Dan Kennedy and Ron LeGrand – Promoters Bootcamp and Speaking Driven Business

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 Dan Kennedy and Ron LeGrand – Promoters Bootcamp and Speaking Driven Business




 Dan Kennedy and Ron LeGrand – Promoters Bootcamp and Speaking Driven Business
Dan Kennedy and Ron LeGrand – Promoters Bootcamp and Speaking Driven Businessenn



Or do you have aspirations to be a speaker, where you can take the stage and sell products, selling as much as $250,000 an event? Or maybe you’re already a speaker and would like to work less and make more, a lot more. Either way, I can help.

I can help you have a business where you help change peoples lives and get an endless stream of testimonials, thank you letters, gifts and even hugs wherever you go.

I do all these things and I’ll be sharing everything I know about the seminar and boot camp business in a very special home study system. It’s called the…


That’s right, it’s a combo course. Learn how to promote amazing seminars and boot camps, and, if you’re interested, learn how to be a platform speaker. Do both and you’ll really be raking in the dough! I want to give you the opportunity to learn both sides of this business. But first…

Let me tell you a little about myself (after all, I’ve made millions doing this myself) and then I’ll share all the elements of a successful seminar business with you. Read on for the exciting details that can make you rich!

Ron LeGrandMy name is Ron LeGrand and I’ve filled and conducted seminars and boot camps for 20 years now. We do almost 20 boot camps per year ranging in price from $1,500 – $6,000. They last three to five days in length and have an average attendance of 150 people. Add to that over 20 one-day workshops a year, some with over 200 people, and I guess it’s fair to say I understand this business.

I’ve also been a speaker at events all over North America and delivered speeches from 35 minutes long to 5 day training events. I can’t remember a single one of those times I didn’t sell at least $25,000 worth of products with only the words from my lips.

You don’t have to create a machine of this size to get wealthy quick. Any one of our one-day events average enough net profit to pay most job slaves for a full year. The net profit from a three-day boot camp rivals the annual salary of a top corporate CEO.

In my Speaker & Promoter Home Study System, I’ll show you how to work from both ends of the business and you’ll be able to use what suits you best. We no longer offer the live events for these trainings, but we’ve put them on CDs and DVDs so you get all the same information, plus the manuals and workbooks, to use right from your own home. With all this information, you’ll have the knowledge to create a business from either side of the stage – on it or behind it. For starters, let me tell you about the Promoting side.


sphsc headline4Here’s a real life example of how you can start and run a seminar business from scratch and not be an expert on anything. To do so I’ll have to disclose some family secrets and probably embarrass my daughter, Vicki, a little. I’ll just do it and ask her permission later.


In 1999 Vicki got tired of working for the corporate machine we built from a $10 seminar and decided to start her own business. She had no products. She isn’t a speaker or an expert on anything. She decided to sell information products because that’s what she and I had done most of her adult life.

We put our heads together and licensed a couple products we started selling by mail. Soon she got the idea to create a seminar and teach others how to sell information products. She knew she wasn’t going to be the one to teach the seminar so she got the smartest, best qualified, most handsome and modest guy on the planet to teach it…ME.

sphsc table1Then I teamed up with my marketing mentor Dan Kennedy and we put together a format and built the three-day seminar from scratch in about 3 days. To this point, Vicki didn’t have a dime in this venture because she talked us into waiting until after the event to get paid. In Dan’s case, his payment was a percentage of his sales he made at the event.

I think they call this one of those nothing down deals. Anyway, here’s the numbers from Vicki’s first 3-day boot camp she had us create and deliver while she stood in the back of the room and processed credit cards.

Needless to say she was walking on air for days after the event! Then she got the brilliant idea to do it again and again and again. Then she added an Internet Marketing Boot Camp and got experts to teach the whole thing. Today she does several boot camps a year and I have to make an appointment to see her. That’s OK as long as she takes care of me when I get old.

Now I Can Show You What It Took Me 20 Years To Learn.

sphsc headline5There are several important things you should know. First, I was only one of four people who taught the event. It could have easily been done…

If I Wasn’t In The Room.

Second, most of the upfront money spent came from tuition sales as they occurred. I didn’t need much capital. The event funded itself. We started with very little out of pocket and all other expenses were paid as funds were collected. My initial investment came back quickly.

