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Bob Proctor – The Secret Science of Getting Rich Program


Bob Proctor – The Secret Science of Getting Rich Program
Bob Proctor – The Secret Science of Getting Rich Program


Who Else Wants to Learn the Exact Formula to Achieve Any Financial Goal With Mathematical Certainty No Matter What Condition the Economy Is In?”
Without this formula, your financial future will be a frustrating roller-coaster ride of hit-and-miss…
Give Me 7 Minutes & I’ll Give You the Evergreen Recession-Proof Formula to Achieve Any Financial Goal With the Precision of a Surgical Laser.

Dear Financial Well-Being Seeker, This is a true story. This is not fiction. This is not hype. This is not a story made up for commercial appeal.

This is a true story of a remarkable man who started off in a position that, most probably, was worse off than where you are right now. But by just doing certain things in a certain way, riches came to him in abundance.

Once you learn from this story, you will suddenly find that you can easily:

* Guarantee wealth to flow abundantly into your life as the universe begins to provide all your needs
* Eliminate the word failure from your life for good (Success will be the word most people use to describe you as they talk about you with admiration)
* Have complete control over your destiny and make your prosperous achievements entirely predictable
* Eliminate any worry over financial matters for good (The result: A better lifestyle, more money in your bank account… and deep appreciation from your loved ones)
* Ignite passion in your life and relationships (no matter what kinds of difficulties you may have had in the past)…

It doesn’t matter where you come from, how old you are or what you do.

You may be the poorest person on the continent and be deeply in debt, but I promise you that if you do certain things in the exact certain way this man has done, you too will get rich.

And you will get rich not because of a miracle in the economy… not because you’ve laboriously poured in hours of extra hard work… and certainly not because you’re living on a shoestring to build a future savings nest.
In other words, you’ll never again have to struggle to get money.

You will get rich, as certainly as this man has, because you will have the formula to do things which others fail to do. All of the money that you want is available for you to receive. All you have to do is allow it into your experience by simply doing certain things in a certain way, as this man has done.
Anyone Can Get Rich by Simply Doing Certain Things in A Certain Way

But, before I share with you this amazing story of the man who discovered a unique and precise way to riches and abundance, a word of introduction.

Bob Proctor

My name is Bob Proctor. Most of you will recognize me as the guru from The Secret. As you know, The Secret is a phenomena that took the world by storm. The Secret however, is only the tip of the iceberg of my experience.

I have actually been studying this field of knowledge since October 1961. And I have been teaching this for nearly 4 decades. I have watched things change in the world.

I have watched things change in the attitude of people. My experience in this field is not just theoretical. I also have in-depth understanding of people and how to communicate to them to best apply this knowledge into a system of life.

Perhaps a quote from Doug Wead, former special assistant to the President of the United States, best describes me:
A Master Thinker

“Zig Ziglar may be the master motivator, Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul, the master story tellers; Anthony Robbins may be the guru of personal development, but Bob Proctor is the master thinker. When it comes to systemizing life, no one can touch him.”

~ Doug Wead, former special assistant to the President of the United States

Throughout my years of experience, there is one story that captivates my attention as the essence of getting rich. It is the story about the man who wrote the little green book. The same little green book that was given to Rhonda Byrne by her daughter when Rhonda was on the verge of a breakdown.
Yes—the same little green book that was the blueprint behind The Secret

I’m sure you already know the moving story of how Rhonda Byrne used the powerful secrets of this little green book to change her life. Now, prepare to discover the powerful story of the man behind the little green book that changed the world.
An Odd Looking Man With an Odd Sounding Name Who Changed the World With a Little Green Book

Wallace Delois Wattles was a man born on a small farm in Illinois in the mid 1800’s during the war between the states. His father was a gardener and his mother was a housewife. Times were difficult and bleak, and his family didn’t have much wealth.

Wallace received very little formal education. He began his young working life as a farm laborer in the Nunda Township of McHenry Count. Certain that he could do more, he traveled to Chicago.

In Chicago, Wallace struggled as an author. He experienced failure after failure. For years his life was cursed by poverty and the fear of poverty.

But he was always working to attain the abundant for himself and for his family. It was then that he began to study an emerging New Thought and soon discovered the truth about the laws that govern the process of acquiring riches…
He Discovered That Getting Rich is the Result of Doing Certain Things in a Certain Way

Wallace began to mingle with several leading New Thought leaders, among them Emma Curtis Hopkins and William Walker Atkinson. His world suddenly opened up to a new way of life. He threw himself into a world of study, immersing himself in the writings of Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel and Ralph Waldo Emerson, to name a few.

