Brittany Lynch – AdwordsLookin

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Bittany Lynch
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Brittany Lynch – AdwordsLookin


Brittany Lynch – AdwordsLookin


Course Description
– Live case study: Watch as I make an AdWords campaign live, in front of your eyes, from scratch in a brand new niche and generate $10,000 profit over the next month while I’m on vacation.
– I’ll show you how to use Adwords in any niche while getting traffic for pennies.
– You’ll watch me as I build a mailing list of minimum 500 people in the next two weeks and profit.

Webinar One:
– Watch me as I set-up my landing page
– Build out a search & Dsplay (content) campaign.
– Use AdWords editor to cut time and build a campaign in minutes
– Install conversion tracking
– This is the foundation webinar

Webinar Two:
– Optimize your ad campaign to reduce cpc and increase profits.
– See your mailing list grow in size, live.
– Increase profits by using placement campaigns.
– This is the results webinar, we will look at list size and profits.

Webinar Three:
– results and statistics review
– email marketing to maximize profits
– strategy to double your list size
– optimize the search campaign

Webinar Four:
– results and stats review
– $11,242 in revenue
– adspend $901
– profit $10,341
– list size 604
– youtube campaign



Brittany Lynch – AdwordsLookin


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