Bill Baren – Premium Packages Blueprint

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By now you know, offering Premium Packages is the best way to actually help clients create deep and lasting transformation, while earning generous compensation for yourself.
Premium Packages are simply “high-ticket” packages that deliver big results and solve an urgent problem or pain that your clients have. Look, there are a lot of people in the world who need your help in a big way. Probably hundreds of thousands, if not millions. When you offer Premium Packages, you literally change people’s lives. Whereas when you offer low cost offerings, the results clients get are also low. My name is Bill Baren, and I’ve spent the last six years teaching my Premium Packages Success System to thousands of clients. I’ve worked with thousands of people in dozens of countries around the world to make additional income every month while serving their clients more deeply. And I’ve helped clients with almost every type of service under the sun.
Yes, that means your service, too! If you feel like you’ve been undercharging and definitely under earning, this is your time to step out in a bigger way.

Why Premium Packages?

Question for you: Why would you choose to scrape together your income from a
whole bunch of small client engagements that barely make a dent in your finances?
I’ve got to tell you, it is a lot more fun and fulfilling when you work with highly
committed clients for longer periods of time.
When that happens:

  • Your clients get better results.
  • You earn more money.
  • You gain credibility in the marketplace as someone who delivers results.
  • And you stand out from other businesses that are literally racing to the bottom of the market by offering low or middle-of-the-road pricing. This is the majority of businesses, but it won’t be you!

To me, the heart and soul of Premium Packages is being bold in the way you
serve clients and offering clients your very best work that you’re truly proud of.And when you show up in your niche or your industry as the person who offers
big results, you get to work with the BEST clients!

You Are An Agent Of Change

For you to make the difference you are here to make, you deserve to be able to make a living – actually, a great living – by doing what you love. Going premium is a profoundly transformational experience that goes far beyond your business. You will have a different relationship with money and success. You will show up more powerfully in the world, as someone who actively creates major transformation in the world. And you won’t be afraid to offer your best work to the world and be generously compensated.

The Power Of Premium

When you make the decision to go premium, you develop a stellar reputation as someone who gets results. When you go premium, your clients will no longer haggle with you and ask themselves, “Can I afford it?”, which no caring business owner likes to hear. Instead it will be, “Am I ready to step up to truly have what I want?” And that’s a very different question that your clients will be asking of themselves. This alone will help your clients have a transformational experience.

Let’s Get Started

So now, let’s roll up our sleeves, and look at Premium Packages in more detail. I am going to show you tangible, practical ways you can structure and price your services into packages that clients want to readily sign up for. And at the very end, there’s a Premium Packages Blueprint which shows you how to design your entire business to be attractive to premium clients.





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