Borino – Listing Expireds

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Borino – Listing Expireds


Borino – Listing Expireds
Borino – Listing Expireds


Easy Step-By-Step Marketing System to List Expired Listings

superagent-expired-listingThis is not an easy real estate market: short sales, REOs, expired listings, and the economy. Hundreds of real estate agents are quitting every single day. It’s hard to survive, put up with stubborn sellers, tough competition, and lack of business. Believe me, I know…

As you’ll see I’ve been there.

And yet, some agents are doing just fine; maybe even in your office… And expireds are getting listed and sold daily, so you know SOMEBODY is doing SOMETHING right. The fact is YOUR SUCCESS IS YOUR CHOICE. The difference? Those that do well with expireds know what to do, what to say, and what to mail. In other words – they have an EXPIRED SYSTEM.

expired listings agent kathleen 

FIRST LISTING IN 2 WEEKSI wanted to let you know, I started going to expireds using your system about 2 weeks ago now, and I have already signed on my first listing and had another listing appointment yesterday for a home that we will be listing next week. Your system has some really cool ideas and I love incorporating them into my business

Kathleen Cooper, RE/MAX, Charlton, MA
agent janice 

2-3 LISTINGS A MONTHSince starting Borino’s program without really even trying I am averaging 2-3 listings a month. Good, solid listings. As of October, I have gained 11 listings using the techniques Borino has taught me. This is such a user friendly program, the absolutely right choice for me. 

If you are skeptical like I was, that this system might not work, email me! I would be absolutely happy to speak with you regarding my experience with Borino’s Expired Plus program. I am here to say, you will be amazed at the results you will get from using Borino’s program. What do you have to lose?

Janice MacMillan, Century 21 Winnersville, Valdosa, GA
Chad and Sandy Neumann 

EASY LISTINGSMy husband and i were brand new agents last year. We listed 1 out of every 14 expireds that we put on the Expired PLUS marketing system.We recently just rewrote our letters (to incorporate our sale testimonials and customer compliments) and we are now getting 1-3 listing appointments a week at an even better listing rate…even in this market! 

Thanks to your Expired System I have very easy listing appointments! Before I even show up, the sellers are ready to sign! If fact, our very first listing that sold was an expired! Thank you!!!

Chad & Sandy Neumann, Neumann Realty, Fernardina Beach, FL

expired listings guru borino

Hello, my name is Borino. Sometimes they call me “The Expired Guru”. I’ve been involved in real estate, marketing, and training for… well, let’s see… nineteen years now..

I was a 24-year old immigrant, barely speaking English, broke and clueless. Like you, I got into real estate with a big dream: to help people and to make a lot of money. But it was tough to be a rookie real estate agent: short sales all over the place, expired listings, REOs, foreclosures… The market was really slow. What was worse, I had absolutely no business experience. I didn’t even know what “square feet” was! So I struggled and I failed. Over and over. For a brief time things got so bad I didn’t even have enough money to pay rent so I had to sleep in my car.
expired listings - cadillac

For a while this old Cadillac was my transportation, my office, and my home.

I knew I had to do something fast to turn things around. I was fed up with being broke and stressed out all the time. I became a student that was ready (just like like you are now). It was then I met an agent (and a teacher) – who showed me the secret to tons of listings and commissions: expireds..

I was back on my feet in a matter of months.

I rolled up my sleeves and went to work. It was like a movie: I went from an old clunker to a brand new red Benz, my own luxury condo with tennis courts and swimming pool, long vacations in Europe, ski trips. Life has been good, very good in fact.

expired listings life

But please understand, it’s not about how great my life is, but HOW GREAT YOUR LIFE CAN BE. It’s my turn to pass the success information onto you.


For the first time ever, I will open the doors and give you all my secrets: every single letter, postcard, and market update I sent. Every script that got me easy listing appointments. You’ll get my complete resume and an expired package that crushed most of my competition before they even got a chance to talk with the seller. Every tool I used to successfully dominate the expired listings for years in my area.

