Ben Adkins – Community Chest Book

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Ben Adkins
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Ben Adkins – Community Chest Book



Ben Adkins – Community Chest Book
Ben Adkins – Community Chest Book


Ready to Get Paid Monthly just for Creating and Running an Online Community on a topic you Love?

Introducing the Recurring Revenue Generating, Community Building Blueprint:

Chapter 1:
Building a Million Dollar Community
Based Business from the Top Down.
If I just taught you how to get paid monthly to build an online group that would be pretty amazing. I’m not stopping there however. This book is much bigger than just that.

Chapter 2:
The Tech Behind Running an Online Paid Community.
This book  isn’t about concepts or theory. I’m going to give you the exact tools and setup that I use to run my groups and even walk you through how they all fit together.

Chapter 3:
How to Find People that are a Perfect Fit for your Community (AKA Traffic Generation Secrets)
What good is setting up an online community if you can’t get in front of the right people to sell it to?

In this Chapter I’ll walk you through the dead simple way that we launch all of our paid communities for cheap and how we transition in using paid traffic down the line.

Chapter 4:
Keeping Your Members Happy, Engaged, and Growing.
What good is building a private community that people pay you to be a part of if you can’t keep your members paying you month after month?

Chapter 5:
The Community Based Business Timeline (aka: How to Build a 100k Profit Business in the Next 12 months)
This book wasn’t actually written to be sold publicly. It was written as a blueprint for a few of my partners who I run paid communities with.




Ben Adkins – Community Chest Book


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