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Three times a year a small group of the top marketers in the world gather together for a ‘closed-door,’ exclusive meeting either in Baltimore, Maryland or Cleveland, Ohio.

Some fly in from as far away as Australia, Spain, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. They travel all this distance to spend 2 days to sit at the table with two of the top “Marketing Minds” in the world…Dan Kennedy or Bill Glazer as part of a “Mastermind” group/Think Tank.

It costs anywhere between $15K-$31K a year to be part of these Mastermind meetings, but participants claim it’s worth every penny (that’s why there’s a HUGE waiting list of people wanting to get in).

After one of these recent meetings conducted by Marketing Guru Bill Glazer (President of Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle™), fourteen of the ultra- successful Members of his Info-MASTERMIND Group stayed an extra day, sat around a table and had a frank and candid discussion about the behaviors they exhibit which has lead to them achieving success beyond their wildest dreams as well as their most important beliefs shared by these HIGHLY successful entrepreneurs. Combined these individuals influence well over a million people world wide with their tools, resources and systems.

This gathering is very much like what goes on during a typical Mastermind Meeting when a group of highly motivated, extremely wealthy, entrepreneurs get together. As you’ll hear on these CDs, this is a group of ‘LIKE-MINDED’ individuals who enjoy taking friendly jabs at each other while they genuinely respect each other, and are truly grateful that they have joined this amazing special association.

In addition, as this is being recorded towards the end of the year, you should know that the average member of this group has experienced a doubling in the size of their business,further supporting the outstanding value of the Mastermind Process.


(WARNING: The ‘Insider’ Information Revealed
on This Recording is Sooo Revealing…
Sooo Content Rich…
So Practical…
It’s IMPOSSIBLE To Listen Just Once!!!!)

Just like during a real ‘closed door’ Info-MASTERMIND meeting, often Bill has to reign them in and keep control of the group, you will find that these recordings are no different. Also just like a true Info-MASTERMIND meeting, when these individuals get together there’s so much ground breaking information that comes out when they speak that you can’t help but….Think TO Grow Rich.

14 entreprenuers

NOW… Meet “THESE” 14 Extraordinarily Successful Entrepreneurs You’ll Be Eavesdropping On These CDs

Robert Berkley Robert Berkley is an Executive Coach to the Presidents, Owners, and Senior Leaders of both public and private companies. He is best known for his program called Vision Day which is a one day, strategic planning day for your life. He is also the Glazer-Kennedy Certified Independent Business Advisor for North and South Boston.
Alexandria Brown Alexandria Brown is best known as the “Ezine Queen,” teaching over 20,000 Members how to achieve success online. She is also a Marketing Success Coach to entrepreneurs and creates products and a yearly Internet Event.
Jim Canale Jim Canale has a Real Estate Investing Coaching & Training Program and publishes books and conducts radio programs on “How To Live The Real Estate Lifestyle.”
Jesse Cannone Jesse Cannone is an Information Marketer to the Health & Fitness Business with over 30,000+ customers and a half a million email subscribers.
Mike Crow Mike Crow is a Coach to the Home Inspection Industry, providing business growth strategies to hundreds of Home Inspectors all across North America. He is also the Glazer-Kennedy Certified Independent Business Advisor for Dallas-Fort Worth, TX.
Ryan Deiss Ryan Deiss is a Membership site publisher in a number of different markets including the financial, health, and business opportunities. Collectively he has over 10,000 Members paying between $20 – $100 a month.
Dave Dickson Dave Dickson owns 20 auto repair shop franchises in the Tampa Bay, Florida area. He is an Information Marketer providing Operation Strategies to over 3,000 Shop Owners nationwide and is the Glazer-Kennedy Certified Independent Business Advisor in Tampa Bay, Florida.
Matt Gillogly Matt Gillogly is best known as The Renegade Christian Entrepreneur. He provides Products and Coaching to Real Estate Investors nationwide. He also teaches Real Estate Investors how to be local Coaches in their own markets.
Lloyd Irvin Lloyd Irvin owns one of the most successful Martial Arts School in the U.S. He also operates seven different Information Marketing Businesses including multi-million dollar ones in the health and fitness industry. He and his wife Vicki own a Real Estate Investment Training seminar and coaching business that works with over 700 investors in the Maryland, D.C. area. He is also the Glazer-Kennedy Certified Independent Business Advisor in Southern Maryland and Washington D.C.
Tom Koster Tom Koster owns the fasted growing franchise in the Netherlands catering to the Online Market. In addition he also owns an Internet Service business as well as other Marketing Businesses. He also publishes and distributes the No BS Marketing Letter in the Netherlands.
Dr. Charles Martin Dr. Charles Martin is a practicing Dentist, performing Advanced Restorative Dentistry. He also operates an ‘elite’ Coaching Program that teaches other Dentists how to be successful in their practices and businesses.
Charles Petty Charles Petty teaches Investors nationwide how to make money in Real Estate by using “little known” online strategies and tactics. He also hosts a weekly radio show on Real Estate Investing.
Sherman Ragland Sherman Ragland (a.k.a. The Shermanator) is a full time Real Estate Investor and runs the largest Real Estate Investing Association in the Greater Washington D.C. area with over 4,300 Members. He conducts a weekly radio show on Real Estate Investing.
Bob Regnerus Bob Regnerus is best known as The Leads King and is often the Secret Weapon behind a lot of highly successful Marketers. He uses all of the most commonly known (and not so commonly known) online strategies to drive traffic to websites as well as work with his clients to increase conversion. Bob also provides Traffic Explosion and Increase Sales Audits. 