Third, others owned the only products sold. They paid me 50% of their sales. I didn’t create or deliver any products to anyone. They did. I created the outline for the event and asked the speakers to follow it.

Fourth, the whole event was handled by Vicki and her friend Danielle. They did the marketing and handled all the details. I created the outline for the event and asked my faculty to follow it. I did write the sales letter, but I could have easily gotten someone else to do it for me.

Finally, we taped the event with audios and videos so now I have a product to sell for years to come with no more work on my part. They call this passive income, my favorite kind. I’d expect this product to produce at least…

$500,000 A Year In Revenue For The Next 5 – 10 Years!

sphsc table2The whole thing, from idea to date of the event, took five months to prepare and if I choose, I could now repeat the process over and over with a fraction of the work. That’s what I call leveraging your brain, not your wallet or bank account.

Here’s some numbers from one of those recent 3-day boot camps. And it’s certainly not even near our best. We had 162 people and 104 entities there.

Again, it doesn’t have to be your product or your boot camp. Half the boot camps we sell are delivered by instructors who have created their own. They don’t work for us. We simply joint venture.

In the Promoter’s portion of this home study course, you’ll learn:

  • How you can start from scratch and be up and running in a profitable seminar business in any field you choose within 90 days.
  • How to find the best speakers who can deliver the sales consistently and virtually guarantee you success. Poor speakers equal poor revenue. Good speakers will make you rich.
  • How to create a format for a seminar to double back of the room sales. There’s an art to laying out an agenda and deciding when to sell and when not to. Fail here and you’re doomed.
  • How to lay out the room, light it correctly, where to put the sales table and handle traffic flow. What not to do under any circumstances. Break this rule and you won’t like this business and you won’t even know why you failed. Follow it and you can laugh at all the stupid seminar companies who don’t get it.
  • What your on site helpers should know to double or triple sales and what they must not do to keep from killing sales.
  • How to handle confirmations to increase your show rate and reduce cost per attendee. This is a multi step process that’s simple and easy to do but it’s a critical component to your success. I’ll show you how to put it on autopilot so it gets done right every time.
  • Why you should offer bonuses even to attend a free workshop. Where to get them dirt-cheap and what to spend and how to pick the right ones. You won’t need to create anything.
  • How to warm up the crowd and put them in a buying mood so they gladly rush to back of the room waving cash and credit cards.
  • How to reduce refunds or virtually eliminate them. Once a sale is made it hurts for it to come undone. If it does its 80% your fault.
  • How to select the right media to fill seats and cut your marketing costs to the bone. This is one of the best-kept secrets in the business and what puts most people out of it. If you don’t master this, your career will be short lived as a promoter. Once you get the key to unlock the vault from my faculty your business will quickly escalate as large as you want it to be. In fact, I’d say this is the most important thing you must learn in the seminar business, however my friend Wright Thurston disagrees with me on this. He believes there’s another ingredient even more important and he’s agreed to share it with you, even though it took him 10 years to get it right. Anyway, I’ve got to tell you we struggled with filling seats cost effectively for years before we cracked the code. I hate to give up these secrets. In fact, I almost decided not to do this boot camp for that very reason. It’s like Coca Cola publishing their secret formula so all the competition can knock it off. But if you fill out the reservation form and get it in immediately this million-dollar secret will be delivered to you on a silver platter.
  • Who to target, how and when and how often. Solicit the wrong prospects and the numbers will be ugly. Every detail for every type of media will be covered and checklists will be supplied to you so you don’t miss anything. In addition, you’ll get a list of contacts we work with so you can go directly to the source and not run in circles looking for good media contacts. We’ll tell you what it costs and what your results should be. This alone will cut 5 years off your learning curve.
  • How to conduct free events designed to acquire customers and paid events designed to teach and sell and why you’d better know the difference. Just for the record, all events are sales events if you want to stay in business. You’ll learn why it’s foolish to assemble people for a seminar and not give them a chance to buy products. It’s a huge disservice to your customers and a stupid move on your part.
  • How to lay out a boot camp to maximize the learning experience and create raving fans from your customers. I’ve taught over 300 boot camps in the past 11 years and from them was created thousands of success stories and hundreds of millionaires. If you’re gonna be in the seminar and boot camp business it should be a business that serves others and keeps the promises you make. If you really enrich the lives of those you touch it won’t be long before the world will beat a path to your door. It’s one thing to sell seminars. It’s another to deliver quality information in a manner in which it can be absorbed and impacts your clients. I’ll show you how to conduct your events so you leave on a high because you know the world’s a better place because of your contribution.
  • How to turn your seminar business into a passive cash flow machine that creates a huge income long after your seminars and boot camps have been delivered. This cash flow will dwarf the profit from your seminars and most promoters don’t harvest it. This is your retirement account and it can be huge after a few short years promoting seminars.
  • How to measure your success quickly and know the bottom line the day after the event. I’ll give you the template we created for this report and others that will be very valuable to your tracking. These things took years to compile and without them you’ll be shooting in the dark.
  • How to pick the best hotels to do a seminar and a boot camp and how they differ. If you don’t know this you could easily lose half your attendance to a free seminar and attract the wrong crowd for the other half. Pick the wrong boot camp hotel and lose sales because your attendees are upset. This one very important secret would take years to learn by trial and error and is critical to the outcome of a seminar. This secret will easily pay for the event with increased revenue.

