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Dan Kennedy – Never Out of Work





Dan Kennedy – Never Out of Work
Dan Kennedy – Never Out of Work



Imagine The Sheer Joy
of Certain Income
As A Freelancer,
From A Wholly Reliable
System That Feeds You
Grade-A Clients
Dan Kennedy

So, let’s detail everything you get in this Program:

There are FIVE online Modules, with my voice guiding you through samples, examples and power points slides, and directing you to web sites where you can see even more examples

Module 1 is an Overview Module, a video dialogue with me and Katie Yeakle from AWAI. It lays out the territory we will cover and take.

Module 2 is Development of a Client Feeder System. I define it, so you clearly understand it. I describe how you feed it so it feeds you. I also dissect it, presenting each of a Feeder System’s five key elements. You are also provided with Think-Pages, to guide you in laying out your own Feeder System. And, of course, examples so you can see and even experience a fully functioning Feeder System.

Module 3 is Development of Your Personal Media Platform. Here, we go into depth and detail on the Five C’s. Today, most freelancers have their own web site but 90% are seriously flawed and 99% are imitative of other freelancers’ sites that are seriously flawed. They may be stocked with content, but it is not strategically purposed. And web sites represent only one piece of a fully functioning Personal Media Platform. Today, many freelancers use social media, but nearly all are making a very serious mistake with it. I’ll reveal these mistakes, and describe how to use and integrate all Media so that it is strategic and purposed to attract possible clients and convert them into prepared, potential clients who are pre-determined to hire you. I also reveal ‘The Batman Secret’ for your content. There are 10 elements to incorporate in Content you write and distribute on our own behalf. You get notes on all ten. We will look at the issue of Control of the client established by your Media Platform. And finally we’ll discuss how to leverage your media platform as Currency, to get yourself actively promoted by key influencers who have potential clients for you.

Module 4 is all about the Media Items that populate your Personal Media Platform. I will tell you how I used these early in my freelancing life, when I was unknown and poor as a church-mouse, and how I use the same kinds of items now. You will see great examples of such Content and of various Media Items from actual, effective Personal Media Platforms, and you’ll be directed to individuals and web sites to see more. This is the most example-rich Module in this Program. In total, you’ll learn how to create and use SEVEN Media Items. As a little bonus, I’ll tell you how to use one of them to provide non-fee income from an automated marketing system. The week I was finishing this, I heard from a consultant and writer I’d given this strategy to a few months ago – she is averaging $700 a week in entirely automated income robot-deposited in her bank account by this use of one of the seven Media Items. It takes her about an hour each week to make this happen, with e-mail. No, it’s not caviar ‘n diamonds money. But it is $36,400.00 a year. Pays the rent. Relieves a little income anxiety. If it intrigues you, I’m including it in this Module as a little bonus. Finally in this Module, I’ll reveal the #1 mistake most freelancers make with these Media Items, and the three ironclad rules for your Media Items that prevent this problem.

Module 5, the last Module, switches from your Feeder System to Consultant+Copywriter Positioning. I call this the ‘Change Your Life Module.’ It lifts you out of the worker-bee-for-hire, will-write-copy-for-food crowd and crowded space. It changes the way possible clients take notice of and become interested in you, and the way potential clients relate to you. It is also a closed loop: it makes your Feeder System work better.

Here are three promises about this Module that I can make to you with zero hesitation:

One: this Module will cause you to at least modify and improve, maybe dramatically change the way you position yourself to possible clients. You WILL decide on AND MAKE real changes. You will NOT just “consume” this information.

Two: this Module will increase your income – by more clients or better clients or higher fees, even more referrals. It will also give you more ways to be paid. It WILL have a profound, positive financial impact.