A LITTLE BACKGROUND TO WHAT YOU’LL HEAR ON THESE LIFE CHANGING RECORDINGS: When Dan Kennedy or Bill Glazer begin working with a new client, they are often being introduced to some of their concepts and strategies for the first time such as membership, tiered pricing, continuity, price elasticity, sequential marketing with multiple media, etc. etc. Of course this proves very valuable to them and often results in HUGE breakthroughs in their business.

However it’s possible that one of the most valuable discussions is not about mechanics, processes, but about mindset. After all, success always seems to come back to that. All the ‘how-to’s’ in the world won’t turn into much if the person or organization attempting to use them has flawed business thinking.

During the discussion about the THINKING and BELIEF SYSTEMS of successful entrepreneurs, SEVEN BIG things were covered that these entrepreneurs share and have in common:


Hear why they do not view new customer acquisition as an expense and instead they view it as investing. Listen to some of their personal best New Customer Acquisition strategies that they use in their own businesses as well as those they teach to their own students.


Listen in to why Systems is their most important point of differentiation and while ordinary people think in transactional terms, successful entrepreneurs like these think in terms of customers for life and customers to be developed over time.


Now, this does not mean you won’t discover that they aren’t paranoid – in fact they are. The best Entrepreneurs are constantly “inspecting what they expect.” But you’ll hear how these most successful Entrepreneurs do NOT operate from a position of fear. And that basic belief system — acts out in many different ways in their behavior and their businesses.


Hear how they embrace Dr. Maxwell Maltz’ author of Psycho-Cybernetics philosophy when he stated: “I think the most profound and important realization is that most people are inhibited and sabotaged by the fear of criticism and inability to handle criticism, while high achievers are immune to it.”


Hear how they think short term, mid term – 12 to 36 months, AND long term – 5 to 10 years… simultaneously. Oftentimes when they are creating a new business it is done by finding it within the existing business. You’ll get their first hand insights in how they do this. In fact, you’ll hear how they discovered a new business within an existing business in just a few minutes.


These extraordinarily successful entrepreneurs have definitely learned that price is VERY elastic, and tend to test limits often. They are also absent any guilt about charging premium fees, prices and/or charging all that the market will bear. Hear how they test price limits and their beliefs about price elasticity.


Hear their thoughts, beliefs and views on the finite spending power or capacity in their customers. What is their opinion and criteria of who they will do joint ventures with and let others access to their customers?


31 ‘Off-The-Cuff’ Gems
That Came Out Of This Recording
(Just a Sampling of What You’ll Hear On These CDs)

  • Dr. Charlie Martin’s “Six Ws and One H” formula for creating Systems to run your business.
  • Rob Berkley’s thoughts on why “new customers = freedom” and how you can use this to create your own Financial Freedom
  • Why Jim Canale believes that new customer acquisition is a business owner’s second most important activity and what he believes is #1
  • Sherman Ragland’s powerful addition to the phrase that “people do business with people they like and trust.” Find out what he says is missing.
  • What Alexandria Brown says is the best thing you can do when you’re communicating with your customers.
  • Charles Petty’s caution why you can’t have just one way to market your business and what is really the right way to make all the different ways you market work best.
  • What the whole world thought was dead as an online strategy and forgot to tell Ryan Deiss….Thank Goodness!!
  • Bob Regnerus’ tip for creating a million dollar business with NO money.
  • Jesse Cannone’s advice on WHO you should help and perhaps even more important… WHO you should avoid.
  • How Rob Berkley finishes this sentence. “The better the quality of people you associate with the better _______ you ___ by __.
  • What Dr. Charlie Martin meant when he said….when you send too many people direct mail…they splatter. (This is a lesson that will benefit everyone listening to these CDs.)
  • Lloyd Irvin’s observation about why ‘Success IS Messy’ why there’s no other way to operate your business.
  • How Mike Crow has been able to successfully bring continuity into businesses that others swear could never make this work.
  • Do you suffer from…MY BUSINESS IS DIFFERNET? After you hear what Tom Koster has to say, you’ll never think that way again.
  • Sherman Ragland’s accidental discovery on what he found was THE chief responsibility as a Coach that when implemented made him totally indispensable.
  • Matt Gillogy’s ‘hidden place’ to find almost all of the money you’ll ever need.
  • Bill Glazer’s simple and easy method to get out of the Commodity Business.
  • Dave Dickson’s key to making marketing much more effective. Do you use it in your business? Do you know about it? You better!!!
  • How Alexandria Brown can operate a multi-millionaire dollar business while doubling it every year withOUT a Brick & Mortar office and with ONLY virtual employees.
  • What Bob Regnerus does to comfort his clients and why you should do the exact same thing.
  • Bill Glazer’s thoughts about how every employer needs to think about the business that his or her employees are really in.
  • How the most painful business mistake Jim Canale made that led him to one of the most profitable opportunities he ever experienced.
  • Dave Dickson’s astute observation about how poor people think about successful people and why you have to AVOID this kind of thinking like the plague.
  • What Lloyd Irvin says will happen to YOU if you hang around nine broke people.
  • Jesse Cannone’s BIGGEST BLUNDER that when fixed instantly tripled his profitability. Are you making this same mistake in your business?
  • When the light bulb finally went off for Tom Koster that allowed him to develop the fastest growing franchise ‘ever’ in The Netherlands.
  • Procrastinating? Having trouble getting things done? Just listen to how Charles Petty got past his own slow start. This strategy will ABSOLUTELY work for everyone.
  • Why Alexandria Brown never looks at a failure as… Failure.
  • A reality check from Bill Glazer: When IS enough….enough????
  • The one story that Lloyd told the group that they ALL wrote down (after they stopped laughing) that they said they had to use in their own businesses. This alone is worth the price of admission.
  • The life changing lesson that Sherman Ragland learned when he played ball on his Father’s basketball court and why he never made that mistake again.