All of this is only half the business! You can learn all of this, learn to make more money than you ever thought possible, just by planning and promoting seminars. But if you’d rather be on stage than behind the scenes, or if you want to know how to do both, read on…


Take a moment and ask yourself, what are the three highest paid professions in North America? In what three industries can someone have just one talent, learn the secrets and make more money in one day (sometimes one hour) than the majority of Americans make in a year?

sphsc headline6The first two professions are professional athletes and Hollywood actors. Now, let’s be honest. The chances of you becoming a major ‘player’ in these industries is between slim and none, even if you have the talents. There are just too many roadblocks in the way.

The third highest paid profession not only provides you with time freedom, it also provides you with the ability to make as much money as you want, whenever you want. The lifestyle is amazing! It’s fun, profitable, and most of all, easy to master! And the good news is there’s a proven system that will allow you to tap into this amazing cash-flow business even if you’ve never done it before in your life!

This amazing industry is professional speaking. And whether those words frighten you or excite you, the few minutes it takes for you to read these next few pages will possibly be the most important you’ve spent in many years! In fact, with the secrets you’ll find here, you’ll discover…


My best guess is over the last twenty years I’ve created revenue from the platform in excess of…

$50,000,000 In Product Sales sphsc headline7

Of course, I didn’t get to keep all that. Promoters take a bite and other expenses of travel and product demand their share. But don’t feel sorry for me. I kept more than most people make in a lifetime of hard work exchanging hours for dollars.

However, I didn’t kill myself on the road either, spending all my time away from home. Today I spend about 20-25 days doing selling seminars and another 60-80 days teaching. I don’t have to teach. I do it because I want to and it still excites me. I could choose to speak only 20-25 days a year and easily net over…

$1,000,000 A YEAR…AND SO CAN YOU.

Before I go any further, I’m aware some fee speakers believe they shouldn’t be selling products to their audience…I couldn’t disagree more. As far as I’m concerned, to stand in front of an excited group who came to hear you talk and not allow them to take your materials home to continue their education is a gross injustice to them.

sphsc headline8I’m making millionaires all over America in the field of real estate investing and information marketing. I can tell you with absolute certainty none of them would have climbed the mountain to financial freedom with only the information I could offer in a speech.

Without the books, tapes, back end seminars and constant bombardment with quality materials a lot of people would still be struggling to get by. I’d be one of them. I’m a sponge for knowledge. There’s no way I would have absorbed so much if I couldn’t do it by listening to tapes and I bought most of them after hearing a speech.

So please…if you think it’s some kind of sin to sell your products or others products to a hungry, ravenous crowd, get over it quickly. This program will definitely allow you to take a look at the other world where the speakers who make a real and lasting difference operate.

So here’s an opportunity for you to learn to sell in a manner that’s never been taught by anyone before now as far as I know. And you’ll discover the secret from the comfort of your favorite chair. That’s right, no travel, no hotels, no airports…all the secrets three of the nation’s leading speakers and I have uncovered in the last 14 years.