On one night in Chicago in 1896, a great secret was passed to Wallace. With its knowledge, Wallace discovered not only why he had spent his entire life in poverty and failure, but he discovered how to realize the life he had always been seeking… a life of total abundance.

That night, his life changed forever. After tireless study and experimentation with these principles, he pieced together a formula that would bring success and riches, easier and faster than ever before.

Knowing that this formula could be replicated by others with the same success, Wallace began to write his findings for others to follow.

The book that he penned was called The Science of Getting Rich. These wise words was by far the most concise and fastest way to master the Laws that govern the process of acquiring riches.

Wallace’s own life proved that he had indeed perfected the formula of getting rich. His daughter, Florence A. Wattles, wrote this about her father in a letter to an acquaintance:

“He wrote almost constantly. It was then that he formed his mental picture. He saw himself as a successful writer, a personality of power, an advancing man, and he began to work toward the realization of this vision. He lived every page… his life was truly the powerful life”.

A practical author, Wattles encouraged his readers to test his theories on themselves rather than take his word as authority. And the success of his formula proved itself over and over as…
Those Who Lived Every Page of His Book Got Rich—Every Single One of Them!

But for years, his work was largely forgotten— and almost forgotten completely —except by a select few…
And I Was One of the Privileged Few to Inherit this Wisdom from Those Who Kept it Alive

73 years after Wattles first discovered this great secret and more than 50 years after his death, this little green book was passed from a great man to me.

It was a night in 1969, and I was a guest at the home of Lloyd Conant from the Nightingale-Conant Corporation. At the time, I was a serious student of human potential for close to a decade, and I had been studying Earl Nightingale’s material since shortly after he began recording his philosophy. But nothing could have prepared me for the new dimension I was about to step into that night with Lloyd and the little green book.

Lloyd began to speak very softly, and I realized without a doubt that as he spoke, he was traveling into the past in his mind. He explained how many years before he had been given this little green book. As he spoke those words, I could feel his energy change with the image of the book in his mind.

He told me that he had stayed home all weekend, reading and re-reading its contents. He said it gave him the key, and the following Monday he built Nightingale-Conant Corporation. Today, at over 45 years old, his corporation is the largest producer and publisher of personal development material. It stands as a monument to Lloyd Conant’s dream, and to his understanding of the formula written in the little green book.

As you can imagine, I was bursting with curiosity to know what was within this magical text. That night, Lloyd Conant gave me my very own copy.
Now, I Want to Pass this Wisdom to You…

Wallace’s The Science of Getting Rich has served as the foundation for every piece of work that I have ever written, including powerful seminars that I have taught worldwide, from Europe to Asia to America.

These seminars have assisted companies to increase their business by hundreds of millions of dollars each year. The ideas and exercises in these recorded and live seminars have directed many thousands of individuals to lead richer, brighter lives.

Today, I want share with you this very wisdom straight from the source. But I’m not just going to give you the little green book and leave you by yourself to find your own way.

I want to guide you through every page, in the proven way that I have taught countless many others over my decades of experience. I want to show you, step-by-step, how to use this formula in the complexities of today’s day and age.

Yes, in the exact same way I received the mentorship and guidance from those who inherited this great wisdom before me, I want to give you mentorship and guidance to navigate the pages of The Science of Getting Rich because you deserve it.
Equivalent to Earning your Ph.D in Living

“When I first got coached by Bob Proctor’s, I was depressed and broke and living in a one-bedroom rented apartment. Today – a year later – I own my business, employ two people and will soon need a third.

The first quarter of this year I enjoyed a 109% growth in business over the same period last year. My wife and I purchased a three-bedroom home in a suburb of New Orleans, and are currently completing a $75,000 kitchen and den renovation.

Bob Proctor taught me that I have a choice: I can either use my mind to my benefit or my detriment. He helped me discover what I want in life, how to set goals, and how to achieve them. There is an added benefit: I’m no longer depressed and fearful. Bob Proctor’s Coaching Program is equivalent to earning your PhD in living.”

~ Dan Fearn
His Teachings Allow Me to Live an Extraordinary Life

“When I met Bob Proctor I was 20 years old, flat broke and heading in the wrong direction in life. In addition, I had no idea how I was going to build a life for myself that would have meaning and purpose.

Well, it’s been twenty seven years since I first attended his program and what he taught me then and continued to teach me over the years has allowed me to make millions of dollars for myself and others while living an extraordinary fulfilling life.”

~ John Assaraf, New York Times Bestselling Author, Founder of OneCoach, Inc.

