David Frey – Outsourcing Telesummit

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David Frey – Outsourcing Telesummit



David Frey – Outsourcing Telesummit
David Frey – Outsourcing Telesummit



David Frey – Outsourcing Telesummit

Interviews and Transcripts on outsourcing by the following experts:

Meet Your Panel of Sales Experts, Best Selling Authors, and World Renowned Speakers

Michel Fortin & Sylvie Fortin
“How To Take Your First Steps Into Finding, Hiring, and Building a Successful Outsourcing Team That Will Transform Your Business”

John Jonas
“How To Achieve the 4-Hour Work Week
Lifestyle By Outsourcing to the Philippines:
Little-Known Secrets For Finding,
Interviewing, Selecting and Working
with Filipino Freelancers”

Joel Peterson
“Unique Employment Strategies That Will Win the Heart, Mind and Souls of Your Overseas Outsourcing Team Resulting In a Super Low Turnover, Ultra-Productive Virtual Staff”

Terry Wygal
Outsourced Website Traffic System: How to Generate a Stampede of Highly Targeted Website Traffic Without Lifting a Single Finger By Outsourcing the Nitty Gritty Traffic-Getting Work for Only Pennies On the Dollar

Nicole Dean
“How to Avoid the 5 Common Outsourcing Mistakes and Build a Fiercely Loyal
Virtual Outsourcing Team On a Shoestring Budget Starting From Scratch”

Terry Dean
College Intern Secrets: How To Immediately Build an Effective College Internship Program With College Students That Will Happily Do 90%
Of Your Work For You While Paying
Them Next to Nothing!

Janet Attard
“Outsourcing Tactics and Strategies That Will Quintuple Your Productivity, Save You Money, and Avoid Potential Outsourcing Disasters”

Howard Tiano
Outsourcing Best Practices: Secret Strategies From The World’s Best
Home-Based Outsourcing Experts

Marx Melencio
An Insiders Guide to Effectively Hiring and Working With International Outsourcing Companies To Achieve Breakthrough
Business Results In Record Time.

Joel Christopher
Million Dollar Secrets to Building An Outsourced Empire: Simple Secrets To Keep Your Fears
From Holding You Back

Bev Clement
The Ghostwriting Miracle: How to Find, Hire and Work Efficiently  With Outsourced Virtual Ghostwriters for Maximum Profit In Minimum Time!

Harlan Kilstein
Outsourcing Your Copywriting: How to Find, Select and Hire the Perfect Copywriter for Your Next Marketing Project

Melanie Benson Strick
“Building Virtual Super Teams: How to Catapult Your Sales, Close More Deals, Open More BIG Accounts, and Beef Up Your Bottom Line Through Delegating, Outsourcing and Building
a Virtual Super Team!”

Rhea Perry
Creating Virtual Assistant Teams: How to Hire, Train and Manage Successful  U.S. Based Virtual Assistant Teams To Decrease Your Workload and Quadruple Your Profits”

Shireesh “Jay” Vikaz
Outsourcing Your Technical Support: “How to Stop All the Frustration and Avoid Unproductive Problems By Creating Your Very Own Outsourced Technical Support Team”

Daniel Turner
How A College Dropout, Who Owns 140 Websites And An Offline Business, Has The Freedom To Create His Own Schedule Through The Power Of Outsourcing


David Frey – Outsourcing Telesummit


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