Everything I have developed myself or learned from some great teachers, agents, and trainers…

dinner with real estate coach mike ferryHaving dinner with Mike Ferry at his
house in Newport Beach, CA

When I say successfully, I don’t mean closing a transaction once in awhile. I mean solid, predictable, repeatable auto-pilot real estate marketing system that produces a nice flow of income for you every single month without breaking your back or your bank.

You Can Have:

  • A solid inventory of salable homes
  • Motivated sellers who ENJOY working with you
  • Plenty of well-priced listings
  • Regular stream of commissions and income
Just Imagine The Lifestyle These Secrets Will Give You…
  • Imagine paying off all the debt in less than a year.
  • Imagine the freedom to take time off so that you can go anywhere you want, anytime you like.
  • Imagine being able to provide for your family, your spouse, or the ones you love, with whatever they desire.
  • Imagine being able to walk into a Mercedes dealership and buy a brand new white S550.
  • Imagine, at Christmas, you surprise your child with a new Sony PlayStation 3.
  • Imagine being able to put your kids through the best schools without ever worrying about tuition.
  • Imagine the PEACE OF MIND…


Why Expired Listings?
  • Easy to find
  • Inexpensive to market to
  • Many are motivated to list and sell right away
  • Frequently more realistic about pricing after months on the market – better than referrals!
  • Most expireds appreciate a good agent
  • More educated about the listing process
  • Plentiful in most markets
  • Most of your competition doesn’t know how to work expireds – they are winging it!
  • Most of your competition doesn’t have the right marketing tools

I made a great living selling expireds for years, and I’ll show you exactly how I did it. Once I had the system in place, I sold 32 expireds in just ten months and earned $172,944. Many more for several years after that. Expireds became my bread and butter. Now I’m ready to show you how to do it. You will have a complete blueprint with all the details. Slow market, competitive market, it doesn’t matter.

If there are expired listings in your area, and you’re ready to go to work, I’ll show you how to get them.

Now, let me be clear: This is not for everybody. Expired listings do take some work and patience. There is also some cost for the mail, resume, letters, and postcards. The Expired Plus System will NOT make you rich over night.

But if you diligently follow my instructions, use the materials, and do it CONSISTENTLY, you could be taking listings your first week. Here is how it works…

Building credibility and trust through multiple marketing channels

real estate marketing trust

Using a combination of advanced marketing and communication methods you will form a powerful bond with your potential customers. This will result in both immediate listings and long term referral business..

This is actually easy. And once I show you how to do it, you’ll never go back to the “old prospecting ways” again.

The biggest obstacle you’ll face is competition from other agents. But have you noticed that most agents don’t have a good system in place? And the top producers that do will now have to compete with you and your powerful marketing.

You will get a complete package:
  • The Expired Plus Course book – The New 4.0 Edition
  • From Dreams to Reality book
  • Disc loaded with my best expired listing letters, postcards and direct mail
  • My resume – a powerful expired listing brochure
  • Two DVDs with one-on-one coaching
  • Money Amplifier visualization tool
  • The X-Tracker business analysis and tracking
real estate agent jennifer 

I LOVE IT!Borino has an expired program that is excellent. He sent it to me for my thoughts and I LOVE it! Now, those are pretty big words coming from someone who advocates a 100% SOI approach and advises against pestering strangers for business. 

I could actually DO this program and I see how it would work well. I’m just really impressed with the approach. It is the real deal. It’s aggressive, yet respectful. Smart… and efficient.

Jennifer Allan, Writer, Speaker, Trainer
success with expired listings agent nina 

I got your system in July or August. Listed my first expired in 2 weeks. It resulted in 2 transactions and total commission $18,000. Not a bad return on the investment! My last expired was sold 2 weeks ago. Just wanted to share the success story with you.