Three: this Module will enhance your personal self-image, sense of self, level of confidence, ability to assert yourself and put your ideas across, and you will have a better time of it in this field. I know that “feeling better about yourself” is a bit soft and ethereal and vaporous, and can’t be weighed on a scale or measured in fee dollars. But as a guy who once stuttered almost uncontrollably and drug around a big collection of self-doubt baggage behind him, and who was almost universally under-estimated by others, who did not attend college, who is entirely self-taught at ALL of this, I know how liberating the strengthening of self-image and self-confidence can be. It became such a fascination of mine that student-became-teacher, and I co-authored several different Psycho-Cybernetics* books and audio programs with the late Dr. Maxwell Maltz, including the book The New Psycho-Cybernetics. Recently, I had a new copywriting client reveal that he first began paying attention to me because of that book, not any of my marketing books – and, in fact, gave a copy to all his salespeople as mandatory reading. There’s an odd, little lesson in that. Anyway, this Module will lift your own self-appraisal, confidence and power in influencing clients and others.

*Well over THIRTY-MILLION COPIES of Psycho-Cybernetics books have been sold worldwide since the first publication of the original in 1960. Many contemporary companies and entire professions have their origin roots tied to Psycho-Cybernetics, from Weight-Watchers International to sports psychology. The great copywriter Gary Bencivenga recently told me personally it is one of the most important books he’s ever read and ‘sciences’ he’s ever encountered.

I know what it is like to worry you might be “inadequate” for the task, for this business … to wonder if you can break through to earning a good living at it. I erased all that fairly early and quickly, but I understand why and how it lingers, as, incidentally, did Dr. Maltz from his own experience with starting his own private plastic-surgery practice with ‘The Phone That Refused To Ring.’ This is NOT a “personal growth” Module. It is a very business-like, pragmatic Module with important things to do, not think or meditate on. My friend, the late, great copywriter Gary Halbert had this right when he said “Motion beats meditation.” But I want you to know that a by-product of this positioning is practical personal growth.

Module 5 also gives you Five Keys to Implementation of Consultant+Client Positioning.

In the Consultant+Copywriter Positioning Module, I have some extremely valuable sample material from people who’ve used this Positioning as I’ve shared it with them, to establish themselves as high income copywriters. For example, you’ll see the entire start-up case history from the owners of a retail store in Pennsylvania who, as a 2nd business, made themselves Consultants+Copywriters and did over $100,000.00 in fee business in their first 6 months, part-time. You’ll even see a copy of their very first actual proposal, which brought a 5-fgure fee.

More importantly, I’m going to use their actual experience to teach you a business model for copywriters that most copywriters do not know or understand but that any copywriter can use, to create a competition-free zone for themselves in which to obtain clients, and to create at least a $5,000 to $10,000 monthly income within 4 to 6 months … with the same absolute certainty as placing a glass under a faucet and turning on the faucet produces a drink of water. This alone is worth the entire price of admission because it liberates you from all the difficulties of getting clients. It eliminates fee resistance or negotiation. It has been proven by those I’ve directly coached on this hundreds of times. You will see it laid out as it actually happens.

I also have a sample of one of the most unusual self-marketing tools you will ever see used by a freelancer, along with my instructions for replicating it for your own use.

In addition to these Five Online Modules – each lengthy and loaded with resources – I’m going to send you copies of two of my most relevant books, as gifts when you complete the Five Module Course, with notes about certain pages in them and their direct application to Consultant+Copywriter Positioning.
And the fee is … . (drumroll, please) … .

No kidding, it is significant, at least for a number of people. But I’m not going to go through a lot of gyrations to justify it in terms of number of Starbucks stops skipped (about 1 a day for 7 months) or number of days’ vacation at a Disney resort and the parks with 2 kids (using Disney’s disclosed daily average, about 5 days) … or going through tortured analysis of how many good clients you’ll need (well, that’s easy: one) or how much money and time you may lose by continuing on the commonly traveled paths of freelancing instead of this far superior road less traveled. (Average life expectancy is 72. Deduct your age. How many of those years left do you want to hand over to getting little respect, low compensation, scrabbling and hustling for the next job?)

