Dave Dobson – Fun Shop 2004

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Dave Dobson – Fun Shop 2004



Dave Dobson – Fun Shop 2004
Dave Dobson – Fun Shop 2004


Description:  16 CDs ripped to 126 MP3s with ID3 tags added.

Two CDs are actually duplicates, so there are only 16 CDs instead of 18.

First time ever!

From the archives of the legendary psychologist and hypnotherapist, Dave Dobson, PhD!

This CD set is one of Dave’s most unusual Fun Shops where he teaches even more of his intellectual property in unusual ways. A must have!


Richard Bandler says,” Dave was the most natural and gifted hypnotherapist I ever met.”

Dave comes from a background that includes both business, a private practice of Clinical Hypnotherapy, and psychotherapy that spans more than 45 years in Los Angeles and the west coast.

His business background includes: owner and manager of a highly successful executive search firm, and division manager and director of sales for an international plastics company, with a sales force of over 200 people.

These experiences and his need to find models of communication that work led him to the development of concepts that he calls “Other Than Conscious Communication,” which is an outgrowth of his model of psychology that he calls “No Fault Psychology.”

He had traveled well over a million miles conducting seminars and trainings throughout North America and Europe, and his concepts which transcend traditional communication and psychological models have become highly respected tools for personal growth both in the mental health fields and the corporate community.





Dave Dobson – Fun Shop 2004


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