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The Last Renegade Millionaire ““RETREAT””…Ever!

That’s Right, It’s ALL over and you missed it… BUT Keep reading to find out How You Can Still Get IN On The MILLIONAIRE action and revisit the place where 100-million dollar businesses were created from scratch….where actual businesses were totally reinvented….in “hot seats”, on stage, right before everybody’s eyes.

I knew that in order to get you to stop and take notice I would needed to hypnotize you with some cold hard CASH! So now that I have your attention… I want you to read every word of this letter very carefully. Here’s what I promise to show you:

BIG PROMISE #1- This Renegade Millionaire ““RETREAT”” was FAR DIFFERENT Than ANY Other GKIC Event in HISTORY! What made it different? It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore, in great depth, the most important precepts and strategies introduced in the Original Renegade Millionaire System. But don’t get me wrong here, this was no step-by-step lecture…it was complete open access and extremely frank answers to exact questions about the system. Never before were the lines of communication so open and so straightforward. An EXPERIENCE like none other!

BIG PROMISE #2- You WILL BLOW THE LID OFF your earning potential by learning more BIG Ideas, BIG Leverage, BIG Opportunities and BIG Breakthroughs than you ever dreamed possible! Imagine…Dan – and his superstar clients and coaching members, sometimes me, Lee Milteer on stage in discussions, attendees at the “Ask Questions Table” participating…so you get “inside” some of the most amazing successes, people going from zero or a small business to MILLIONS in a single bound. Think SPEED- and imagine what it could do for your business…right now and in the future.

BIG PROMISE #3 – Dan like you’ve NEVER seen him before… unscripted- without a net. Unlike other boot camps and seminars, Dan briefly covered a key subject, then brought one, two or three hand-picked people on stage with him, to “the living room”, where everyone sat and discussed the ideas. He had people “show off” how they were applying the strategies…giving others “real life” examples to follow and learn from. He took us behind-the-scenes of successes AND inside his own, personal methods, strategies, deepest thinking about money, business and success. Attendees came forward with probing questions. And he hit ‘em between the eyes.

Remember: these are people just like you who are ready to make super-strides in their business…are you ready for the same 1- 2 punch that could take YOUR business into the land of the RENEGADE MILLIONAIRES?

How Did Dan Kennedy Learn to Rise Above, Push Forward At Lightening Speed and Live Like a True RENEGADE MILLIONAIRE … and more importantly…How Can YOU Do The Same?

First, you need to get your hands on Dan’s personal (and fool proof) Renegade Millionaire Checklist. This checklist contains the seven “Must Have and Must Do’s” that anyone in any business MUST master in order to achieve Renegade Millionaire Status.

Renegade Millionaire “Must Have, Must Do” #1

ACCELERATED Accomplishment

¢ WILL YOU DARE SPIT IN THE EYE OF THE VILLAGE WITCH? Why and HOW to deny and DEFY all the “norms” and “rules” about how things are supposed to be done in your business – in order to get what you REALLY want, NOW, not “someday”.

¢ Understanding DEFIANCE as a prime Renegade Millionaire Behavior.

¢ How to use LADDERS to direct and control the (buying) behavior of others, but how to personally by-pass every Ladder shown to you.

Renegade Millionaire “Must Have, Must Do” #2

PERSONAL Productivity

¢ How to double, triple or quadruple your output of meaningful work – without putting in more hours, without added stress.

¢ Why and how to make stress a commodity you dispense, not a condition you experience. (That, itself, is a write’er down’er!)

¢ Goal CLARITY – you think you have goals, but do you? Are you USING them, or just setting them?

¢ How to practice Independence in order to gain Independence.

¢ PROTECTING YOUR TIME & TALENTS- Remember…Every morning all the stupid people in your life get together to destroy your productivity! – Learn how to protect it!

Renegade Millionaire “Must Have, Must Do” #3

CHANGE Management

¢ Understanding the unique Mental and Business AGILITY of true Renegade Millionaires…..how they approach every type of change: anticipated; sudden and unexpected; crisis; forced on them; competitive; etc. – opportunistically. Renegade Millionaires actually have a set process they rely on and use to react opportunistically to change – do you?

