Dan Bradbury ‘Internet Marketing Masterclass for Coaches’

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Dan Bradbury ‘Internet Marketing Masterclass for Coaches’
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Dan Bradbury ‘Internet Marketing Masterclass for Coaches’



Dan Bradbury ‘Internet Marketing Masterclass for Coaches’
Dan Bradbury ‘Internet Marketing Masterclass for Coaches’


The Internet Marketing Masterclass for Coaches…

“How You Can Get An Avalanche Of Coaching Clients In 2009 Using The Power of The Internet!”

And Here’s The Great News…
You DON’T Need Online Business Experience
You DON’T Need To Be A “Technical Genius”
You DON’T Even Need To Have A Website!
From the Desk of: Dan Bradbury, Leamington Spa
Date: Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dear Friend,

I bet you’ve this phrase a hundred times from so-called personal development gurus…

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got!”
But let me give it to you straight…

This statement is NOT TRUE in today’s market.

Because in these times of economic downturn, if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get LESS than you’ve always got!

You need to do something radically different if you’re going to increase your business in 2009.

And, there’s one approach to business that continues to thrive during this “recession”

Internet Marketing
Did you know that whilst most businesses are seeing a dramatic drop in sales, online sales are actually still INCREASING?

So if you’re not doing business online – you are completely missing where the clients (and the money) are at!

With the credit crunch now biting hard, many coaches are struggling just to make ends meet.

The main reason for this is that they have an out-dated business model. They’re working hard for average pay, and exchanging their time for money.

What’s really sad, is the main reason people become coaches in the first place is that they want to help people. But they’re not helping anyone! (least of all themselves)

But here’s the news…

Some coaches (including those listed below) have actually seen an increase in their business over the last 12 months!

So if you’re truly serious, it makes sense… you would want to be mentored by the best….

And I don’t people who are just doing “O.K”

I Mean People Who Are Already Raking-In MILLIONS From Products, Seminars and Coaching

Here’s the problem, though…

Mentoring of this calibre can cost THOUSANDS OF POUNDS PER DAY!

So what I’ve got for you here really is a phenomenal opportunity…

About 8 weeks ago, I assembled a group of SIX elite “Internet Money-Making Coaches” in London. Together at this one-off meeting, we revealed the very best online cash-generating strategies for Coaches, NLPers, Trainers and Consultants just like you!

I recorded every single word and now for the first time ever I’m making it available to a small number of coaches who are willing to act fast (READ BELOW FOR FULL DETAILS)

Now before I go any further, let me say this…
If you’re not using the power of the internet to market your business, you’re missing out on some of the easiest money you’ll ever make!

And even if you don’t think you understand the internet, or it’s just for “techies”… FEAR NOT… it’s MUCH simpler than you might think!

At this exclusive two-day Masterclass, we’re going to give you everything you need to build a successful online coaching business, from scratch!

Let Me Prove It To You…
In order to have a successful online business all you need to do is four simple things:

STEP ONE: Create a product or service that people want

STEP TWO: Build a website

STEP THREE: Drive high-quality traffic to that website

STEP FOUR: Make sales!

That’s it! You do those four things, and you cannot fail to make money online.

And the great news is – it costs next to nothing to get started!

And now for the first time with The Internet Marketing Masterclass for Coaches, we’re going to show you exactly how to execute this four-step process and start reaping the benefits immediately all from the comfort of your own home, car or office.

My special faculty of online marketing experts include:

The web guru all the top personal development gurus use. His websites and internet expertise have resulted in over $7,000,000 of seminar and product sales for Coaches just like you
A little known expert who has sold over 11,000 NLP and Coaching seminar tickets
The lead conversion specialist who routinely makes between £50,000 and £60,000 per campaign for Coaches and NLPers
The self-confessed “techno-phobe” who made $462,198 in online sales in just 12 months!
A relative “newbie” who in just 12 months has created a six-figure income online!

“Ok, So WHO Are They?”
Introducing your SIX Internet Marketing Mentors:

Daniel Wagner:

Daniel is a real-life “rags to riches” story. He literally transformed his life overnight from being a self confessed “broke drug addict” to being financially free – in just 35 days – all by using the power of internet marketing!

He has personally created over 100 different information products, including over 60 eBooks, audios, videos, and home study courses.

In the Internet Marketing Masterclass for Coaches CD Set Daniel shares:

How you can easily create your own Info-products – and start making profits in as little as 48 hours (seriously!)
10 simple ways to create instant content (simple but deadly effective!)
How to use audio and video to build instant rapport with potential clients
…And loads more of his tips and strategies for making BIG money online


Dan Bradbury:

Internationally renowned as the marketing guru in the NLP industry, Dan has already been the Marketing Director of 2 multi-million NLP enterprises… at the age of 25!