Whether you are someone who has been working for many years, or someone just starting down that path, or someone who is still studying, your journey to financial well-being is not far from where you are now.

And it does not require large amounts of time or physical effort.

Once you learn and obey these almost forgotten principles which Wallace laid out in The Science of Getting Rich, you will automatically become a member of that select group of people who live The Secret and you will get rich with mathematical certainty.

You will be able to:

* Attain the beliefs that make success a certainty (This is the part most people tend to forget. But it’s the foundation for future success that just keeps increasing.)
* Harness the power of your thoughts and turn them into money producing actions (Not one person in a thousand knows how to do this.) You are a modern alchemist turning brainwaves into gold
* Convey what you want to the universe. Did you know there is a correct way to do it? These principles will show you exactly what to do so the universe grants you your wishes.
* Get out of the wrong business (which you may be in) and discover how to effortlessly attract the right one
* And folks — once you understand Wallace D. Wattle’s formula that I’m about to share, you will finally experience massive change… because…

Struggle, Struggle, Struggle Never Leads To A Happy Ending

If your financial situation feels like a struggle, you are actually pushing your financial well-being further away!

The average individual’s mind is busily engaged in a hodge-podge of misleading ideas that actually hold them back, and the media is not helping.

Take a good look at those Time magazine covers. Take a good, closer look.

The date says 1971. Now let me tell you something shocking… all these covers are from the 1970’s. Yup. That’s right. Every single one. But wait… aren’t people still talking about the same issues today?

THINK about it.

Goodness! People have been talking about the same problems over and over and over… for decades on end! And you know what? For as long as they keep talking about it, they are going to attract it.

Because the Law of Attraction responds to the vibration of thoughts, not to the reality that exists. However, when the vibration of thoughts only continue to be about the reality that exists, nothing will ever change.

And looks like nothing has changed in the media’s fear-based sensationalism. Headlines are still screaming the same bad news for decades. And so, is it at all surprising that this reality continues to perpetuate?

Listen carefully, because this is very important. What’s really happening is not a recession. What’s really happening is a self-fulfilling cycle of doom.

But there is a way to break out of this cycle of doom
Turn Any Idea into Physical Results

“This man has the ability to reduce the most complicated concepts in life to the simplest form. He can and does explain how to turn any idea you can think of into physical results. This man’s name is Bob Proctor.”

~ Vic Conant, President, Nightingale-Conant Corporation
This is Powerful

“For 7 years before learning Bob’s teachings, I TALKED about opening a healing center. I never actually did it until I met Bob Proctor. His teachings were what spurred me into action. Two months ago (August 1st, 2008) I opened my first Spa, just 6 months after starting Bob’s program.

The spa is already profitable in month 2 (which is crazy!).

Life is better than it has ever been for me. I will forever be grateful for what Bob did for me in getting me to act on my desires. THIS IS POWERFUL!”

~ Misty Amburgy – Ocean Shore, Washington

You don’t have to subscribe to their economy. You can control YOUR economy.

And here’s the best part: Because you’re reading this right now, you can break out of this cycle with the formula that was almost erased by time.

Even better, you’ll have dedicated mentors with decades of experience. Because it’s not just me who will be mentoring you. I also have with me two friends who are some of the greatest personal development gurus of our times to help you understand and live The Science of Getting Rich.

So before I share with you the formula that has stood the test of time, allow me to introduce my friends who will be joining me to mentor you on your journey to financial well-being.
The Powerful Gurus Who Will Mentor You With Me Towards Your Financial Well-Being

Jack Canfield

Jack Canfield is best known as the founder and co-creator of the billion-dollar brand Chicken Soup for the Soul. The New York Times #1 best-selling book series has more than 100 titles in print and over 100 million copies sold in 41 languages. He is an outstanding motivational speaker, trainer and author. His stories are timeless and engage both the heart and the mind. He is also one of the gurus featured in The Secret.

Here’s what just a few of my friends say about Jack…
One of the Most Insightful Speakers & Teachers in the World

“Jack Canfield is one of the most insightful speakers and teachers in the world today. After you have spent time with him, internalizing his ideas and insights, you will be changed in a positive way for the rest of your life.”

~ Brian Tracy, Author of Million Dollar Habits and The Traits of Champions
Simple Principles, Extraordinary Results

“Canfield’s principles are simple, but the results you’ll achieve will be extraordinary!”

~ Anthony Robbins, Author of Awaken the Giant Within and Unlimited Power
He Stands Among the Greats

“In creating the film The Secret, I studied the teachings of the greatest men and women in history. Jack Canfield stands among these greats as being one of the finest teachers on the planet today. His clarity and ability to reach all people with his words is reflected in the many lives he has touched and inspired over so many years.”

