Dave VanHoose and Dustin Matthews – 7 Figure Speaking Empire Home Study Course

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Dave VanHoose and Dustin Matthews – 7 Figure Speaking Empire Home Study Course



Dave VanHoose and Dustin Matthews – 7 Figure Speaking Empire Home Study Course
Dave VanHoose and Dustin Matthews – 7 Figure Speaking Empire Home Study Course



“Are you finally ready to join the ranks of the most elite speakers, trainers, and, information marketers alive today? Then join us for what will easily be…

02 TheMostProfitable...

In just one day using our hard-won secrets we’ll create for you a complete presentation and program you…to deliver it like a master persuasionist skyrocketing your income practically overnight. And if you’re not absolutely positive of the life-changing effect our Power Day together has on you and your business… we’ll pay you your money back — no-questions asked. And you get to keep the extra bonuses worth $11,989 absolutely FREE!

From the desk of Dustin Mathews
Tuesday, 10:43 a.m.

Dear fellow info-marketer,

04 WhoIsMVP2

We’re all in the business so you know the drill. That said, let’s get down to brass tacks.

This is for serious players only ready for rapid and massive business growth.

Our clients report 6 and 7-figure increases in revenue as a direct result of our personal consulting.

If this is the same impact you want for your business thenread the entire message below to find out how you can do the same…or… even much better!

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to information marketing and want the ultimate shortcut to success selling from the stage or on webinars to create a 6 and even 7-figure business;

…Or if you’re a veteran marketer looking to get an edge over your competitors and pump more profits into your promotions;

…Or if you’re ready to hang up your frequent flyer miles speaking on stages, done doing webinars yourself, and want to duplicate your success to create hands-off “puppet master” revenue…

05 OurProven..

We’ll create your presentation for repeatable 6-figure sales so you can easily make all the money you want. It’s like having the US Mint at your mercy.

In fact, our first four clients made over $1-million in their very first year in the industry.

The point is, if you’re serious about explosive growth, increasing sales from stage and on webinars, spreading your message, and dramatically changing lives–we can help you.

I’m Dustin Mathews and with Dave VanHoose, we form MVP and Associates.

Industry insiders know us as the secret weapon quietly working behind the scenes with some of the world’s most sought after speakers, gurus and information marketers.

Over the years, we’ve helped companies and individuals create millions in additional revenue by causing back of the room buying frenzies and floods of server crushing online orders.

Combined we have over 25 years experience in the seminar industry, filling rooms for over 2000 live events, delivering over 3000 presentations, selling millions from stages and on the Internet.

We’ve even taken a start-up company from a dream and a credit card to a $14 million dollar powerhouse and #35 on the Inc 500 list of fastest growing companies in America.

But I’m not here to brag about our accomplishments, or boast about the hundreds of leading speakers, trainers, and thought leaders that turn to us for advice. Instead I’m here to give you the solution to…

06 WhyYoureNot..

Listen: You are confident and you have the charm to get your audience to listen to you attentively, but why isn’t your closing rate higher?

Here’s the age-old problem of many speakers: a lot of them teach instead of sell.

And just because people are giving you a standing ovation doesn’t mean you’ve made it.

In fact, the standing ovation is a kiss of death. Unless they are at the back of the room throwing you a credit card, then you haven’t made it yet.

Remember, your job is to sell. Save teaching for later.

But how do you go about this?

If you rely on your own personal experience, you’ll be wasting most of your life learning instead of making money.

That’s where we’re going to help you.

Our team has over 3,000 presentations under our belt, and you can leverage our experience as your own.

“Plus, we’ll let you connect with all of our favorite vendors – pretty much tantamount to allowing you touse our rolodex to create solutions in your business.”

And finally, we can help you become an instant recognized expert in your field. Again, we’re here to accelerate your rise to success.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, because

07 YoureAbout..

arrow How to increase your income by 6 and 7 figures with a single masterfully crafted proven pitch,
arrow How you can instantly become a top player and an overnight industry celebrity every promoter is begging to work with.
arrow The difference between public speaking and profitable speaking. If you want to make serious cash from speaking engagements and webinars, then you’ll need to know the difference.

Sounds like a long shot? Not if you know how to use the magic words to make your audience do your bidding.

Here’s one of the secrets to becoming a master speaker and sway your audience—fast.

A lot successful speakers out there have spent years mastering the persuasion techniques that took them to where they are today.

Some of these techniques include mastering hypnotic and NLP language and commands in their presentation.

Imagine how much better your presentations would close if you’re armed with these ‘all-but-forbidden’ tools of the trade.

Now we understand that you don’t have the years to spend mastering these techniques. And why would you do that if you could use a shortcut?

You could do these things faster because we’ll do the work for you.

