Turning a Manual Operation into an Automated Income Stream
You can’t continually increase profits if you’re running a one-man show. You only have two hands. Session 4 is going to show you how to automate the selling and fullfilment processes so you have more time to boost your bottom line.

– Step 5: Minimizing Costs and Expanding Profit Margins
By step 6, things will already have begun moving. But now we want to widen those profit margins. You’ll get a sneak peek at my secret weapon for sending cheap traffic to my store. Also, how to strategically source your traffic via Facebook – without spending a fortune on ads.

– Step 6: Keeping Your Customers Flowing Through a Revolving Door
You don’t want to become a one-stop shop. This session is all about breeding longtime customers and keeping them in a buying mentality. To do that, I’ll show you how to put them on a mailing list. AND! You’ll get complete access to my entire email sequence templates. All you have to do is fill in the blanks!

-Step 7: Polishing Off Your Real Business
In the final session, I’m going to give you the resources to put together an actual business. This is a solid starting point to make sure you cover your butt, and can actually enjoy the success that’s about to come to you – without fear of having the rug pulled out from under you.


Ben Adkins – Arbitrage Magician 2.0


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