~ Rhonda Byrne,
Executive Producer of The Secret
A True Master

“Jack Canfield is a true master. He understands what it takes to lead a successful life, and in The Success Principles he puts all the key elements together in one place for the rest of the world to see.”

~ T. Harv Eker, Author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

My other friend who will be mentoring you with me on the Science of Getting Rich is Michael Beckwith. He is a world leader and teacher in the New Thought–Ancient Wisdom tradition of spirituality. He is the founder of the Agape International Spiritual Center, cofounder of the Association for Global New Thought, and the Season for Nonviolence, which are extensions of his vision of one human family united on a foundation of peace, based on the spiritual origin of every man, woman, and child.

Michael Beckwith

Dr. Beckwith stands, along with other co-creative leaders, members, and friends, at the threshold of an evolutionary leap that dares to call an end to human suffering.

Here is what others have to say about him:
Alters My Perceptions & Expands My Understanding

“I found Dr. Michael Beckwith’s teachings extremely helpful in altering my perceptions and expanding my understanding of “Spiritual”. His insights and his ability to communicate them are a rare find and they uplift my spirit and deepen my connection with God (Spirit, Universe, Higher Self, Cosmic Consciousness, Ultimate Reality, The Buddha Mind, The Mind of Christ, pick which identity works best for you, they are all one and the same to me.)

Beckwith is a scholar and a visionary, his words can assist you in changing your life. Give his teachings a try. What have you got to lose?”

~ C. Foley ‘Dawn of Joy’, Crystal River, FL, United States
Absolutely Wonderful

“Michael Beckwith is absolutely wonderful. He puts a new perspective on life with his gentleness, openness and truthfulness. Do you want to experience a different level of life and living? Listen to Michael Beckwith. His teachings gives me an acceptance and awareness that takes me to a new level of thought and forgiveness. They will take you on an experience that will put a twist your way of thinking and give you a new outlook on life.”

~ Hannah Kay, Stewartstown, PA, United States
He has Gifted Us with His Clarity & Insights

“I’ve never found a better spiritual teacher – I’ve heard SO many of them and Reverend Dr. Michael Beckwith has truly gifted us with his clarity and insights. Learn from his teachings, study it, celebrate yourself and thank God for everyone that had a hand in putting what he teaches into YOUR hand! No kidding – I really mean it!”

~ Jennifer Hadley, Los Angeles, CA, United States

Now, allow us to pull back the curtains and reveal your financial well-being solution.
Because The Only Difference Between Someone Who Is Poor And Stuck In the Basement of Life… And Someone Who Has Whatever They Want… Is The Information My Friends And I Are About To Share With You
The Science of Getting Rich

Session 1: The Right to be Rich

* Do you really want more money in your life? The answer you really believe inside may totally shock and baffle you
* The bottom line that allows anyone to set off on the road to financial freedom. You’ll know your deepest desires and most hidden wants are on the road to full achievement (under your personal power)
* Where our highest happiness truly resides and the truth of satisfaction (Hint: It has nothing to do with settling for less than you deserve)

Session 2: There is a Science of Getting Rich

* The exact formula of getting rich. Just as algebra or mathematics, there are certain laws you must follow… and if you do, you’ll reap mega results
* Why environment and talent are not part of the equation—when you truly understand this you will finally be able to grasp the things that others fail to do to get rich
* Automatically become a member of the select group of people who live “The Secret” and attract abundance with mathematical certainty

Session 3: Is Opportunity Monopolized?

* Have you been shortchanging yourself because you think being poor is the result of not enough supply of riches in the world? When you learn this staggering quality about the source, you will banish this self-limiting belief with immediate benefit
* Don’t be a trout. How to swim with the flow of money and not against it (surprisingly most people unconsciously try to swim against it)
* Can every living person on the planet have a palace as large as the capitol at Washington? Find out why the answer is “YES”.

Session 4: The First Principle

* Why thinking of truth regardless of appearances is the first and most important foundation above any other work you have to perform
* Disease is only an appearance, and the reality is health. Discover how the harnessing the power behind this thought will make you a mastermind of manifestation
* The basic fact behind ALL appearances (from which and by which all things are made)

Session 5: Increasing Life

* Did you know that nature is friendly to your plans?
* Drive sharp bargains? Cheat? Take advantage of people? Why the “Good Samaritan Skeptics” have got it completely wrong
* The “C-word” vs. the other “C-word”: How to get everything you want in a way that gives every other person more than he has now.

