Ben Adkins – Survey Social Pilot

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Ben Adkins
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Ben Adkins – Survey Social Pilot



Ben Adkins – Survey Social Pilot
Ben Adkins – Survey Social Pilot


How You Can Exploit a Simple Gesture into an Ever-Flowing Income Stream!

Survey Social Pilot is a whiz at collecting opt-ins and quickly turning them into sales. And not because it uses some “secret magic formula.” In fact, all it does is play on an everyday mindset that 99% of people have.

It’s called the ‘Benjamin Franklin effect’ and without turning this into a college lecture., it’s the idea that if you can get someone to do you a small favor, it’s 1000x easier to get them to do you a big one next (and buy into something).

This may sound very simple. But over decades,

Psychologists have confirmed this is a highly effective technique for persuading others to do anything you want.

With Survey Social Pilot… I’m going to take you by the hand. Show you how this technique will translate into thousands of new subscribers and bigger sales for you.


Ben Adkins – Survey Social Pilot


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