Here’s how you get it: We held a very exclusive boot camp. This was a one-time-only event. It will never be held live again. It was completely sold out, and each person paid $10,000 to be in the room. And every single one of them left feeling they’dUNDERPAID for the information. The secrets uncovered were just that powerful.

I asked three of the best platform closers and marketing minds I know to help me create and deliver this life changing speaker’s event. Any one of them could show you how to double your income and cut your work in half. I picked them because they’re master platform selling machines.

All of us combined created a brain trust and experience pool you couldn’t buy into for any price. What we uncovered could easily provide you…


I don’t care how much you make now; I can assure you it’s not even close to your potential. Whether you’re the nation’s top speaker or someone just starting out, what you don’t know is costing you a fortune. If you want to know the truth, the strategies and secrets I discovered during this event blew me away and have already had a HUGE impact on my bottom line…and I’ve been doing this for 20 years. Just imagine what it’ll do for you!

Even though you missed the live $10,000 event, the good news is we captured every single minute on audio and DVD. Initially, these audios and DVDs were only for the attendees. However, after word got out about this event, the demand for the audios and DVDs from those not able to attend has been overwhelming.

So we’ve decided to invite a select group of proven action takers, like you, to receive the secrets of world class platform speakers as we reveal…

“The REAL Truth To Making Ridiculous Amounts Of Money…Just For Flapping Your Lips!”

Here’s just a partial list of what you’ll discover from these experts on PLATFORM SPEAKING:

  • The 7 Steps To A Dynamite Close. Each and every expert goes through their pitch and explains how it works and how you can adapt it to your business.
  • The EXACT word-for-word presentation Dan Kennedy uses to close huge percentages in groups ranging from 20 to 20,000. All you do is take the template and use it to build your own winning presentation. Simple… just like filling in the blanks.
  • How to develop a “signature story” that puts your audience in the palm of your hand
  • Detailed critiques of many of the attendees. You’ll hear other speaker’s presentations and exactly how the expert panel would supercharge it for maximum results. Just like listening in on private consultations!
  • Discover the 16 simple steps to building a speech that rivets the audience to their seat and raises their adrenalin level.
  • How to build an irresistible offer without giving away the farm and what really compels people to buy….and what doesn’t.
  • Discover how “AIR” is the most important part of your package… easily doubling your profits with the exact same pitch!
  • How to turn audience questions into sales opportunities!
  • How to create products that sell themselves so all you have to do is ask for the money.
  • How to ensure the audience (big or small) is primed to buy within a minute of you opening your mouth
  • How you can easily create a 6-figure income without ever creating a product or service of your own. In fact, there were many in the audience that is already doing this with huge results. If you aren’t making $30,000.00 to $100,000.00 in a 2-day period, in a weekend, at least two to three times each year, you’re screwing up. However, I don’t think there are 30 speakers who truly understand this secret.

Why Should You Work All Year for $100,000 When I Easily Make That Much In A Couple Speeches?

Okay, maybe you make $200,000 or $300,000, maybe more from your whole year’s work. But how many times a year do you make $50,000 to $100,000 in just two days? I do, virtually at will. (So do about a dozen of my private clients I’ve taught this to. You’ll see examples of how they do it in this income explosion system.)