Session 6: How Riches Come to You

* You cannot run away from reciprocity… and why this is good for your bank account (surprisingly, this has absolutely nothing to do with self-sacrifice)
* The erroneous thought people hold on to so tightly, that they even feel ashamed to ask for wealth. Are you a victim?
* How a poor man living in destitute conditions to living in bountiful conditions after grasping this one fact which drives the formula

Made an Extra $33,100 in Income this Year Thanks to the SGR

“I had the pleasure of being exposed to the Science of Getting Rich and Bob Proctor through a friend’s recommendation. I make my income through publishing newsletters. I earn a good living but had been a “rut” for almost 2 years with no major boost in income. I studied business books, worked hard on my business but nothing budged.

My exposure to Bob created a “mind-shift” – that’s the best word I can think of. Within ONE day I changed the way I looked at and approached my business. I’ve so far made $33,100 this year and my business is exploding. The investment I made in the SGR Program has paid me back multiple times over.

My advice – you can read all the books and take all the seminars you want to grow your business – but the BIGGEST thing you need to work on is YOUR MIND. This program could be the SINGLE MOST important piece holding you back from the life you desire.”

~ John Lake, New York
Session 7: Gratitude

* Why it is the nearer we reside to the source of all wealth the richer we become. I invite you to listen to these thoughts and immediately put them to work in your life
* The 3-step process of mental adjustment and tuning that completes the entire process
* Why you should never underestimate the law that connects you with an endless supply of power

Session 8: Thinking in a Certain Way

* Why you must think in a certain way. If you’re doing it wrong, it’s a sure guarantee you’re attracting the wrong things into your life
* Walk the talk! Don’t just be a dreamer. Avoid this No. 1 mistake most people make and tap into the power of accomplishment with this one simple step
* Do you know how where your magnetic pole that holds the compass of your desires lie? Fail to take control of this and your mind will shut itself from receiving what you ask for

Session 9: How to Use the Will

* What you must NOT use your will power for. Ignore this and you will endanger your success
* The unconventional way to eradicate poverty (if only everyone knew this)
* Hold yourself on the right course to riches with this exact way of thinking and acting

Session 10: Further Use of the Will

* Strip yourself of non-essentials. Follow this most direct and simple route to any goal
* Want fuller expression and more complete happiness? Do this.
* The dangers of falling into a maze of metaphysical and occult theories (and how to find the clear and direct path)

Session 11: Acting in the Certain Way

* Stop! It’s not enough to think in a certain way. You must follow it up with actions. Thought forces the universe to move in your direction but action causes the real wealth to flow
* The crossroads where thought and personal action must be combined—right here is the crucial point in the science of getting rich
* The bountiful rewards behind value (you can only get what you want when you begin to act as this resource)

I Truly Recommend the Science to Getting Rich to Anyone.

“The SGR program is simply amazing. Since I got it, there has been a whirlwind of change in my life. It is like all the wishes and dreams I’ve had on the back burner forever are systematically coming true. Everyday I wake up excited to see what will manifest in my life today.

In the last few weeks I have seen my relationships rise to a whole new level of joy and prosperity. I now have a clear vision of what I want and the how just finds it way to me in a truly unexpected way. I have created business deals that I haven’t been able to come close to creating in the last five years. I truly recommend this program to anyone.”

~ Romy Jacques, Ontario, Canada
Session 12: Effective Action

* Could it really be this simple? The door to great opportunity swings opens on this small but crucial hinge
* Have you ever experienced a delay in getting what you want? Find the source of neglect and things will speedily come your way
* The root cause of failure (it is not in the number of things you do)

Session 13: Getting into the Right Business

* It’s not just about having good tools, but also about using it the right way. You may already have everything you need, but are you applying it the right way to get the results you want?
* The four common traps behind every mistake. Avoid these and all that you do will be in perfect manner
* Speed up but calm down! Master this and your accelerated journey will be stress free.

Session 14: The Impression of Increase

* When you tap into the primary driver that urges men and women to find fuller expression, everyone around you will benefit with you
* When words are not necessary. Have this and people will be attracted to your presence alone.
* Step it up a notch! Apply the same thing to larger combinations and start securing greater advantages.

Session 15: The Advancing Person

* Begin this way of thinking and acting, and you will quickly see any opportunity to better your condition
* The greatest gift you can give to others (and how it will infallibly make you rich)
* The power which never fails to present opportunity to the advancing person who is moving in obedience to the law

Session 16: Some Cautions and Concluding Observations

* The impression you must not hold if you want to advance
* Times may be hard and business doubtful, but not for you. Here’s how you can rise above fear.
* How to develop all the talent necessary for doing your work (even if you don’t have it right now)

Session 17: A Summary of the Science of Getting Rich

* Practice the foregoing instruction and you will certainly get rich
* Just like the certainty of mathematics, the riches you receive will be in direct proportion to these 4 components of the formula
* Live this way to find the good in everything, and the good in everything will move toward you

This Science Of Getting Rich is Nothing Short of AMAZING!