Nina Cavalieri, The Home Selling Team, Richmond, BC


Complete Guide to Expired Listings – New 4.0 Version

expired listings course book

Just updated – over 110 pages loaded with tips, dialogs, techniques, and real life examples. You will learn how to research, find, and contact the hottest expired leads, how to beat your competition and get a chance to list properties before anybody else.

I will walk you through the entire process, step-by-step. I’ll explain every script, share with you every insight, and build your confidence. By the time you’re done, you will be miles ahead of your competition. You will be educated, prepared, inspired and ready to go. Plus you’ll get a couple of tips 99.9% of other agents NEVER even heard of.


  • The psychology of an expired listing
  • The biggest mistake even seasoned veterans make
  • Best approach on the phone, in person, and with mail
  • 13 ways to locate the seller’s phone number
  • What to do about the Do Not Call Registry
  • How to deal with angry and difficult expireds
  • How to list old, vacant, and canceled expireds
  • Secret weapons: the expired package and resume
  • Face to face with expireds – from door bell to listing
  • Handling Objections – What’s really behind them?
  • What’s the best time and day to go after expireds
  • Follow up secrets, methods, and sequences
  • What to mail them and how often
  • Stand out with “The Needle” tool
  • The “Buyer” technique
  • How to use an Open House to list expireds
  • Advanced techniques to list expireds BEFORE anybody else
  • How to use your web site to list more expireds


Expired Listing Letters, Postcards, and Updates

expired listings letters

Some sellers only need to read your resume and the cover letter, and they are ready to set up a listing appointment. Others are more hesitant and need more time. Or you can’t reach them. This is where strong direct mail campaign does the trick.

You’ll get a CD loaded with a complete library of my best expired listings letters. Each is written specifically to eliminate sellers’ objections and pique their interest. Also included is a set of powerful full-color postcards and market updates. They will keep your name constantly in front of the sellers that hesitate to list again. Your mail campaign will keep reminding them of you and compel them to call you.

Copy the entire library into your system such as Top Producer, print the postcards, and you’re ready to go. The materials are in MS Word format and easily to customize). You have enough great fresh marketing materials for up to one full year:

  • Cover letter with your resume – different & engaging
  • 14 Powerful emotion-based follow up letters
  • 8 Full color postcards focused on benefits of listing with you
  • Newer agent” versions included
  • Three market updates to help you stand out

Good direct mail makes your job so much easier. Imagine your phone ringing: “Hi, you’ve been sending us some real estate information. We’d like to talk to you about selling our house.” It doesn’t get any easier that this.

The Expired Plus Coaching DVD Set

Expired PLUS DVDImagine… You and I spend three full days together. I walk you through the whole system and personally teach you everything. Every secret. Every technique: from scripts and dialogs to body language and confidence. How to communicate and influence sellers using advanced NLP techniques.

  • How the TRUTH is told
  • How sellers make decisions (and tips to influence them)
  • How to build trust – sometimes in MINUTES
  • Physiology of confidence
  • Build instant connection with the new “Core” communication technique
  • Setting up your marketing materials
  • Disarm every objection using my brand new “Construct Method”
  • And tons more…


Comfortable Scripts and Dialogs

Real estate agent with expired listingsnever believed in aggressive selling or closing.

I was never comfortable with tricks and sleazy tactics. And neither were my clients. Because of my background in film acting, it was easy for me to develop natural scripts that melt resistance and lead effortlessly to appointments and listings.

You will know WHAT to say, HOW, WHEN, and most importantly WHY to say it. These are easy dialogs created as a combination of the latest psycho-linguistic research, NLP and years of my experience both as an actor and an agent. You’ll ask the best questions to get inside your prospect’s mind.

You will feel in control and at ease, communicating WITH the sellers. You will learn how to have pleasant conversations where no aggressive closing is needed. And here is the best news…

You don’t have to memorize some silly used car sales scripts. In fact you don’t need to memorize anything.Just load it on your iPod and listen. That’s all there is to it.

