Christina Hall – Discover the Difference

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Christina Hall – Discover the Difference



Christina Hall – Discover the Difference
Christina Hall – Discover the Difference


A dynamic teacher, who is recognized for her integrity, caring, in-depth knowledge, ability to model and teach NLP, and for the sense of discovery and fun that she brings into the learning environment, opening up new vistas of experience and learning.

Christina, a seasoned and respected international trainer, is acknowledged as a major contributor to the development of NLP. She began her NLP training almost 30 years ago with the NLP Co-Developers during the pioneering days (1977), and became a Certified NLP Trainer in 1980. Having spent five years (1981-1986) in apprenticeship training with NLP Co-Developer, Richard Bandler, Christina has incorporated into her teachings and applications a unique and singular insider’s perspective.

Since 1983, Christina has been an owner of the originating NLP certifying organization — The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming — established by Bandler & Grinder and all the rights therein. She is the Director of The NLP Connection and Co-Director of NLP et cetera, which offers her training products. In addition, Christina is also a Licensed Psychotherapist, a Certified Hypnotherapist and holds a Doctorate in Psychology and Neuro-Semantic Linguistics.

Video 1: Language As A Perceptual Tool
Video 2: Neuro-Logical Shifts and Temporal Perspectives
Video 3: Presuppositions & the Structure of Time
Video 4 & 5: Thinking Skills and Logical Levels
Video 6: An Open Session With Questions & Answers: Language Patterns
Video 7: Universals and State Elicitation
Video 8: The Meta-Model as a System of Relations
Video 9 & 10: Chunking: Creating a Multi-Dimensional Network of Perspectives.
Video 11: Building Intensity
Video 12: Guiding the Process of Generalization
Video 13 & 14: Lost Performatives and Sorting Markers
Video 15: Structuring Implications
Video 16: Complex Equivalencies




Christina Hall – Discover the Difference


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