Blackhat Maps 2015

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Blackhat Maps 2015



Blackhat Maps 2015
Blackhat Maps 2015


Get Verified Google Business Listings

Get Found On The Map
Local SEO is so much easier & profitable when you can snag a verified business listing on the maps. In local SEO, the maps get the traffic.

Super Easy Process
This method is so easy to use, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it first and odly enough it’s even easier to do for SERVICE based businesses.

Clients Want Phone Calls
Your clients don’t care about rankings or SERP graphs, give them what they know will help their revenue, phone calls!

Last year I released 2 methods at the same time and both of them worked for about 8 months until google started to crack down, now in 2015 I have an entirely new method that you can take advantage of.

Unlike the methods from last year, this method is actually more white hat and less blackhat. It is a little bit more complex but the advantage is that your business listings will active and valid for a much longer time than with previous methods.

The only real restriction of this method is that it’s limited to your geographic area, if you live in California but have a client in Florida then you won’t be able to use this method. I know it sucks but if you can get a verified business listing that’s delivering you hot leads then you’ll have no problem convincing a business owner to pay you a premium for those leads.

But the great thing about this method is that if you completely fail, do everything wrong, forget to hide your ip, use blacklisted phone numbers, and just have the absolute worst luck in setting up a listing, all is not lost.

You see while creating the videos for the course I stumbled upon something completely by accident, you actually get to hear the gears turning in my head as I discover something that I didn’t think about before in regards to adwords.

But the great thing is that it works for all PPC sources (adwords, bing, facebook, youtube, etc) so if it’s something that you’re doing for your clients it’s something that I know you’ll find extremely valuable.

Interested in learning more? Watch the video below to find out more.


Blackhat Maps 2015


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