Bernadette Doyle- How To Attract Corporate Clients Home Study System

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Bernadette Doyle- How To Attract Corporate Clients Home Study System


Bernadette Doyle- How To Attract Corporate Clients Home Study System
Bernadette Doyle- How To Attract Corporate Clients Home Study System


EXCLUSIVE OFFER FOR PARTICIPANTS ON MY ‘HOW TO ATTRACT CORPORATE CLIENTS’ MASTERCLASS…. Get 50% OFF My Complete System For Attracting Corporate Clients Designed Exclusively For Independent Consultants, Freelancers, Coaches And Solo-Professionals

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‘£20,000 of additional revenue as a result of this programme!’
‘At a rough and conservative estimate I’d say that so far we’ve generated somewhere around £20,000 in additional revenue as a direct result of using Bernadette’s methods.’
Hannah McNamara, HRM Coaching

Dear Independent Consultant, Coach, Trainer or Solo-Professional,

Thanks for taking part in my Masterclass ‘How to Attract Corporate Clients’. I hope I’ve already given you some ideas and suggestions that you can use immediately to position yourself as an expert and start attracting and winning business with big companies.

But I don’t want to stop there…

You see, I know that in the hour we had on the call, I could really only scratch the surface of what you REALLY need to know to consistently attract corporate clients. I know that because when I started documenting every strategy, system and formula I used to attract corporate clients like Sony, Norwich Union, AIG, Tesco Personal Finance and BT, it took me over 14 months to collate ALL the steps I’d taken into an easy to follow system. I even had to pay a consultant to assist me with this.

I sweated for months to put a complete, foolproof, easy-to-follow, step-by-step system together for you

After months of struggling to wrestle my own notes and lists into some kind of order, I hired a consultant who is renowned for pulling ‘secret formulas’ out of experts and paid him top dollar to drag the knowledge out of me. It wasn’t as painful as it sounds, in fact it was an eye-opening experience for both of us. But it was a lengthy process. All in all over 20 hours of phone conversation so that no stone was left unturned, no vital element left out. We worked together for over 7 months before this programme was complete.

(I’ll be honest with you, there were times when I questioned my sanity for letting him ‘at me’ like this. He dragged out of me experiences I thought I’d never tell another soul. He got me to reveal not just the good, but the bad and the ugly too – all in the interest of telling the whole truth about what it’s really like building a successful consulting business from scratch.)

By the time we were done with the audio recordings, both of us were surprised by the sheer volume of material I had to share on the subject of Attracting Corporate Clients. We had documented 11 years’ worth of the strategies, systems and formulas for attracting corporate clients. We needed to add checklists and action plans just to make all this material manageable. That’s when I realised just how many ‘hidden gems’ I had in my filing cabinets.

Things like:
Real life examples of proposals that had won training contracts of over £50,000.

The notes I’d used on how to handle an incoming enquiry and what to do (and not to do) in that all important first phone call (remember they will be calling you).

The actual brochure that used to generate not just enquiries, but actual bookings for training, all done over the telephone, and without having even to meet or write an additional proposal.

The ‘ugly’ letters I sent to cold prospects that yielded 5-figure training contracts by return.

The actual notes I used in my face-to-face meetings that enabled me to ‘sell without selling’.

The exact forms I’d used to collect powerful testimonials from satisfied clients.

For me, these were just documents that I’d used to run my business, but James, the consultant who assisted me with this project, persuaded me that these items were vital parts of my system, and must be included in the final package I put together. So we did. Along with a complete summary and highlights of the audio programme.

So Here’s An Overview Of EVERYTHING That’s Included In This Complete System

10 audio CDs of me being interviewed on every aspect of attracting corporate clients. All in all over 20 hours of audio recording that were edited down to 10 CDs. We discussed everything from positioning yourself in the marketplace to attract enquiries from qualified buyers, through handling the initial enquiry, whether by phone or email, using ‘off-the-shelf’ products to generate cash-flow and reduce the decision making process and sales cycle, how to get the sale WITHOUT having face-to-face meetings or writing lengthy sales proposals, conducting face-to-face meetings, key questions to ask, phrases to use, flushing out every single objection in advance, secrets of writing effective sales proposals, understanding the psychology of the corporate buyer (this is an eye-opener for a lot of people), navigating the ‘complex’ sale where there is more than one decision maker involved, the ‘unwritten rules’ of the corporate world, how to avoid getting ruled out as a serious contender before you even start, and that’s just for starters…



Bernadette Doyle- How To Attract Corporate Clients Home Study System


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