The principles that I learned launched me on a journey that is leading me to the fulfillment of my dreams. The SGR seminar is the vehicle that the Universe has provided to me for achieving the financial goals that I only dreamed about in the past. I am SO THANKFUL for what I have learned and for the amazing Law of Attraction that is now at work in my life! All I can say is … “WOW!” This program is nothing short of AMAZING!

~ Tim Wright, Norfolk, Virginia
It Used to be $2,000… But Not Anymore!

Over two years ago, a limited physical copy of this exact same package was available for $1,997.00.

Today, I’ve decided to make it available again. Why?

1. Because even though it was almost 3 years ago, I am still receiving emails and getting feedback from people who thank me for how much The Science of Getting Rich have changed their lives, in more ways than one (not just financially).

2. I am also hearing news that there are even more people wondering why they cannot find this anymore.

3. Also, with the world falling into hard times and the media not being much help, I realized that this information needs to be released again NOW more than ever.*

So now that I’m at reopening the doors to this knowledge, I want to make it more accessible. Here’s the bottom line.
I am slashing the $2,000.00 price tag to ONLY $197.
I Can Hear the Questions Already… “Am I Getting Less Value?”

NO. You are not getting less value, not by an ounce.

You are getting the exact same information of the exact same $2,000.00 value for only $197.
In Fact, You’re Getting Even More Value! Here’s Why…

Firstly, I’m no longer selling this as a physical product. It used to be available in a professional briefcase with my seminar notes, physical copy of the Wallace’s original book, and 17 physical CDs. It even came with an MP3 player uploaded with all the lessons.

But now I’m making the exact same valuable material entirely digital. That is a huge reduction of cost. And besides, so much has changed in just the past 3 years alone. MP3 players, iPods and music phones are so much more readily available and accessible to the mass, that almost everyone has one in their pocket. So I don’t need to send you a physical copy anymore. Nor do I need to provide you with an MP3 player.

Secondly, the physical product used to come with a ticket to a live seminar. I’m no longer providing the live seminar, which again reduces the cost tremendously. But wait…

Shhhh…. I’m not supposed to tell you this yet…

I’m going to let you in on how I’m going to give you even more value than a live seminar. Are you listening? Okay, here it is…

I’m going to give you weekly The Science of Getting Rich Coaching Calls. This is a much better deal for you! Why? Because it means you don’t have to incur an additional time and travel cost to be at my one-time seminar. You can call in to your ongoing 30-minute weekly coaching call from the convenience of your home, even in your pajamas!

It’s better for me too because I can reach out to help even MORE people this way. I mean, how many people can you comfortably fit in one room at one time, right?

So that’s how I’ve slashed the price from $2000.00 to $197 without reducing it’s value by an ounce—in fact, I’ve given you MORE value.
And Here’s How I’m Actually Going to Further Increase the Value by Leaps & Bounds.

Since I am now making it digital, I have also created for you an Online Learning System and an Active Learning Community

It took months of development, but the new Online Learning System will now allow you to take Online Notes as you listen. Questions from the digital workbook will ensure that you understand every session, which becomes invaluable as your personal revision tool and blueprint for success. Additionally, the Online Learning System has an active completion bar to track your progress.

Together with the Active Learning Community, you’ll be able to interact, bounce off ideas, share experiences, support and gain inspiration with like-minded people and be amidst a collective positive energy to accelerate your journey to abundance.

You can’t put a price tag on this value.
Let’s Sum Up What You’re Getting for Only $197

* 17 original and guided Science of Getting Rich Sessions with Bob Proctor, Michael Beckwith and Jack Canfield
* Full Transcripts of every Session
* Wallace D. Wattles’ complete and original The Science of Getting Rich ebook
* A Personal Digital Workbook which becomes invaluable as your personal revision tool and blueprint for success
* OneClickDownload Technology so you can quickly and easily load the lessons onto your iPod or MP3 player, complete with session titles and album covers. Carry the Science of Getting Rich in your pocket or purse!
* A comprehensive and interactive Online Learning System
* A support environment with the Active Learning Community where you’ll be able interact, bounce off ideas, share experiences, support and gain inspiration with like-minded people with collective energy so you can accelerate your journey to abundance.
* All for $2000.00 $197!