  • How the “Flashing Presentation System” will drive more sales and keep your audience waiting for more
  • There are only 3 ways to “Close For Maximum Results” you’ll discover them all!
  • Uncover how to become the ‘Pied Piper’ – when to turn off your microphone and when to leave it on. This is absolutely critical!
  • How to create a strong sense of urgency to make your audience act immediately and not lose sales. You must get the money quickly or you never will.
  • How to make your ‘Signature In Blue Ink’ the biggest part of your close
  • Why a standing ovation is the kiss of death. If they’re standing, and not spending, you have not provided them everything they came for!
  • How to make sure you can deliver a talk without forgetting anything… no matter how nervous you may feel! This system is brain-dead simple and ensures you don’t rely on your memory.
  • How to bring a ‘dead’ audience back to life… and have them riveted on your next words.
  • Discover exactly how to price your products for maximum profits in minimum time.
  • The 12 Keys To The Perfect “Pitch” – Including The Deadly Sins To Avoid!
  • What to do BEFORE every talk to make you look like a hero and command respect.
  • How a “Big-Back-End” Is Critical – And How To Create It Quickly & Easily!
  • What you must never do at the end of a talk that will kill your sales every time.
  • How to work less and make your life much more enjoyable. I laugh when I hear speakers bragging to each other about how many dates they do a year. 100. 150. 200. If this is the “red badge of courage” for speakers, count me out. For many of these braggarts, it means they’re actually making minimum wage! But I once thought like this too. It’s easy to get caught up in this. But it’s much, much smarter (and much more worthy of bragging) to make twice the money in half the dates. The important stat is net income. And THE most impressive stat is big net income from few dates.
  • Through careful selection, then smart pre-date, at-date and post-date marketing, I’ll show you how to at least triple your current net earnings per engagement. You can then use this to cut the least desirable dates out of your schedule and give more time to your family, golf game, writing that novel of yours, or whatever. (Of course, you’ll have to give up bragging rights to the most number of layover hours spent in the Atlanta Airport.)
  • How to have other promoters lining up to give you an audience… with ZERO cost to you! If your intentions are to speak for others and you can stand in front of a room and create revenue, you’ll have no trouble finding work. Audiences are much easier to find than good platform closers. Good closers get to pick and choose whom they work for, and we can make you a good closer.

And these are just a few of the hundreds of critical secrets you’ll discover.

PLUS, you’ll be let in on our secret information concerning income and expenses from back-end campaigns at my many boot camps and workshops, so you can identify where the profits are for your business.

I’ll Show You One Marketing Technique That Took 12 Years To Discover But Tripled Our Income In 11 ½ Months…And How You Can Duplicate It Immediately!

If you sell information products or intend to (even if not from a live presentation), this information alone is worth at least a million dollars to even the smallest business. It’s a break through not known in the industry and I’m not real anxious to get the word out to my competition.

If you’re a speaker with a product and you don’t use my back end marketing system it’s just brain dead stupid! Actually, I’m probably an idiot for even disclosing it but I’m willing to do it for you as long as you keep your mouth shut.

I can tell you this much…

We Went From Losing $20 Per Order On Our TV Show To Making $338 Per Order…With This One Technique!

Imagine what that can do for your income. This one discovery should pay for the cost of your tuition within the first 30 days you use it.

Here’s a few more of the incredible secrets disclosed.

  • THE least understood, most important “Statistic” to track, know and use in your speaking business.
  • THE Secret to eliminating product price resistance – and successfully booking and selling at prices higher than your competition.
  • Why you can’t afford to accept any and every engagement offered to you – why and when to say no; how to have the courage to say no; how to decide on your own criteria for a Grade–A engagement.
  • How to secure Client Acceptance for platform selling – even when you think you can’t.
  • Exact examples of revenue-sharing re. On-site product sales with associations and corporate clients.
  • A powerful product development secret; “quick-n-dirty’ customization – so generic product becomes custom fit to each group (for higher prices, higher margins).
  • Post-speech income opportunities missed by most speakers: exactly what to do to add at least $1,000.00 to each date.
  • How to get into the “Toll Position” so you get paid over and over and over again, purely based on your influence and your customers.
  • The powerful marketing and moneymaking secret Dan Kennedy calls the General Schwarzkopf principle”
  • How to run a multiple-streams-of-income, multi-million dollar a year business with little or no staff.
  • A mini-seminar on Order Form design: you’ll be amazed when you see how a few “tiny” things can produce $10,000.00 to $100,000.00 of extra profits.
  • Specific strategies for creating product faster – easier – cheaper…how to be prolific, how to license others’ materials, etc.
  • How to speak while sitting on your patio: “Tele-Seminars” and “Coaching Programs”.
  • How to do business on your terms: dictate, don’t negotiate – and other “brass Balls” business principles.
  • Where to get products produced for the cheapest price possible and maintain quality service, even if you’re doing small quantities. I’ll include a million dollar Rolodex with all our vendors to save you years in research and bad experience.
  • How to build a back end sales system to create a much larger income stream than you can accomplish from speaking and how to put it on auto pilot to provide a retirement income for life.
  • What you can do with cash to get extremely high, safe returns the Wall Street boys never heard of.
  • How to use your IRA to grow rich without making another contribution for the rest of your life. I’m making a lot of millionaires with this little known secret you won’t get from your CPA or Attorney.
  • I did a bonus session where I disclosed my personal 11 streams of income and got the faculty to share theirs.

