Buck Rizvi & Michael Lovitch – Health Business Intensive

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Buck Rizvi & Michael Lovitch – Health Business Intensive



Buck Rizvi & Michael Lovitch – Health Business Intensive


The Health Business Intensive course is basically the continuation of the Health Business Confidential course from these guys. It is a 12-week program. Here is the info:Each module consists of us delivering web video training
along with video tutorials of how to succeed every step of
the way.


Below is an outline of the course:

Month One:  Set up and Monetize

Week One:  Picking Your Health Marketing Niche

We will show you how to do the market research ensuring that
your efforts lead to information products and supplements
that actually have a market.  We will also provide guidance
based on your personality, passion, experience and goals.
Your choice will lead to the ability to monetize (make
money) without having any product at all.

Week Two:   Making Money Through Validation

We will show you some great tricks and techniques to test
your niche and make money at the same time.  We will cover
the new regulations and how you can ethically follow them
and make a large profit.

Week Three:  Brass Tacks – Branding, Corporate Set Up, and

Often overlooked,  Branding is very important over the long
term, and you will be surprised how much it improves
profitability right away.  We will also be covering some
basic business set up structures and cover some resources
you will want to know about in health marketing.

Week Four:  List Building for Health Marketers

As you are creating revenue by validating your market, you
will now start to create your own list.  We will go over
some awesome techniques for building a highly responsive
health marketing list.  We will also cover the technology
resources we recommend to automate the process.

Month Two:  Your Own Risk Free Product

Week Five:  Creating Your Own Money Product

In this module we will show you how to create your own
health information product with very little effort.  You
will learn how to craft your identity and position, and
learn how to create your funnel.  You will be amazed how
powerful this can be if done correctly.

Week Six:  Relationship Building – Going Deeper

This is what separates the men from the boys.  You will
learn techniques to build deep relationships with your
customers and prospects – giving you more sales and
incredible JV mojo.

Week Seven:   Increasing Customer and Lead Lifetime Value

When we started, we didn’t even know what a back-end was!
Here you will learn how to further monetize the leads and
customers you already have.  Increasing this value will
dramatically increase you ability to buy and recruit more

Week Eight: Multiple Streams of Traffic

Here you will learn advanced media buying strategies, social
networking, affiliate marketing and how they all work

Month Three:  Your Supplement Empire

Week Nine:  Formulating Your Supplement

Based on everything you have figured out in months one and
two, you will begin to formulate you own supplement.  We
will go through things like ingredient research, pricing and
availability, making the big decisions on cost versus
quality, negotiating with formulators, and making sure you
are considering legal before you take the leap.

Week Ten:  Manufacturing Your Supplement:

Now that you have your formula, you have to learn the ins
and outs of getting it made, and this can be a lot of work!
We will cover how to locating and work with Contract
Manufacturers, creating a time line, labeling, and more

Week Eleven:  Getting Your Product Out the Door

Even the best supplement in the world will fail if it can’t
be delivered properly.  We will cover fulfillment centers,
technical integration, packaging, shipping, and host of
other issues you will need to be aware of.

Week Twelve:  Putting It On Auto-Pilot

Now that you have an information product, a list, and a
supplement – there are operational considerations you are
going to want to know about so you enjoy true time and
location freedom.  We will show you how to build and manage
a virtual team, so you can concentrate on the fun stuff!



Buck Rizvi & Michael Lovitch – Health Business Intensive


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