But I’m Not Done Yet… Here’s MORE Value!

While The Science of Getting Rich program gives you the right frame of mind to manifest wealth, one cannot deny that the more the more you know, the more tools you have, the support you have to help you maintain your focus… the more you success you’ll reap.

When I mentioned to my friends that I was doing this, some of them wanted to contribute their stuff. As we are in a time of crisis, I thought this was a great idea.
So now we have….

Bonus #1—Value: Priceless!

Instant Access from the Convenience of Your Home (or from anywhere) to The Science of Getting Rich Ongoing Weekly Coaching Calls for Accelerated Abundance with Bob Proctor

Having studied The Science of Getting Rich for more than a quarter of a century, I know that this little book is the primary “How to Manual” for changing your entire life. That’s why I willingly volunteer to coach you weekly on The Science of Getting Rich, providing you added wisdom and insight from my 40 years of coaching people around the world.

With your free membership to my weekly 30-minute calls, you get much more than just financial assistance. The concepts and processes imbedded here work just as easily in every corner of your life. Just imagine… you have now merged onto the super-highway of life-changing knowledge that implements so smoothly and quickly that it puts the Autobahn to shame!

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An Intimate Conversation with John Assaraf—The “One” Bob Proctor Idea that Made Billions for the Protégés that Applied it (and how you can use it to replicate your success)

If you need to pick just one teaching… this will be it.

People like John Assaraf, Cynthia Kersey and other famous, successful authors consistently refer to one specific key of information that helped them create and grow their businesses and income.

With your instant access to this revealing interview with John Assaraf, the man who came from a turbulent youth to building 2 billion-dollar companies, you’ll find out exactly what that one money-making idea is… and how to apply to your success.

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The FinerMinds Premium Membership Access
Choose Your Own Personal Development Path With Insider Access to a Wealth of Personal Development Materials for half the Normal Retail Price — One Month Free!

FinerMinds is the ultimate website for personal growth. Their hit Newsletter is sent to over 30,000 people in over 20 countries.

FinerMinds is always delivering to your inbox quality articles, interviews & teleseminars. Gain insights, breakthroughs and latest discoveries on current issues and concerns from the top teachers, mentors, and gurus of the personal development world.

It’s like you’re getting personal coaching from awesome people like Harv Eker, Laura Silva, Neale Donald Walsch, and Bill Bartmann through the many interviews, teleseminars and articles.

But wait, this gets better…
Now… Personal Development Gets Personal

FinerMinds premium access puts you in the inside circle, where you can access a wealth of personal development materials directly from these gurus for half the normal retail price. Further to that, you’ll be able to choose what you want, from who you want from our wide-range library.

We’re giving you premium membership access COMPLIMENTARY for the first month.

After the First Month if you choose to continue with the Membership and not Cancel you will be Charged only $47/Month.

You will be able to Cancel any time you want by sending an email to us. This Bonus is Optional. IF YOU DON’T WANT TO TRY THE CONTENT FOR 1 MONTH UNCHECK THE CHECKBOX NEXT TO THE ORDER BUTTON
Available immediately on purchase

Bonus #4—Valued at $27

Brian Wong’s First Step Wealth Attraction Morning Protocol

Do you want to know what a successful entrepreneur does every morning? Then look no further than right here.

We all know that there are some ways of doing things that lead to success while others lead to failure… but exactly what?. With Brian Wong, self-made millionaire, entrepreneur and protégé of Bob Proctor, you’ll learn the very keys to start your day on the right path to achieve your goals… every single day.

Bonus #5—Value: A Passive Income Opportunity that has been proven to bring thousands per month for many

An Extra Special Invitation to Join the SGR Affiliate Program

That’s right, we’re so confident that the Science of Getting Rich program works, that we’re giving you a chance to prove the wealth-attracting secrets for yourself.

With my previous product in the physical series of the Science of Getting Rich, we pulled close to 2 million in sales in 2 weeks. Our top affiliate was getting 5 figures in recurring passive income.

Yes, because there is so much money at stake, we are very stringent with the application process. Tire-kickers and armchair spectators will be given the boot. And traditionally, we throw out any application but the very best, because we do not want to compromise on quality.

But now, because we are sure of your commitment level and because we know you’ll be getting essential support, mentorship, training and tools from entrepreneurs like John Assaraf and Brian Wong, anyone who invests in the Science of Getting Rich now will AUTOMATICALLY qualify to be an affiliate for The SGR Program.

Alright… Let’s Sum Up Again What You’re Getting for Only $197 When You Say Yes NOW!

