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 Chad Kimball – Google Maps Cash


 Chad Kimball – Google Maps Cash
Chad Kimball – Google Maps Cash

Google Maps Cash System
Forces Your Site
Onto Google’s First Page

For Keywords With
Over 10,000 Clicks Per Day And
Over 2 Million Competing Results

Even if you operate an “online only” business!
No business address is required


Dear Internet Marketer,

Can you imagine how much money you would make if 12,000 visitors per day started visiting your website or affiliate link? I’m talking about 12K per DAY (not per month).

It would be impossible NOT to make money.

There are keywords out there with so much traffic, you only have to rank for ONE keyword and you are set for life. One keyword could get you freedom, unlimited vacations, days spent with your family and friends, a bigger house, debt free living, working just a few hours per week or less.

You’re probably thinking “I have no idea how to get that sort traffic.”

Well, I’ll be frank with you. In the past, it was almost impossible to rank for these sorts of keywords (unless you had a multi million dollar budget). Either you payed $2-$5 per click through pay per click, or you spent thousands on search engine services, research, etc…

These keywords were always reserved for gurus and huge corporations–major players with deep pockets.

But then everything changed:

Around five years ago, google started displaying “google maps” results on the first page, in their regular search results.

They call this “the 7 box” or “the 7 pack” because google started listing 7 local businesses right there on the first page.

Check out this screenshot for a super competitive keyword with over 12,200 searches per day. There are sites listed in the maps “7 Pack” that have ZERO search engine experience and tiny marketing budgets.

Maps Listings of Tiny Businesses
Are Knocking Major Players Off The First Page!

Screenshot of “dog training” (12,200 searches per DAY)
With Google Plus Local listings on first page

It Was Impossible To Rank For A Keyword Like
“Dog Training”
Unless You Had a Million Dollar SEO Budget

Now, You Can Get Listed in Google Plus Local
For Free
and Topple The Big Players!


I’ve spent the last 5 years researching and testing a system that gets you listed in these Google Plus Local 7 boxes very easily. (even if you don’t have a local business).

Here is how it works:

5 Simple Steps To Google Plus Local Profits:

1. You’ll use my free Google Maps Cash software to quickly identify HIGH TRAFFIC keywords in your market that are displaying a 7 Pack in the regular search results. (not all keyword phrases trigger a maps listing like the “dog training” screenshot above).

2. I show you how to profit from Google Plus Local for any city even if you don’t have a business address there!

3. I show you how to setup Google Plus Local listings to display for ALL of your keywords.It does not take long and you can sometimes see yourself show up on the same day.

4. Go on vacation as the money starts flowing in through your new Google Plus Local listings.

5. Thats it! You’ll be amazed at how simple it is compared to traditional search engine optimization.

Do you have an online business? Affiliate business? Local business?

This system will insert your website into a 1st page “7 Pack listing” no matter how many big players are competing for those spots.


Here Are Some Results
From Customers Who Used
My Google Plus Local Techniques:


 Chad Kimball – Google Maps Cash


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