Bill Bronchik – Step by Step Guide to Land Trusts

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Bill Bronchik – Step by Step Guide to Land Trusts



Bill Bronchik – Step by Step Guide to Land Trusts
Bill Bronchik – Step by Step Guide to Land Trusts


Step by Step Guide to Land Trusts
by Bill Bronchick

Get That Property Out of Your Name!

Are you a target for tenant lawsuits? Are your assets easy to locate? Do you own rental properties in your own name?

You wouldn’t walk around with a financial statement taped to your forehead would you? So why would you have your most valuable assets exposed to public scrutiny? Anyone can go down to the county courthouse or recorder’s office and look up the owner of any property. Real estate records are now computerized, so all of your real estate holdings can be located at the touch of a button! Lawyers, creditors, IRS agents, newspaper reporters, tenants and other “snoops” can find out what you own and whether you are worth going after. Don’t give them the ammunition – make your real estate ownership hard to find!

Attorney William Bronchick teaches you the secrets of using land trusts for privacy, anonymity and asset protection. There is no other course available on the market that is as accurate, practical and up-to-date as this!

This course shows you step-by-step:

How to remove your name from public records and get the privacy you and your family deserve!

How to protect your real estate from judgments & liens

How to buy and sell real estate with complete anonymity

How to “assume” FHA and VA loans without personal recourse

How to avoid probate of your real estate assets

Creative ways to use a land trust as part of a 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchange

How to buy & sell real estate without title insurance or “closings”

How to use a land trust to circumvent the “due-on-sale” provision of a mortgage or deed of trust

How to use personal property trusts to keep your bank accounts, automobiles, mobile homes and other personal property private

How to integrate your estate planning living trust with a land trust

Five creative ways to use land trusts as a real estate investor

How to use a land trust as a security device on real estate transactions

How to fill out all the paperwork yourself to setup and use land trusts and personal property trusts – without expensive attorney’s fees!

Your Package Comes Complete With…

* 300+ page workbook complete with state-specific legal references

* CD-ROM with legal forms to create and use LAND TRUSTS

* 30 minute “quick-start” audio CD

* And much, much more!

You Get Everything You Need to Create and Use Land Trusts for Privacy and Protection

If you do nothing you’re extremely vulnerable. Don’t wait until it is too late, take action today!



Bill Bronchik – Step by Step Guide to Land Trusts


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