Ben Adkins – The Evil Business Magician

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Ben Adkins
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Ben Adkins – The Evil Business Magician



Ben Adkins – The Evil Business Magician
Ben Adkins – The Evil Business Magician


Dr Ben Shares Ways to Double Your Business In The Next 60 Days With Unique and Powerful Systems Enabling YOU To Live Your Dream Life.

Getting Started

The Better Life Sequence (PreWork)

* The 5 Happiness Components
* The Purpose Funnel
* How To Get Your Day Back
* Organization & Planning Secrets
* Staffing Your Dream Life

Session 1 – Focus & Clarity

* How To Design Your Dream Life
* How To Figure Out The Financing
* Locking In You Month 1 Budget
* Finding The “Mission Critical Task”
* Tools We Use For This Process

Session 2 – Budget

* Four Rules Of Budgeting
* Software
* Getting Your Business Budget Solidified

Session 3 – Budget, Calender, Actuals

* Taking Your Budget To The Forecast
* Setting Your Calendar
* Tracking Your Actuals Against Your Forecast & Budget
* When and How To Adjust

Session 4 – Q & A

Session 5 – Different Corps & Ability Team

* Different Corp types and their benefits
* Who is on your A.B.I.L.I.T.Y Team
* Why You Need Each Of Them
* HOw To Choose Them Wisely
* When To Call In Your A.B.I.L.I.T.Y Team

Session 6 – Outsourcing & Staffing

* 2 Keys to knowing the types of employees that you want and need
* How to hire the right people
* How to pay your team
* The secret to powerful company culture
* Accountability and action reactors


Ben Adkins – The Evil Business Magician


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