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Dan Dasilva – Influencer Marketing Academy



Dan Dasilva – Influencer Marketing Academy
Dan Dasilva – Influencer Marketing Academy



Influencer Marketing Academy is a proven and tested system that has withstood the test of time. With over $500,000 generated from this same system in the last 4 months we are proud to say this is the worlds best and only influencer course that have REAL results from REAL students.

We are extremely proud to say we put our community first and strive for every student to achieve massive success.

Influencer Marketing Academy has been in development for well over 7 months. With over $80,000 in testing to ensure this system couldn’t fail we know we have winner on our hands and we know 100% you NEED to be using this if you don’t want to be left behind.

We’ve developed this system to ensure you have everything you need to make this model work for you. We wanted nothing left behind.

You are being handed the same outline that our bata students received. Some of our initial students went on to earn $10,000 their first month with just a few ‘tests’. Imagine what you can do with a solid BACKED system that has been tested thoroughly and all the ‘gaps’ filled.

They literally only had a tenth of what you are getting access to and saw tremendous results. You are going to have the entire system right at your fingertips… All you have to do is go through the 4 key modules inside IMA and follow the 4 step formula and PRESTO! Start sending traffic to your stores and FLOODING your accounts with cold hard cash.

What this system will allow you to do is like none other. Giving you the freedom to do whatever you want whenever you want. This is the first of its kind, and it won’t be available to the public forever.

Yes, you saw that correctly… you only need have 1 influencer…. with a massive following… and only $30 as a budget when you are starting off… and then turn that $30 into $1000+ in the first 24 hours.

It’s just THAT easy. You will learn how to automate the entire process starting from absolutely nothing. Over the next 4 weeks you will learn how to turn a $30 investment into a massive empire.

The system is simple. Take the MOST MINIMAL investment and turn a profit. Take that profit and do it again and let your cold hard cash compound.

Turn $1 into $2.

$2 into $4.

$4 into $8.

$8 into $16.

Keep on flipping your profit until it adds up to 6 figures in a single month.

Once you get inside of Influencer Marketing Academy we require you to mark your calendar and set aside the next month to focus on YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.

We are going to FORCE success upon you.

Remember this is a building business model… That means you can build one time and keep building or let it run on complete autopilot as you grow other websites. Your potential is sky high – as much as you want it to be. We will help you go from NOTHING to over $100,000 this year and after that you need to keep growing and scaling.

If you follow everything we teach you turning $30 into $1000 in the first 24 hours will be the easiest task ever. You will be scratching your head wondering why you weren’t doing this earlier.

Just imagine what you can do with an extra $10,000 per month… Can you change someones life, or heck even yours? Can you spend more time with the ones you love? Can you donate to your favorite charity? Or you can be like me and save more dogs!

Maybe you are someone who loves to travel. With this system you can be anywhere in the world and have this work for you.

Just remember, there are people who started with a tenth of what you are getting access to that his $10,000 in a single month… so there is NO EXCUSES for you to not make this work for you. However, I require you to ask yourself “Am I sure I am ready to have my life changed?” before you consider getting inside. If you answered yes to this question, this is for you.

Let us help you reach your goals!

Let me show you what you are getting inside the Influencer Marketing Academy (I know you are smart enough to know the value is through the roof, but this is to be very transparent so there are no surprises).


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