¢ How to scientifically and rationally be clairvoyant, anticipate change, profit from Plan B’s.

….at the same time, the ROCK-SOLID RELIABLE STRATEGIES that withstand the test of time, to be certain you engineer into your business.

Renegade Millionaire “Must Have, Must Do” #4


¢ This is an opportunity to see Demonstrations AND DETAILED EXPLANATION of what I do best, and am paid ungodly sums to do – UNCOVER CONCEALED AND UNSEEN OPPORTUNITIES inside a person’s business, in a person’s “story”, in a person’s experience and LEVERAGE it through the roof!….exactly how to turn ANY “ordinary” business into an extraordinary one, however you want “extraordinary” to be: abnormal, sky-high profits or market dominance to the point of driving competitors to utter despair or fame or absolute control of a group of customers.


¢ A “hot seat” expansion, reinvention of a business so exciting that I subsequently invested in and got involved in developing the company!!!

¢ How to ‘Follow The Money’ – in another Hot Seat, I switch her business to ‘follow the money.’ Learn how YOU can switch yours too!

Renegade Millionaire “Must Have, Must Do” #5

Creating GIGANTIC & FAST Sales, Marketing, Profit & Financial BREAKTHROUGHS

¢ There is a single statement, that was made by a client, that I give to everybody very early on Day#1. It was on page 11 of the hand-outs. I give it to you too. It says everything about how you can INSTANTLY give yourself a big, fat pay raise IN ANY BUSINESS!

¢ MILLION DOLLAR CHOICES: how a certain key decision you make determines how difficult it will be and how long it will take to make your next million dollars. How we Renegade Millionaires have learned to get each million MUCH faster.

¢ 98% of Competitors view their Competitors and Competition INCORRECTLY. A different Strategy – in fact, three different Strategies for competition. The secret of “fish floss hippos.”

¢ COURAGE & BOLD ACTION vs. FEAR & TIMIDITY….why you MUST put things in motion BEFORE you are ready and play catch up, if you want to create a giant income and success. This is a SECRET of true Renegade Millionaire Superstars that frightens and frustrates most people around them….it is behind EVERY success I’ve ever had. How “getting over this” propelled one of my coaching members from zero to $1-million first year in his 2nd, part-time business. How NOT getting over it is holding another member back as if mountain-climbing in lead boots. This is a HUGE REVELATION you can take away from listening to this “RETREAT”.

Renegade Millionaire “Must Have, Must Do” #6

Getting RICH And Staying There

¢ The single most significant thing you can do, to attract money faster and in greater quantities than you’ve ever imagined – and it IS something anybody and everybody can do from the first minute they understand it.

¢ Five Simple Steps To Wealth, Six Wealth-Destroying Behaviors Of Far Too Many Entrepreneurs.

¢ A look at ‘Wealthy Behavior’ – when you systematically engage in ‘Wealthy Behavior’, you automatically get and stay wealthy. Most entrepreneurs talk wealth but still act poor. Twelve Key Behaviors you simply MUST understand in order to be a RENEGADE Millionaire.

¢ How do the wealthy practice “being frugal” differently than the masses?

¢ Two tips from Warren Buffet that govern my personal investing.

Renegade Millionaire “Must Have, Must Do” #7


¢ What do Iaccoca, Home Depot, Renegade Millionaires and me have in common when it comes to acting – whether on crisis or opportunity?

¢ EVOLUTION: The Five Evolutionary Steps You Go Through – From “Dumb Ape” To Renegade Millionaire. You could let evolution take its course – or you could see the evolutionary path laid out in front of you and choose to accelerate evolution!

¢ TRASH REMOVAL: How to remove the chief Obstacles to EXTREME Entrepreneurial Success.

¢ WRONG THINKING ABOUT MONEY: I demonstrate that the question: “how can I cut my advertising costs and cost per lead?” is the WRONG question. I also show a spectacular FAILUREOF MINE that still converts to PROFIT





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