Bill Bronchick – Lease Options

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Bill Bronchick – Lease Options



Bill Bronchick – Lease Options
Bill Bronchick – Lease Options


Bill Bronchick
Lease Options

Here’s Just a Small Sample of What You Will Learn from this program:

* 7 different ways to Profit Using Lease/Options. You’ll learn the sandwich, the straight option, the “junker” lease/option, the landlord lease/option, the sale–lease/back sub–lease/option and much more!
* 10 Tested Ways to Market For and Find Lease/Option Deals. You’ll get “street–tested” sample ads, business cards and marketing materials that you can use right away without re–inventing the wheel.
* The Killer Telephone Script. Learn what to say and how to say it to qualify potentially motivated sellers over the phone
* Negotiating Ploys – learn how to negotiate lease/option deals like a pro!
* The Step–by–Step Mechanics & Paperwork of the Deal. You’ll get the checklist for the step–by–step process for putting the deal together, including what forms to use and how to fill them out.
* Landlording Secrets. Dealing with your tenants, you need to have the upper hand! You will learn how to maximize your profit and minimize your headaches, including state–specific references for landlord–tenant laws (sorry, not valid in TX).
* How to take advantage of special financing Available for Lease/Options. Learn how to get your tenant/buyer financed by communicating the process to mortgage banks. Also, learn an ingenius way to overcome the dreaded “seasoning” issue.
* How to Profit When Your Deal Goes Sour. Most gurus only talk about the good stuff – you’ll learn how to recover from a bad deal and profit even more!
* How to Avoid Personal Liability & Lawsuits. Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst – you’ll learn how to limit your exposure.
* How to overcome the seller’s objections and create win/win deals!! Don’t let the cat get your tongue – have the right thing to say to close your deals.
* Five “Air Tight” Ways to Protect Your Deal from Going Bad. The process of lease/options is simple, unless you leave out the FIVE ESSENTIAL things you need to cover your @ss!, including the “performance mortgage” trick
* Tax Implications of Options for Buyer and Seller (including changes under the recent tax laws)
* How to live almost “rent–free” using lease/options on your personal residence!
* All of the legal angles (that every other course left out) you need to understand about lease/options
* How to prevent a defaulting tenant/buyer from claiming an “equitable interest” in the property, including case law references

…And Much, Much More!


Bill Bronchick – Lease Options


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