Let’s just set all that aside.

Be adult and sensible and straightforward about it.

The fee is $2,995.00, but there may be fast response or AWAI status discounts you qualify for, marked on the Enrollment Form. Whatever it is, right to the $2,995.00 …  …

I don’t think you can argue against the fairness of this fee. EITHER the Client Feeder System OR Consultant+Copywriter Positioning is clearly worth the fee. You are, in a very real sense, getting a great “2-fer”. Like buying clothes at Jos. A. Bank.

The questions in the way won’t be about worth or value.

There can only be two. One: personal and timely relevance. Is this of keen importance to YOU, at THIS TIME? Obviously I can’t answer it for you. You have read all the way to this point. There are a lot of other entertainment choices. My bet is: this has made a great deal of sense to you. It has been motivational and exciting. You can see how your Freelancer’s/Writer’s Life would be made measurably better by having clients served up to you on a silver platter by your own Feeder System, built to mimic mine. Whether a bit nervously or not, you can see how Consultant+Copywriter Positioning is better than your present positioning. You’ve kept reading because you’d like to be able to describe YOUR freelancing business the way I describe mine. If you feel you should wait – when? There’s never a perfect time for positive change. If you wait – for what? Please don’t make that be about yet another writing skill course completed! A lot of people think they need more knowledge when what they really need is MORE INCOME!!!! A lot of people endlessly accumulate knowledge that is never monetized! This is a business. You need a business plan, a business system, business tools.

The other question might be about affording the investment. If you swallowed hard, I get it. Been there, done that. Although long ago, the memory has never dimmed – of the frustration and shame of being in bad financial condition. I hated it, and didn’t much like myself for the situation. I easily figured out I couldn’t conserve my way out of it. Saving zeroes adds up to little. I knew I couldn’t “timid” my way out and up. I had to invest my way out and up. I had to swallow very, very hard to invest in what I needed to craft my escape route. My helium balloon.

If this investment is a big, bad obstacle for you – please honestly ask yourself: what will change that? If not now – when? For the record, things don’t change. Go get a book about the 1960’s. We’re in the same wars plus new ones. We have the same societal problems. Both war on drugs and war on poverty, dismal failures. Things do NOT change. Only people taking action change things. Success is very personal. You either invest in it or you don’t. You either take action to get it or you don’t.

I was recently asked what my greatest “super-hero power” was. It’s a provocative question. It presumes you have one. It presumes you are sure enough of yourself to claim such a thing. I had and have an answer. My greatest super-hero power is creating income, business and life breakthroughs for people.

That’s what this Program is built to do. For you.

If it fails to live up to my promises – after going through Module 1 and getting the overview of the Program – you are welcome to opt out and claim a full, 100% refund of your fee, no hassle, no questions asked. I stand behind this as do your friends at AWAI.


Dan Kennedy

P.S. For the first enrollment group ONLY, I will be holding TWO “live” Q&A Calls … one about The Feeder System, the other about Consultant+Copywriter Positioning. These calls will give you opportunity to get your questions answered and learn from my answers to other Program participants’ questions. These calls will occur in January and February 2015. ONLY IF YOU ENROLL NOW – NO LATER THAN DECEMBER 5TH, 2014 – will you be invited to these two Q&A Calls.

P.P.S. I’ve also included a Free Bonus Info-Kit, including …

A fast-paced 20-minute audio, on which real clients who hire copywriters and actively look for new talent are interviewed by me on the way they assess and hire copywriters. You eavesdrop on my candid discussion with them of why copywriters fail to get them as clients, what they look for, and how they work with copywriters. This is “real insider stuff” available only in this special bonus found in Module 5.

Also, transcript of a roundtable discussion with top pro and relatively new copywriters – including people you probably know like David Deutsch and John Carlton, and others you won’t know … answering my questions about their ‘evolution’ as writers and as freelancers. This is an out-of-print classic from my archives.


Dan Kennedy – Never Out of Work


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