After seeing the 31 ‘Off-The-Cuff’ bullets about what came out of this recording, how much should these CDs cost?

Well, the Members of Bill Glazer’s Info-MASTEMIND Group pay $17,964.00 each per year to be in this elite group. There’s 14 of these Members on these CDs, so 14 X $17,964.00 = $251,496.00 doesn’t it?


To be fair, they each receive 6-days of Coaching and Masterminding during the year with Bill Glazer and these recordings are only one full day. So $251,496.00 / 6 = $41,916.00. When the Info-MASTERMIND Members who participated in these CDs heard the $41,916.00 number they screamed out….WAY TOO CHEAP!!!! The value of the information on these CDs are worth way more than $41,916.00.

But Bill Glazer reminded them that these CDs weren’t created to be priced so everybody wouldn’t be able to invest in these CDs regardless of the fact that the value they contain are truly worth over $41,000.00.

They were created to get into as many hands as possible of open-minded and forward thinking entrepreneurs as the ultimate…. Think TO Grow Rich shortcut. So, after much debate, the 14 Info-Mastermind Members agreed (grudgedly) on an introductory price that would allow people who took fast action to get the deal of a lifetime. So, each Info-Mastermind Member as well as Bill Glazer will each offer this to the first 297 buyers for only… (drum roll)… $297.

Think to Grow Rich

Obviously, you shouldn’t need to be reminded that if you were to only receive one BIG idea for your business when listening to these CDs, your investment will be returned ‘at least’ ten times ($2,970.00 of additional profits). Of course based on the notes the Info-MASTERMIND Members were making while they were participating in the recording of these CDs, you’ll get a long, long, long list of BIG ideas, making the decision to grab one of the 297 copies from each of the participants a ‘no brainer.’

In fact, the decision is not only a ‘no brainer,’ but you can’t lose because these CDs are so powerful that they come with a full 1-year MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. That’s right, keep them for a full 365 days. Listen to them over and over and apply just one of the strategies you hear and if you honestly don’t make 10 times your investment, ship them back and you quickly receive a full 100% refund.

A FINAL Word About:
How Successful Entrepreneurs
How YOU Should Think About The Business You’re In

Napoleon Hill’s book THINK AND GROW RICH bears re-reading constantly because it delivers ideas on many different levels. One thing presented in the book has to do with how you think about the business you’re in, even what business you think you’re in period.

Often when a client comes to Dan Kennedy or Bill Glazer for consulting, they arrive thinking they are in one business, but leave in a very different business. In order to adapt this way of thinking that leads to RAPID GROWTH you often need a place to start or to give you the ideas and inspirations you require.

These CDs have been created for many reasons, but one of the chief ones is to give you insights in order to put you on the right passage of such rapid growth. You’ll find on the recording no shortage of shortcuts in order to achieve F-A-S-T success.

IN FACT, THERE’S SO MUCH “REAL MEAT” TO EMBRACE…. You’ll probably want to listen to this recording several times as each time, you will hear new ideas that will become real breakthroughs in your business.

Dedicated To Multiplying Your Income,

Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle™

PS #1: It’s suggested you get out a pen and paper and take careful notes as you go along, listing ideas and action steps you can put in place in your own business.

PS #2: Remember, Bill Glazer and the 12 Members of his Info-MASTERMIND Group agreed to just sell 297 copies each at $297 and then raise the price to what it really should be. This is not something where it would be a good idea to wait. Besides, Procrastination is the behavior of the poor.

PS #3: People often express puzzlement over how much the Members of Bill Glazer’s Info-MASTERMIND group get done, how much Bill gets done. Make sure you listen carefully for one of their BIG SECRETS they all have in common that allows them to get so much accomplished in record time.

PS #4: What would a good sales letter be withOUT a BONUS, so here you go!! If you are one of the lucky 297 to get this recording for $297, you’ll also receive a copy of the transcriptions of the complete set of CDs.




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