As certified master hypnotists, and NLP experts we’ll write the script, and all you need to do is to deliver. (And we’ll program you do that effectively and effortlessly.

Imagine how much more powerful your presentations will be if you can leverage the following to your advantage:

arrow Using “embedded commands” and the power of suggestion to bypass conscious resistance, and speak directly to the subconscious mind directing your audience to take action.
arrow “Anchoring” yourself, your product, even the back table where the audience automatically associates YOU with positive, life-changing experiences.
arrow Using “presuppositions” to have your audience settle their own resistance, and answer for themselves why what you’re selling is the right decision to buy right now.

This is just a small sample of the ingenious strategies in our grab bag of hypnotic tricks.

You won’t have to spend years to master the art of influence, NLP, and hypnosis like we have to use proven principles of persuasion in your presentation – we’ll do it for you.

10 The%20Benefits..

Imagine yourself in the near future — the master speaker, a rockstar that everybody wants to not only listen to, but buy from.

As a master speaker, you can:

star Effortlessly command a room or a webinar presentation and closing them at high percentages, 20-30%–even 50%–consistently time and time again.
star Cherry pick the top venues and exactly who you want to work with. You will never have to chase opportunities to sell anymore.
star Have the country’s top promoters seek you out, beg you to speak on their stages, or do webinars to their lists.
star Open doors to the top connections in the industry.
star Have a rockstar status of information marketing royalty, visit a town, make your pitch, get the money, and go.
star Become a top webinar presenter that makes people happily spend thousands of dollars on products merely based on your well earned reputation.

You can be one of the top speakers, trainers, info-marketers and gurus in the industry today – FAST! Introducing…

12 ThePowerDay

The Power Day is where we will help you become the master speaker or presenter that you want to be.

At the Power Day, you’ll get:

star Done-For-You presentations. You’ll never have to waste your time preparing presentations again. Just get up and you’re ready to go.
star Hands on training from experts with over 3,000 presentations under our belt. Looking to get started as a speaker? Use our experience to learn what you need to know about becoming a master speaker.
star Ability to connect with other promoters and speakers. You need the right connections to get you started, and we’re catapulting you to the top right at the beginning of your career.
star Results! Want to increase your profits from speaking? Want to be a more commanding speaker? Want to close more sales in your webinars? We’ll help you get there.
star Have a rockstar status of information marketing royalty, visit a town, make your pitch, get the money, and go.

This consulting session just takes a single day. But at the end of that day, you’ll go home armed with a 6 and even 7-figure business, all done for you, scripted, deliver, and ready to fire at will… guaranteed.

And because we’re doing everything for you, we’re putting you in the best environment possible to succeed. Hands down.

But remember, this isn’t just a simple, done-for-you consulting session.

More than that, you’ll get the ultimate advantage of knowing the biggest names in business that we know who are willing to work with you.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

14 WithOur..

star Use master hypnotic, NLP language and commands in your presentation, without having to spend years in learning and perfecting these techniques.
star Become an overnight celebrity with one pitch. Start making money from day one through speaking engagements or webinars. You no longer need to make the hard climb to success.
star Use our experience to shortcut your own. Again, your experience level doesn’t matter. We’ll turn you into a master experience even if you’re just getting started in the business.
star Use our contacts and rolodex to connect with the vendors in the world. Whether you’re new in the business, or a veteran looking to gain an edge over your competitors, we can help you get in touch with our contacts—industry bigwigs who are willing to hire you.

Don’t want to do the presentations yourself?

Let me show you how one smart entrepreneur used the Power Day to run a successful business without making one presentation.

So it doesn’t matter if you don’t want to make the presentations yourself. You can send your friend or business partner to attend the Power Day and still boost your income by leaps and bounds.

This is what we call the publisher model wherein you can get to duplicate yourself in the information business. You supply the information and let another one do the presentation work for you.

16 WhatsInIt..

When you register for your Power Day, you’ll receive:

bigcheckmark A complete Power Point presentation maximized for stage or webinar sales ($14,997)
bigcheckmark A winning and converting offer completely scripted word for word. You’ll know exactly what to say, and to how to say for maximum effectiveness. And complete with which bonuses to use to increase your conversion rate.
bigcheckmark Complete Audio Recordings of your day to day so you don’t miss a beat.
bigcheckmark Delivery Coaching & Training. Your presentation will be delivered by one of the MVP team members so you can see firsthand how to pitch your presentation, including your body language, inflection of your voice and tonality, and commanding of the stage and screen. We’ll program you to deliver a foolproof winning presentation.

All in all, the Power Day will cost you $14,997.

And it’s worth at least 10 times more.

That a sizable investment, no doubt about it.

So you’re probably wondering what it takes to recoup your investment on this training.



Dave VanHoose and Dustin Matthews – 7 Figure Speaking Empire Home Study Course


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