All of this in this amazing home study system! Is it any wonder my attorneys and accountants weren’t thrilled? That’s a lot of priceless information! Take a look at the faculty included on this system and you’ll understand why I chose them.


Dan KennedyDan Kennedy – is my marketing mentor. I’ve learned more multimillion-dollar tips from this man than any other human being on earth. Folks pay Dan enormous amounts of money for his consulting.

Dan has filled and conducted seminars, some grossing almost a million dollars. He’s launched over 30 clients into the seminar business and taught them how to fill the room using small lists and dirt cheap guerrilla marketing techniques.

Arguably, he has helped more people start or improve their profits and make more money from the seminar business than any man alive. Dan charges $50,000 to $80,000 plus 3% of the revenues to provide comprehensive consulting and assistance including copywriting, marketing strategies, speaker selection and agenda development.

By having this home study system, you can extract the exact same information and step by step plan he’d provide a client for a fraction of what he’d charge…and he’s only one of the four faculty members.

Regardless of what industry you wish to cater to, this system will prove the validity of creating and conducting seminars and boot camps for it. If you don’t do it, your competition will. If you already have competition, we’ll show you how to get the lion’s share of the business and create an unfair advantage for yourself.

Dan’s also an expert on the speaker’s side of the biz. He has addressed audiences as large as 20,000 people in the presence of presidents, movie stars and world leaders. I’ve watched him drive thunderous herds of ravenous buyers to sales tables spread out all over the coliseum, and all this as the last speaker of the day when everyone was tired and unaware he was to speak.

Dan knows more about selling products on and off the stage than anyone alive. The information I’ve gleaned from him over the past 10 years has been worth millions to my companies and me. If you’re lucky enough to listen to him divulge information while his mind is focused on making you an ace platform speaker, consider yourself blessed.

I personally spend $30,000 a year to visit Dan’s Platinum group and sit around a table with 18 other information marketers and speakers. I fly across the country and will do what it takes to clear my calendar to ensure I don’t miss it.

Why? Because I figure each trip to be worth at least $2,000,000 in revenue that year alone and frankly that’s a conservative estimate. Dan charges about $1,000 an hour to consult and that’s if you go to him.

Dan has filled and conducted seminars, some grossing over a million dollars. He’s coached over 30 clients into the seminar business and consulted with numerous speakers.

Those clients span multiple industries including carpet cleaning, chiropractic, dentistry, restaurant management, financial services, speaking, publishing, real estate, business opportunity, internet marketing, auto repair, mergers and acquisitions, tax preparation, church marketing, information marketing and numerous others.

Regardless of what subject you wish to speak about or what industry you’re in, there’s no chance the secrets we uncovered at this boot camp from Dan won’t rev up your sales.

  • Dan never pulls punches; he says what works…and only what works. No empty theory…just results. We were lucky to have Dan for 3 full days, along with the rest of the faculty to pick his brain and get a million bucks worth of time tested and proven advice
  • Dan has semi-retired, so for me to get him to do this event took an act of congress and a big fat check. In fact, to put all these guys in one room at the same time and capture all their secrets was an enormous undertaking…it will never be pulled off again!

Wright ThurstonWright Thurston – fills and conducts over 50 seminars each year in four countries. He’s developed an amazingly low cost way to fill seats and he’s one of the best I know at conducting a seminar. The truth is his participation in the seminar is minimal because he brings in top-notch speakers who all sell products and split with him. They do the work and he gets most of the money.

His seminar model is extremely successful and yields him several million dollars each year with a staff of only three people and very little overhead. When people leave Wrights seminars they are aglow with excitement and praise him highly even though they just spent several hundred dollars.

Wright has spent the last 20 years perfecting what he knows and I’ve got to tell you it wasn’t easy to convince him to share it. In fact it cost me dearly.

