Brian Tracy – Total Business Makeover 2010

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Brian Tracy
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Brian Tracy – Total Business Makeover 2010


Brian Tracy – Total Business Makeover 2010


Revealed! The Practical, Proven Skills and Techniques You Need to Survive, Thrive and Grow in Any Business or Market

“Announcing a Complete Business Mastery In Just 3 Days: Learn Precisely How To Unlock Unlimited Potential for Your Business and Your Life. The Result: Guaranteed Success”

Dear Business Friend:

As you read this letter, you will begin to feel a sense of relief. As you continue reading, that relief will transform into excitement as you discover what is possible for you.

This information is for you if you’re a business owner and you:

Feel like you’ve tried every new business-building technique, only to continue spinning your wheels, frustrated and disappointed
Work harder, longer, and then even harder and even longer, only to continue creating the same mediocre results
Have experienced some success in the past, but now seem to have hit a plateau — and you feel stuck
Have signed up for every business-building workshop you can get your hands on, but no matter how you try to cobble the information together, you’re still not seeing spectacular results
Would LOVE to get on the fast track to success so you can begin enjoying the benefits, as soon as possible

Can I offer my assistance to set you straight?

The good news is that you’re not alone. Thousands of business owners out there right now are experiencing what you are. It’s not your fault — the information out there is conflicting, and much of it is focused around a stable, healthy economy. Old techniques simply don’t work like they used to. And new techniques without a solid foundation of great business principles don’t work long-term, either. Not many “business teachers” combine good, old-fashioned business practices with up-to-date techniques that keep a business steady in any and every economy.

Don’t worry, because there’s even more good news: I know what it takes to pull yourself up by the bootstraps and propel your business to new, exciting levels of success — FAST!

And I’m going to share it.

Before I get into that, though, let me tell you a little more about myself.

I’m Brian Tracy — a world-renowned, highly sought-after business coach, best-selling author and speaker.

When I was growing up we never seemed to have enough money for anything. My parents were good people who seemed to be out of work more often than not. Our family theme song was “We can’t afford it!”

I didn’t graduate from high school; instead, I got a “Leaving Certificate.” My first full-time job was as a dishwasher in a small hotel. From there I graduated to washing cars on a lot. This was only the beginning of a long list of jobs that took me absolutely nowhere.

The worst thing was the more I worked the farther away I got from where I wanted to be. My goals might as well have been distant stars because I felt they were nowhere near my grasp at the time.

In fact, I was a homeless person long before it became respectable. I lived in my car during the winter and slept beside it in the summer.
What You Can Learn From My Experience: It Just Keeps Getting Better

Things are very different for me now. Today I live in a beautiful house on a golf course in Southern California. My family is healthy and happy. I have a very successful business with operations in the United States, Canada and a dozen other foreign countries.

I don’t tell you this to brag; only to let you see that it’s possible for you, as well. If I can do it, believe me, so can you. And you’ll probably have an easier go of it than I did.

Your starting position may be different than mine. You might be starting from a much better position than I did. But, no matter where you are on your journey, the important lesson here is to just start.

So, what happened between my low point — homeless and sleeping in my car — and my high point — living with a healthy family in a beautiful home, operating a multi-million dollar business?

I studied – I studied human potential, business ownership, and success. And I put everything I studied to use. From there, I began sharing it. I have helped start, build, manage or turn around 22 businesses. And, like I said, it just keeps on getting better.

Introducing my “Total Business Mastery” seminar
September 16, 17 and 18 in San Diego, CA

This is where all of my research comes together. If you’ve ever dreamed of starting a million-dollar business, then this is the place to begin. During the 3 days we spend together, you will glean ideas, inspiration, and perhaps most importantly, a specific plan for building your business — for taking it from GOOD to GREAT.

Here’s just a taste of what I’ll share in September — a little something that might help:
10 Insider Business Success Strategies You
Absolutely MUST Know to Guarantee Your Success

I’ll cover these extensively over the 3 days we spend together. Plus you’ll have the chance to get even more answers from my team of business pros. More on this later.

Revealed, how to become a great business person. I will divulge to you special qualities, traits and behaviors of men and women who build successful businesses. You should know your business can never be any better than you are as a business person.

How to create a great business. You will learn the specific steps you can take to design and build your business so that it is recognized as one of the best of breed in your industry

I’ll show you how to create a great product or service. This is a strong predictor of your business success. You will learn how to identify exactly what it takes to produce a product or service that causes people to say, “Wow! This is a great product!”

How to create a great customer experience. Fully 80% of your ongoing business success will be determined by how your customers feel about dealing with you and using your product. invoke quality customer care will set you miles apart from your competition who are still doing things the old way. No matter what product or service you sell, in any niche. Think Amazon.

How to develop a great marketing plan. A great marketing plan is one that consistently and predictably attracts qualified prospects to you. A great marketing plan empowers you to plot your own future success. This is perhaps the most important of all business activities, and determines your level of success, sales and profitability in your business.

How to perfect a great sales process. An excellent sales process enables you to convert interested prospects to customers consistently and predictably. It is amazing how many businesses do everything else right, yet they neglect the sales process and as a result have trouble getting people to buy and pay for their products.

How to generate great numbers. Everything in your business can be measured by specific numbers. Metrics like the number of new prospects, the number of conversions to customers, profit margins on sales, repeat purchases, profit per customer, size of sale, and growth rates. These numbers act as a guidepost to your ongoing profitability. You will discover how to find and define your perfect numbers.

How to become a great leader and manager. Every successful business is characterized by excellent leadership and management. You will learn how to develop vision, clarity, courage, commitment, focus on responsibility, and an obsession with customer service.

How to attract, develop and keep great people. Build a successful profitable team business from the inside out. This is essential to growing your business over the long term.

How to live your ideal life. You learn how to accomplish all your business and financial goals, and maintain a balance in your family and personal life. You must be happy in both your business and your life to succeed. .

And that’s just for starters.


Brian Tracy – Total Business Makeover 2010


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