Resume and Expired Brochure

resumes for expired listings

In today’s market, you must stand out from your competition, or you’re toast. I’ll show you a personal resume loaded with everything an expired seller wants to know:.

  • Who you are
  • How you are different
  • Why they should list with you

This is solid marketing. Each page is specifically written and designed to address a question or a concern expired listings have. You can deliver or mail it to sellers and watch their doors open for listing appointments. Even if some homeowners don’t re-list with you right away, they often keep it. I had clients call me eight months later because they were impressed with the resume package.

You will get a PDF version, plus a fully editable Microsoft Word version. Replace the samples with your information, pictures, and text, and it’s ready to go.

The expired package with my resume was my secret weapon that eliminated most of my competition right from the start.

The brochure or the resume made sellers notice me. Now you can have everything I used – every single page.

Plus, I’ll give you tips on making the entire package so powerful, some expireds WILL CALL YOU THE SAME DAY to come and list their house. Just be prepared that there will be agents scratching their heads wondering how you pull it off and get so many listings. Yeah, some agents will not be happy; but then again, they don’t pay your bills.

expired listings agent travis 


I actually listed first expired first week, so thanks for the great system! The letters & resume are great stuff! Now I’m currently negotiating a third expired listing that I pick up a little over a week ago. Once these two expired close that will be almost $10,000 in commission income from expireds, once the third home is under contract almost $15,000, what started with a small investment. Borino, you should charge more!!!

Travis Best, Coldwell Banker, Willmington, NC


From Dreams To Reality


You have probably tried all the positive thinking, affirmations, visualizations, watched The Secret… and yet your success is still outside your reach, right?

So you tell yourself to be patientNONSENSE! How would you like to follow a simple seven-step formula that produces fast results? Not in the future, but NOW!

This is guide is written specifically for you to reach your real estate and financial goals – RIGHT NOW while you still get to enjoy life!

  • Eliminate insecurity
  • Enhance your self-esteem and CONFIDENCE
  • Increase your inner power
  • Literally re-program your mind to reach your dreams
  • Create perfect blue print of your success
  • Knock down every barrier that stands in your way
  • Turn your DREAMS into REALITY

It’s not a matter of IF, but a matter of HOW. Everything is possible, if you know how. Dream big! No “pie in the sky” positive thinking theory, but a real guide that produces real results.

real estate agent kathy 

Know that I will keep it beside me always. I have taken many training courses, intensive and passive. The information contained in the little book is a summation of the trainings that I have paid thousands of dollars and spent numerous hours attending!I believe this little book will make the difference in my world.
Kathy Winemiller, Hartford, CT
real estate agent rick 

“I just finished reading the book From Dreams to Reality and i have to say that it was probably one of the most inspirational and self-motivational books/workbooks i have read… I will continue to learn and study all the material in your system, my goal is to become the # 1 Listing Agent down in the McAllen Area.
Rick Benavides, McAllen, TX


The X-Tracker

Do you wonder what it would take to earn $75,000… $100,000… $160,000 or more in commissions from expireds? You have all the tools. You have the right mind set. And now you get your own business analyst.

This nifty Excel spread sheet will:

  • Keep you focused on your dreams and goals
  • Calculate the number of contacts, appointments, and listings neededsuccess-with-expired-listings-letters
  • Evaluate your situation so far
  • Project monthly and yearly listings and income
  • Help you set up a solid business plan
  • Track your progress
  • Hold you accountable to stay on track


A Complete Real Estate Marketing System

expired listings toolsTurn-key business in the box – a real estate marketing system with all the cutting-edge tools and solid information you need to succeed in the expireds game. I’ll share with you EVERYTHING – no holds barred. Are you ready to get started? Hang on, we’re not done yet. I’m going to throw in three special FREE bonuses…


Borino – Listing Expireds


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