* 17 original and guided Science of Getting Rich Sessions with Bob Proctor, Michael Beckwith and Jack Canfield
* Full Transcripts of every Session
* Wallace D. Wattles’ complete and original The Science of Getting Rich ebook
* A Personal Digital Workbook which becomes invaluable as your personal revision tool and blueprint for success
* OneClickDownload Technology so you can quickly and easily load the lessons onto your iPod or MP3 player, complete with session titles and album covers. Carry the Science of Getting Rich in your pocket or purse!
* A comprehensive and interactive Online Learning System
* A support environment with the Active Learning Community where you’ll be able interact, bounce off ideas, share experiences, support and gain inspiration with like-minded people with collective energy so you can accelerate your journey to abundance.


* The 11 Forgotten Laws “Manifestation Mastery Video Course” with Bob Proctor—available only for the first 500 copies OR the first 24 Hours (whichever comes first)
* Instant access from the convenience of your home (or from anywhere) to The Science of Getting Rich Ongoing Weekly Coaching Calls for Accelerated Abundance with Bob Proctor
* Special interview access! An intimate conversation with John Assaraf— The One Bob Proctor Idea that Made Billions for the Protégés that Applied it (and how you can use it to replicate your success)
* An entire 1-Month full access to FinerMinds Premium Membership
* Brian Wong’s first step wealth attraction morning protocol
* An extra special invitation to join the SGR Affiliate Program

Why Are We Giving You A 90% Discount?

The Science of Getting Rich was initially available as a limited physical product with a ticket to my live seminar and an MP3 player all packaged into a professional briefcase. Today I’m making the exact same valuable material available in digital format which you can instantly access (so no time wasted in waiting for shipping). This is why I can give you a 90% discount.

You will still get the same value—no wait, MORE value because this digital copy is fully integrated into an Online Learning System and an Active Learning Community that I’ve created especially for you. Plus, you’ll be getting weekly coaching calls and a ton of bonuses worth hundreds.
My Most Unique & Personal “You Profit Or I Pay” 90-Day Guarantee

Yes! If this doesn’t work for you I’m willing to lose my own money…
(and believe me, I have quite a bit to spare)

Please let me speak to you on a very personal level.

I know you may have some concerns, perhaps even doubts, about this. But I don’t want that little voice of doubt in your head hold you back from attaining the proven science which, time and time again, has brought riches to those who follow the formula.

So you have nothing to worry. You will not fail because you lack the necessary talent or resources to do what you wish to do. If you go on as has been directed in the Science of Getting Rich, you will develop all the talent and resources that is necessary for doing your work.

I know that may sound like a bold promise, but I would not say it unless I was utterly convinced that this formula works—for anyone, in any situation.

So I only want you to give yourself the chance of experiencing the Science of Getting Rich. And to help you overcome whatever doubts you may have, I am willing to dig into my own pocket.

I will reward you for trying the Science of Getting Rich.

I will give you 90 full days to try the Science of Getting Rich at my risk. If you don’t see an improvement in your financial well-being, simply return it, and not only will I return every dime and dollar that you paid, I will further reward you with another dollar on top of it just for trying it.

So either way, you will profit.

Yes… you will either begin to receive a lifetime supply of abundance when you start living every single page of the Science of Getting Rich, or you can decide not to use it anymore, return it and be rewarded an additional dollar on top of your refund—just for allowing yourself to give it a try. All you need to do to get your dollar reward is email us your PayPal account.

So my dear friend, just by reading and investing in this today, you’ve already become richer than you are right now.

To your guaranteed financial well-being,

Bob Proctor
It is Your Right to be Rich

We cannot rise to our greatest possible height in talent or soul development without money. And yet it is surprising how many people feel like they don’t deserve this.

There was a study done by Harvard Business School using the USA Today Publication. They did a test where two ads were placed in this newspaper.

The ironic thing is that both ads were for the exact same position for the exact same company!

And yet… more people applied for the position that offered less money because they didn’t think they deserved to be rich! They also tend to have that underlying belief that it’s just “too good to be true!”

Do you now see how people through their own limited beliefs, fears, doubts & skepticism cut themselves out of so much opportunity in their lives?

People often let their limiting beliefs control their lives. They allow outside forces like the media feed them thoughts that imprison them into a self-fulfilling cycle of doom.

I urge you to not be one of them, and to take this opportunity to break yourself free from the self-fulfilling cycle of doom most people are stuck in. This isn’t too good to be true. The Science of Getting Rich will give the wealth you know you deserve with mathematical certainty.

The only thing left to do now is embrace your right to be rich.

To your guaranteed financial well-being,

Bob Proctor



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