He’s agreed to share with you secrets he’s never disclosed to anyone before, not even me, even though he knows it could create competition for him and dip into his personal revenue. He’s doing this because I asked him to, (no I begged him) and because his sharing heart overrides his fear of disclosing corporate secrets. Wright knows there is enough money to go around for everyone promoting seminars, especially when you consider the various topics and industries there are to serve.

If you’ve ever met Wright you know why we refer to him in the industry as Mr. Nice Guy. What we’ll pry from him in this three-day event can’t be found anywhere else on earth and I feel honored and privileged he agreed to share it at my event. It’ll be worth millions to those who are prepared to receive it.

Wright is also a world-class platform salesman when he chooses to speak. By the time Wright gets through with his speech, it’s almost impossible not to buy his products, even if you don’t know what he’s selling.

He’s a master at creating an irresistible offer so powerful it takes a whole staff of people in the back of the room to handle the stampede.

His speech is so riveting I’ve watched people start to get up and go to the bathroom and sit back down because they’re afraid to miss a single minute of his talk. By the time he’s through you feel all warm and fuzzy inside like you just left a church service. You can’t help but want to give this guy money.

Wright is a master at winning the hearts of his audience by telling stories and making them feel his rags to riches story.

It’d take you 10 years to learn the secrets Wright gave us at the live event. He spilled the beans on EVERYTHING! I’ve never seen anyone better at handling a crowd and putting them in a buying mood. He really cares about their success and it shows.

Wright’s 18 years as a platform speaker has put him at the top of his profession and consistently creates several million dollars each year in revenue and earned him the respect of all who know him. An amazing combination of success and humility.

Don CampbellDon Campbell – is a Canadian marketing machine that fills about three-dozen seminars a year to supply the members for his association. Not only does he make a killing at his seminars but also he’s created a continuous stream of income from over 550 members paying him $200 per month to be part of his group. Grab your calculator, do the math.

You’ll learn from him exactly how he does it and how you can duplicate it in any field you wish.

Ron LeGrandRon LeGrand – that’s me. My guess is you probably know all you need to know about me but just in case that’s not true here’s a little info not discussed earlier.

Yes, I promote a lot of seminars and boot camps covering several different subjects and quite frankly, I’m one of the best in the world at conducting and filling boot camps. Also extremely modest.

The truth is I create millionaires everywhere I go and I love what I do. It’s fun to be me. I’ve been involved in this business every way you can and spent 20 years learning the secrets.

I’ve spoken in coliseums beside past Presidents, actors, foreign leaders, politicians, and famous people of all kinds, including Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins, Suze Orman and many more. I’ve sold over $20,000,000 in products from the platform and most of those rooms were filled with people I was responsible for getting there, hundreds of thousands of them…with very little out of pocket costs.

I’ve made a lot of stupid mistakes, spent millions on media, hired dozens of speakers, written numerous successful sales letters, created a mountain of tapes, books and products, built marketing systems and strategies for my own companies and in the process brainstormed with and interviewed the best of the best financial minds and made a lot of money.

But let me tell you this. I’m no rocket scientist. If I can do this without a degree in anything, I guarantee you can too. Heck, you’ll probably pick it up a lot faster and easier than I did.

I guess it’s fair to say if I were the only faculty member included on this system, your cost of time and money to attend would be insignificant to the enormous wealth of hard won secrets I’ll be disclosing. I’ll hold nothing back and share information with you that will draw criticism from my attorneys and accountants as to why I would be foolish enough to disclose them.

You’ve got to admit, that’s a world-class faculty. Any one of these people has acquired enough million-dollar secrets about the seminar business to make this a no brainer decision.

But put us all on the same course, pouring out our hearts, holding nothing back, disclosing company secrets and putting it all on tape…and what you have my friend is nothing short of a phenomenon!

Bottom line…what you’ll learn from this faculty can’t be found anywhere else on the planet.

