Ben Adkins – Follow Up Master Plan

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Ben Adkins – Follow Up Master Plan



Ben Adkins – Follow Up Master Plan
Ben Adkins – Follow Up Master Plan


After Investing Hard Earned Cash into Collecting Opt-lns, My List Went Stale and Took Their Money With Them…

I made a big mistake.

See… I discovered an extremely easy way to entice people into giving me their email. Simply offer a free giveaway. It seemed to have worked fabulously, because my mailing list exploded with subscribers.

There was just one problem.

They had shallow pockets. And I’m talking really shallow. Like, “can barely squeeze out a quarter in those pockets” shallow. These guys weren’t willing to part with any of their money. They were attracted to free, and free only. And that wasn’t going to pay the bills.

So here I was. With a list I had invested more time and money into than I care to remember. And I was getting zero payoff.

And this is only one twist that can turn a list sour.
Here’s the 5 Major Profit Killers that Will Suck Your Income Stream Dry:

–    “The Freebie Seekers” – The subscribers who will gladly offer up an email for your free offer. But unwilling to part with any of their money later down the road. After investing time and money into this strategy, you’re left high and dry.
–    “The Hesitant Stranger” – Handing over money on the Internet can be scary for a lot of people. Especially when they don’t know whose on the receiving end. Without a brand behind your name, this subscriber will clutch their wallet so hard, you’ll struggle to loosen their death grip.
–    “The Cold Subscriber” – These money-suckers are common amongst offline business lists. They’re cold and shut down offers almost immediately. Their thick, icy walls are almost impossible to break through.
–    “The Subscribers Gone Stale” – It happens. Life gets in the way. Different opportunities present themselves. Your list gets tossed to the side. The problem is, trying to revive your list after they’ve flat lined is extremely difficult.
–    “The One-Time Buyer” – Building your list from past buyers is a popular way to grow. But more often than not, 99% of marketers make a critical error that stunts their growth. Turning an otherwise profitable list into a one-trick pony.


Ben Adkins – Follow Up Master Plan


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