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Client Getting Virtual Events – Christian Mickelsen




Client Getting Virtual Events – Christian Mickelsen
Client Getting Virtual Events – Christian Mickelsen

What you can learn from Client Getting Virtual Events – Christian Mickelsen?

Discover How To Create Virtual Events That Attract High-Paying Clients. Best Part? Virtual Events Work Whether You’re New And Are Looking For Your First Client…Or Are Already Getting Clients And Want To Fill Your High End Programs!

MODULE #1: How To Find An Audience And A Topic

  • Most coaches make the mistake of picking the wrong kind of audience and topic.
  • This results in very few people showing up for the event and disappointing results. I don’t want this to happen to you.
  • Instead, you’ll discover how to pick a hungry audience that will turn into raving fans at your virtual event.
  • You’ll also discover how to choose a great topic that’ll get your audience excited to attend your virtual event.
  • This is something we’ve dialed in after many years of putting on live and virtual events.
  • So why try to “reinvent the wheel” when you can simply copy our successes?

MODULE #2: How To Decide Your Hot Event Title Name

  • The event name is huge when it comes to getting people to your virtual event.
  • It has to practically jump off the page (or website) and get people to say, “I want to come to that event!”
  • I’ll reveal my secret formula for naming events that’ll attract your ideal audience like hotcakes.
  • We’ll even workshop hot titles LIVE during the event with attendees (maybe you can be one of them?)
  • So no more guessing whether the name of your virtual event is hot enough.
  • Get my expert advice LIVE so you can move forward with confidence with a hot title ready to go.

MODULE #3: How To Fill Your Event

  • It’s one thing to have an event with a hot title. But it’s another thing to get people to actually sign up for your event.
  • We’re going to reveal 7 hot ways to fill your virtual event with your rabid target audience.
  • In fact, we’re also going to cover how to get other people to market and sell your event for you.
  • This is the “secret sauce” I use to fill events, but not a lot of people have mastered this critical step.
  • But you’ll get the inside scoop when you sign up for Client-Getting Virtual Events and fill your event with confidence.
  • That’s right, no guesswork or trying to figure out how to get people to sign up for your event.
  • Just follow our blueprint that has resulted in thousands of raving fans coming to our event, and you’re all set!

MODULE #4: How To Lead A Great Event

  • Many coaches get confused when it comes to figuring out what to teach at their virtual event.
  • They’re afraid they’ll teach too much, or too little during their event.
  • They’re also afraid that they’ll teach everything they know and nobody will hire them or join their Mastermind programs.
  • I’ll reveal how to break your event down into highly valuable segments so you know exactly what to teach.
  • Plus, you’ll discover how to organize your event so people get the most powerful experience possible.
  • I’ll also share what we discovered that’ll help you keep the energy high and attendees on the edge of their seats.

MODULE #5: How To Use Your Event To Fill High End Masterminds and Other Programs

  • This is how the big money is made during virtual events!
  • I’m going to reveal how to create a frenzy for the high end offers you make during your virtual event.
  • I’m going to show you how to dial in the price and deliverables for the offers your attendees will jump on.
  • I’m even going to cover how to pitch your high end offers during your virtual event by giving you a LIVE demonstration.
  • This will give you the power to fill your programs with virtual events so there aren’t any gaps in your schedule.
  • You’ll leave this session confident that you can make high end offers during virtual events…
  • …along with which offers you’re going to give so you can grow your coaching business.

MODULE #6: Create an Unstoppable Mindset

  • I get it…putting on a virtual event might seem a little intimidating, or even scary.
  • There are many people at your virtual event, and they’re counting on YOU to over-deliver.
  • The good news is I’m going to reveal how to uncover fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs that could sabotage you from creating and launching your event.
  • By the time you leave Client-Getting Virtual Events, you’re going to have rock-solid confidence that you can put on your own event.
  • That’s because I’m going to help you work through any blocks and barriers that are holding you back from growing your business through virtual events.
  • In fact, I promise you’ll want to put on multiple virtual events after we complete this section!

Client Getting Virtual Events – Christian Mickelsen


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