Brad Geddes – Certified Knowledge

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Brad Geddes – Certified Knowledge



Brad Geddes – Certified Knowledge
Brad Geddes – Certified Knowledge


Brad Geddes – Certified Knowledge WebRip January 2014 [148 Videos (FLV+MP4) + 94 Workbooks (PDF) + 15 texts (TXT+RTF) + 4 Spreadsheets (XLSX) + 1 HTML + 1 HTML + 1 PNG ]


Brad Geddes – Certified Knowledge

has done tone of work bringing it here. I just updated it with new content, added few files here & there, descriptions etc + index file to resources. Main difference between these two uploads is new section regarding Enhanced Campaigns.

Course outline:
├───1-The Search Fundamentals
├───2-Introducing Google AdWords
│   ├───1_Adwords Basic
│   ├───2_Opening Your First Account
│   ├───3_Understanding the Campaign Settings
│   ├───4_Tracking Conversions on Your Website
│   ├───5_Introducing Keywords
│   ├───6_Introducing ad copy
│   ├───7_Final Steps to Making Your Account Live
│   └───8_AdWords Interface Tour
├───3-Intermediate & Advanced AdWords Lessons
│   ├───1-Intro to AdWords
│   ├───2-AdWords Reporting Calendar
│   ├───3-Goal Setting
│   ├───4-Google AdWords Editor
│   ├───5-Everything Keywords
│   ├───6-Negative Keywords
│   ├───7-Search Query Report
│   ├───8-Keyword Research Tools
│   ├───9-Effective Ad Copy
│   ├───10- Landing Pages
│   ├───11-Demystifying Quality Score
│   ├───12-Location Targeting
│   ├───13-Google Display (Content) Network
│   ├───14-Bidding Methods
│   ├───15-Setting Initial Bids
│   ├───16-Remarketing
│   └───17-AdWords Campaign Experiments
├───4-Enhanced Campaigns
└───5-How to Sell Paid Search
├───1-Sales Training
├───2-Docs on Selling AdWords
└───3-Sales Rep Exercises

If you already know Adwords, I would advise you to jump straight to “3-Intermediate & Advanced AdWords Lessons” as these are actionable lessons. First two sections explain search psychology and Adwords interface (how it looked like some time ago) and basics.

If you have previous torrent and want to update it, just change “4-How to Sell AdWords” directory name to “5-How to Sell Paid Search”.




 Brad Geddes – Certified Knowledge


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