All of this in a product you can listen to and view in the comfort of your own home! The amount of information here is worth its weight in gold and you’ve been offered the chance of a lifetime to get it. Here’s exactly what you’ll receive:

In the Promoter’s Box:

  • 22 CDs on how to create, fill, and conduct seminars and boot camps.
  • Multiple Streams Of Income – How To Generate A Lifetime Of Unlimited Wealth by Robert Allen
  • Dan Kennedy’s Ordinary People, Extraordinary Entrepreneurs and Success Coaches – Insights From The Lives & Lessons of America’s Top Niche-Marketing Business and Marketing Consultants.
  • My own Promoter’s Boot Camp manual – taken from the live event, this guidebook will walk you through the steps to running million dollar seminars.
  • Writing Sales Letters That Sell and the Boot Camp Sales Letters Resource Manual – we’ve provided tips, guidelines and samples for getting people in the seats at your events.
  • Magnetic Marketing Of Seminars, Conferences And Conventions – a Special Report by Dan Kennedy that offers 49 Big Ideas For Dramatically Increasing Attendance
  • My Million Dollar Marketing & Resources Rolodex – I’ve provided the names and contact information for merchants that will help you get your events marketed and bring people in droves!
  • And finally…14 DVDs of the Promoter Boot Camp live event. That’s right; see everything you’d see at a live training from your living room sofa!

And in the Speaker’s Box:

  • 20 CDs including all the elements of giving a speech that will spark enthusiasm and create a rush to the back of the room. These CDs also include tips from other speakers, suggestions on visual appeal, ideas for offers you can make the audience and a boatload of information to make you a master speaker.
  • The Platform Sales And Speaker Boot Camp manual – with the CDs, this manual will take you through all the parts of building, delivering, and closing your speech…plus tons of examples, a transcript, and my own handwritten notes on giving a stellar speech!
  • 13 DVDs of the Platform Speaking & Sales Boot Camp live event, where we discuss much of the information included in your manual, plus loads of valuable thoughts and ideas not in the manual!
  • In fact, you’ll get a DVD of my own personal Close that makes people swarm the back of the room for more information!

OK Ron, What’s The Cost?

What would it be worth to you to spend three days with multimillionaire faculty who all made a fortune from promoting seminars or from the words leaving their lips and who are willing to tell you everything they’ve learned? Would you pay $50,000 to learn how to make that much or more with one hour of work?

If I did charge you $50,000 it’d be the deal of a lifetime considering you could easily get it back with one event or speech, not even counting the back end secrets we disclosed. In fact, I seriously considered charging a lot more than I am, but then I realized that would put it out of reach of the people who need it the most.

So I set the cost of the live event at $10,000 and it sold out in less than two weeks! But you won’t pay $10,000 because you can’t attend the live event. There will never be another one. But you’re getting the video the entire event and I’ve had them professionally edited and packaged with the exact same manual we used in class.

Then I asked the faculty and a few guests what they think I should charge for this one of a kind system. The lowest suggestion was $4,000 and the highest $10,000. That left me with a big decision. Do I charge what the system is worth and make folks pay the $10,000, or do I lower the price and make it more affordable so more speakers & promoters can benefit from this incredible information?

Believe me it wasn’t an easy decision but I chose a price of $3,497. Order NOW and receive a $500 discount, for a total price of $2,997!

You should get that $2,997 back in increased revenue from your first event or speech after you’ve experienced the program. In fact, if you’re currently speaking or intend to, this should be a no brainer for you. I know three grand may be a bite, but I can absolutely guarantee you it’ll cost you many times that not to order. If you don’t agree this is the best training ever created for Speakers and Promoters, send it back within 30 days and get every dime back, no questions asked.

You could (and will) lose three grand the very next time you host an event or take the stage if you don’t know the secrets we’ve included here.

Three grand is nothing compared to the immeasurable gain and lifetime value this system will have on your life. If the cost is the only reason you’d consider not experiencing this program, isn’t that a great reason that you should? If it matters that much to you perhaps you could use a lot more revenue in your life. After all, that’s the purpose of this system.

Your future income is ready and waiting for you, all you need to do is take action. Do it now.


Ron LeGrand
Millionaire Maker

P.S. Remember, this package is HUGE! It includes detailed manuals that will become your income reference for the rest of your life. PLUS you’ll receive 42 full length CD’s – ensuring you don’t miss one minute of this amazing training. The best part is you’ll also receive the 27 DVDs of the live events, so you can understand the body language, the facial expressions and the critical presentation points the faculty shared and see my close. Be prepared for an amazing journey to wealth!



 Dan Kennedy and Ron LeGrand – Promoters Bootcamp and Speaking Driven Business

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