Daniel Hall – Real Fast Pinterest

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Daniel Hall – Real Fast Pinterest



Daniel Hall – Real Fast Pinterest
Daniel Hall – Real Fast Pinterest


Here’s what you’ll discover:

How Pinterest is THE MOST viral social media platform in existence
How most authors, publishers and entrepreneurs are simply missing
the boat on using it correctly… and why after watching this webinar
you won’t be!
What a book-o-graphic is and why you should be using them daily to build your list
Why one book-o-graphic was repinned over 1.4 Million times and drove over 122,547 website visitors
The graphic “hack” that practically forces people to notice your pin
How to create your very own Book-O-Graphic that folks will love and share on Pinterest
How you can effectively use Pinterest even if you’re not a graphic
artist and couldn’t design your way out of a wet paper bag – I’m almost
giddy about showing you this
The characteristics of the most shared info-graphics on Pinterests
and how you can exploit them – and its not what you’re thinking ;-)



Daniel Hall – Real Fast Pinterest


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