He’s also worked with coaches, practitioners, companies and governing bodies across Europe and the USA.

Dan’s marketing strategies have added over £2.6 million pounds of extra sales to the NLP and Coaching companies he’s worked with in the last 2 years alone.

Claim your copy of The Internet Marketing Masterclass for Coaches and find out:

The simple strategy Dan uses to generate HUNDREDS of new coaching leads each and every month
Why 96.3% of Coaches completely miss where the money is!
The Top-Secret trick he invented to quickly double his online conversions
The 5 Biggest mistakes most Coaches are making with their websites – and how YOU can avoid them (I bet you’re making at least one of them!)

“Thanks directly to Dan Bradbury’s advice, I personally have pocketed an extra £167,352 in the last 6 months. Thank you Dan!”

Dr Topher Morrison – Master Trainer of NLP


Chad Conger:

Chad is the ‘web guru’ behind money making sites for NLP & Coaching companies around the world. His websites and internet expertise have resulted in over $7,000,000 of seminar and product sales.

He’s known for his incredible ability to fill giant seminar rooms with almost no notice and build giant mailing lists virtually overnight.

In the most quick fire, rammed full of content session you’ve ever heard you will hear Chad cover:

The #1 Secret Formula to building a giant mailing list with NO MONEY!
How to stop losing 54% of your online sales
The 9 Factors of a powerful, persuasive website

Since we started using Chad’s Internet Marketing Strategies on our websites we have doubled our mailing list and sold out seminars and products on numerous occasions.”

Jasmine Harris, Director of Operations – Topher Morrison, Inc.


Nick James:

Nick has quickly become renowned as the online lead conversion specialist for NLP, Coaching, and Training businesses worldwide.

In fact, one of his most recent sales websites generated a jaw-dropping £59,964.00 for a well-known training company in less than 5 days!

In The Internet Marketing Masterclass for Coaches, Nick reveals:

The 14 things you should include in your sales “copy” (follow these simple steps and you’re guaranteed to make online sales galore!)
How he got his first ever sales website to convert at a staggering 6.1% (if that means nothing to you, you’ll just have to trust me, it’s incredible!)
The crucial mistake most amateur copywriters make – and why you MUST avoid it!
…And loads more of his most closely guarded “copywriting secrets”


Alun Richards:

12 months ago, Alun attended my NLP Business Building Bootcamp. At the time he had no business, no product, and no idea of where to start!

One year on, as a result of implementing what he learned, he’s created an online coaching business, creating a nice steady passive income, working just a few hours a week!

At the Internet Marketing Masterclass for Coaches, Alun will be sharing, for the first time ever:

His step-by-step strategy for going from complete “newbie” to making a rock solid residual income online.
The 3 biggest mistakes he’s made over the last 12 months – and how they apply to you!
The quickest and easiest way to get started helping people and making money online
…And loads more!


Peter Thomson:
Peter is now regarded as one of the UK’s leading strategists on business and personal growth. Starting in business in 1972 he built 3 successful companies – selling the last to a public company, after only 5 years trading, for £4.2M enabling him to retire at age 42.

Since that time Peter has concentrated on sharing his proven methods for business and personal success via audio and video programmes, books, seminars and conference speeches. With over 100 audio and 100 video programmes written and recorded he is Nightingale Conant’s leading UK author.

Peter will be sharing:

•How to NEVER make a COLD sales call ever again!

•How to get PAID what you’re truly worth & feel great about it!

•The 7 Factors in your personal brand
“2006 saw PROBIZ boom thanks to Peter Thomson! His simple yet effective business concepts have allowed us to grow our organisation from less than £1,000,000 to £7,000,000 in just 12 months”


This Special Internet Marketing Course Has Been Designed Specifically For:
•NLPers who want a highly profitable revenue stream that reaps MASSIVE rewards for their expertise
•Coaches who want to do more than just swap pounds for hours… and who want to generate a passive income
•Consultants who want to generate more qualified leads for their businesses, while also increasing sales and revenue
•Anyone who wants to reach, influence and change the lives of people worldwide using the internet – and get justly rewarded for the difference they make
•Business Owners who have a line of products created … and now want a better and more profitable way to sell their information
•Trainers who want to expand their influence and find more prequalified clients
So I know what you’re thinking now… how much does it cost?




Dan Bradbury ‘Internet Marketing Masterclass for Coaches’


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