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Take Off The Blindfold And Discover An Untapped World
of Authority Positioning That Powerful Hollywood Studios
Have Been Using For Decades

One day last year while I was visiting my parents, my mother told me to go through an old box in the attic and decide what to keep and what to trash.
In that box, I came across a binder with some of my college work in it.
There was a paper I did for an “Intro to Television” class on how night time dramas follow a specific a proven story structure.  Over the last 50 years, this formula was proven to keep viewers entertained over a long period of time (years or even decades).
Now, as embarrassing as it is that I took a “Intro to Television” class in college, rereading that paper fascinated me.  This time I saw it through a whole new set of eyes.
At a high level, the formula is the method for alternating story lines in a very specific way throughout each episode, and season. The purpose is to maximize engagement with the viewer…and keep the audience watching. And they ALL do this.
I immediately began to think of ways I could use this same proven Hollywood formula in my marketing.
After running through several ideas (most of which were terrible), I decided to try it out on Facebook.
Think about it…  All we do on Facebook is tell stories, just like TV shows.
Some television shows are boring and no one watches.  Others are compelling and build strong and passionate followings fast (think about recent hits like Breaking Bad, Walking Dead and Sons of Anarchy)  .
…just like some people on Facebook just seem to capture the attention of others.
I thought, “Maybe there is a pattern between what make a TV show interesting, and what makes a person on Facebook interesting.”
I converted this format to work with Facebook posts, and implemented it.
Well, nothing is ever as easy as you think. It failed…BIG TIME.
But I knew I had something, so I tried again.  And again. And again.
After almost 4 months of wasted time and energy, I finally found the pattern.
Within a week my engagement went from 10-15 interactions per post to over 50.  Within a month it was closer to 100. Some going past 500 or even 1000!
The engagement put my name and face (and even sales messages) in front of thousands of people…and I wasn’t buying any ads. I even started to received unsolicited messages from people ASKING HOW THEY COULD HIRE ME (AND GIVE ME MONEY)!
I knew was on to something big!
So, I started to research other “engagement hacks” that Hollywood uses in their story telling.  I figured if one could work so well, there must be another one I could use in my marketing.
Well…I ended up finding four more of these Hollywood engagement techniques.
Facebook was running like a well oiled machine for me and my business.  I was getting traffic to my site, qualified leads coming in on a consistent basis…and even messages from people wanting to sign up for high dollar consulting packages.
Now, I make posts that deliver over $10,000 in revenue.
I told people about this success and most said, “Well, its because you’re Brian Horn.  You have a built in following.  I can’t do that too.
So, I decided to test if others could apply these same 5 tactics and achieve similar results. Even people without a any type of following or mailing list.
Well, I recently taught these techniques as part of  a 3-day training event in Las Vegas that attendees paid $5k to attend.   The participants were regular entrepreneurs from a wide range of businesses.  There was a doctor, limo company owner, info marketer, marketing consultant,  executive suites company owner and a professional recruiting consultant.
These regular business owners were all able to implement the same strategies at the event, and quickly saw results LIVE while we watched.
They were able to upgrade their their perceived “authority status” almost instantly.

…and I don’t take credit for their success.
Remember, I just stumbled on the formula digging through a box of old college papers.  This is a PROVEN BLUEPRINT used by Hollywood powerplayers for decades.
Then, I simply shared my research with them. These studios have already done all the work, I just tweaked it a bit to work with Facebook.
And now I invite you to take advantage of the research too. You can quickly become perceived as the authority of your marketplace and start getting clients from Facebook.

So, if I could show you how to build the rock solid trust and engagement that will be the foundation for …

  • Getting new clients
  • Getting your current clients to come back more often and spend more money
  • Making it irresistible for your clients AND prospects to tell their friends, family and even strangers about your business…

… is there ANY REASON you wouldn’t want to know about it?

Here’s Your Invitation

You get full access to this brand new training. In it, you’ll look over my shoulder as I show you how to quickly become seen (and paid) like a leading authority of your industry.
I’ll show you how to get your story, content, and message out in a way that won’t be spammy sales copy that litters up your friends’ news feeds.

In fact, just the opposite…they will look forward to seeing your posts and even sharing with their other friends.

Best of all, it’s broken down into Video, MP3 and PDF Transcripts, so as soon as you sign up today you can start generating Authority exposure in just minutes from now!


Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get Inside



  • INTRO: Optimizing Your Profile – This section will ensure you have the basic structure in place to get maximum effect out of the rest of the trainng.
  • SECTION 1: The 90210 Formula – I go into detail explaining Hollywood’s  proven method of storytelling.  Then, how you’ll can apply this formula to turn yourself into the most fascinating person in your industry. Finally, how to use this to build a passionate following view you as an authority.  (VALUE $99)
  • SECTION 2: Movie Poster Method– There is a psychology to movie posters that you can apply to images you post. In this section, you will learn these triggers. Then we go in to tactics of how to look good in pictures and how to edit with free or low cost apps.  These will make your images stand out above everyone in your industry…and up your authority. (VALUE $99)
  • SECTION 3: Profile ReRun – This is a simple but powerful tactic to building up an insane amount of Likes and Comments on your profile pictures.  Brian explains why its so important, and how you can do it in just a few minutes. (VALUE $99)
  • SECTION 4: Wednesday Night Opening – Ever wonder how people get their content to go viral on Facebook?  Its not just about the content…there’s a repeatable strategy you can use.  This is a great way to get new connections and build rapport with your target market. (VALUE $99)
  • SECTION 5: Overnight Celebrity  – Movie stars clamor to get powerful hosts like Jimmy Kimmel and Howard Stern to recommend their movie because they understand the power of 3rd party endorsements.  You will learn how to get powerful 3rd party endorsements of your own…and leverage that into pure power and authority. (VALUE $99)
  • *BONUS – PREMIUM AUTHORITY NEWS RELEASE*  If you are one of the first 100 buyers, you can submit an authority article about you and your business for publishing. It will then be syndicated to ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX affilaite stations and many other authority sites.   In the “Overnight Celebrity”  section, we show you how to leverage these apperances for quick authority positioning. (VALUE $199)




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