David Lindahl – Real Estate Investors Marketing Toolkit

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David Lindahl – Real Estate Investors Marketing Toolkit



David Lindahl – Real Estate Investors Marketing Toolkit
David Lindahl – Real Estate Investors Marketing Toolkit


David Lindhal
Real Estate Investor Marketing Toolkit

“How To Overheat Your Phone With
Real Estate Sellers Calling You
To Buy Their Properties!”
Just-Published Techniques So Powerful, They’ll Work
Even If You’re Shy, New, And Broke!

Does this sound like your typical day?

You get to work in the morning, and there already are five messages from sellers in your town, wanting you to consider buying their properties.

That’s on top of the calls you received yesterday, and every day this week.

You are highly confident when you go to see one of these sellers, and make your offer. You’re polite, but inside you truly have a “take it or leave it” attitude. That’s because you know from experience that there are many more deals where this one came from. If the seller accepts your offer, great–You’ve just locked in your five-figure profit on this next deal.

The seller doesn’t grab your offer? No Problemo…you still have those half-dozen other fresh deals to make offers on. Oh, by the way, when you get back to the office, two more sellers have called since you were out….

Fantasy Land? Nope. My name’s Dave Lindahl, and I live that life today. Much more importantly…

I’m going to build the same type of marketing machine for you.

But first, I need to congratulate you. By reading this, you’ve proven to me that you’re head-and-shoulders above the rest, when it comes to knowing how to build a real estate fortune.

You see, people think real estate success is a matter of slick negotiating, being in the right place at the right time, or knowing a lot about the property. Those things can help, but they are missing the point…

The true secret to getting filthy stinking rich in real estate is in your marketing!

You can be mediocre in a lot of other things, if you’ve got a great marketing machine. That’s because you’ll never be short on deals. But if you’re lousy at marketing, then being great at everything else in real estate won’t matter. You’ll be “all dressed up with no place to go”!

I’m not talking about working harder at marketing. I’m talking about plugging in my proven systems, and letting those systems work night and day for you. You may be asking…

Who Am I To Talk?

I’m the guy who went from being a broke landscaper, living in an apartment, to making so much money investing in real estate, that I was set for life in just 4 ½ years! Today, only 8 years after starting from nothing, I’ve rehabbed over 488 properties–apartments, nice homes, junkers…you name it–all across America.

I can do what I want, when I want, however I want, and let me tell you…

It feels wonderful!

But before you think I got there the easy way, think again:

I don’t know where you live, but let me tell you a little about where I live. It’s not unlike the movie “Rocky”, where he’s in a tough neighborhood, and has to scratch his way up to success. My town is Brockton, Massachusetts. We had a real-life “Rocky” grow up in our tough town. His name was Rocky Marciano, World Boxing Champion.

“As a result of your Marketing Tool Kit, I have bought three properties within the first 90 days of your materials.” –Don Coburn, Nashua, NH

He had to be tough to survive here. And it’s in this same tough, unforgiving environment that I made my first several million dollars.

By the way, I had no rich family to rely on, no fancy education. I didn’t know anyone in the real estate business. But I did have the desire to learn from other successful people…just as you are doing right now! (That’s the most important ingredient!)

Even though my rise to real estate mega-success has been fast, your success can be even faster!

Forget starting from scratch as I did; instead, take my secret marketing shortcuts to real estate wealth.

How Good Is The “Real Estate Investor’s Marketing Tool Kit”?

The very best marketing system must be able to pass six tough tests:

Test #1: It’s got to be proven to work.
The materials you get have been street-tested and proven to work, not only by me, but also by hundreds of my students. Let me put it to you another way: I make so much money now, I could afford any marketing system in the world. This is the one I use every day. Because it works.

Test #2: It must require very little money to get going.
My system doesn’t rely on any big newspaper ads, fancy websites, or other expensive toys. I couldn’t afford that stuff when I was starting out. Turns out, I didn’t need it! You’ll get a constant stream of leads by using common, inexpensive tools in smart ways.

Test #3: It must be adaptable to your own town.
A great system has to work in tough, competitive towns like mine, but also in every other type of community: big cities, rural townships, and suburbs. Not only have I profited in major cities like Boston, and in tiny towns you’ve never heard of, but so have my students. I’m giving you truly portable power tools. For example, I lay out twelve different ways to deliver your message. Some combination of them will work in any community.

Test #4: It has to be crystal clear about what you should do, when.
Like the dress code on Venice Beach, I leave nothing to the imagination! You get to see it all: The exact wording of my letters, the precise look of my business card, the specific techniques I use on flyers, right down to the graphics. Even the color of paper is all described for you to “legally rip off”. I even go so far as to lay out a suggested schedule of what marketing you should do, and when during the month to do it, to gain maximum profit. Who else does that!

Test #5: It must cause people to call YOU, rather than require you to chase prospects and be constantly rejected.
Forget cold calling. Even if you wanted to beat your head against a wall like that all day, the government’s “Do Not Call” list is making it impossible to pick up the phone and “dial for dollars”. Over 58 million Americans are on that list, and the fine per violation can be as much as $11,000! That’s OK with me, because my system makes pre-qualified prospects call you, and ask for your help.

Test #6: It has to keep working for you day and night, once you set it up.
A good system needs to work while you sleep, and work while you’re busy with something else. As far as I’m concerned, if I need to do any more than minimal upkeep, that method is outta here.

My stuff works so well, that I have people calling me to buy their properties as long as two years after I marketed to them. Now that’s what I call being memorable!

I worked and worked on it over the years, and now…

my system passes all six of these tests with flying colors!

So what’s in this amazing thing, anyway?

Let’s Pop The Hood On My Real Estate Marketing System:

How To Make Them Not Nibble…But Bite Like Piranhas In A Feeding Frenzy!

* The Five Steps to a Great Marketing Plan. If you don’t know what they are or follow them, you’ll be taking the long road to success (if you ever reach it at all). Follow these Five Specific Steps, and sleep like a baby, knowing your success is in the bag. (Page 116)

* The one technique you can always fall back on when you need to buy a house in a hurry. Do this and your phone should start to ring within days…or even hours! (Page 11)

* The one mistake you should never make, even after you’ve made a bundle in real estate! (Page 5)

* Don’t make these two big blunders with your signs! If you do, it will cost you, Big Time. (Page 13)

* The 19 reasons why people are motivated to sell, and how you can get them to start calling you. (Page 7)

* Do this with your signs, and you’ll simply be wasting your money. (Page 14)

* The right–and wrong–way to install a telephone pole sign. Do it right, and your phone rings off the hook. (Page 15)

* It’s one thing to have signs; it’s another to know where to put them for maximum effect. Get the answer on page 15.

* The single most powerful tool you can have to persuade someone to use your services. (Page 27).

* Six precisely worded letters that get big results, constantly. (Page 51)

* The two most critical parts of any sales letter; forget these, and you might as well leave the stamp off the envelope. (Page 49)

“Within three weeks of getting your Marketing Tool Kit, I closed on a “Chunker”, and will make $28,000 on the resale. Thank You!” –Brian Kiger, Meadowlands, PA

Promotion Techniques That Work In Your Area:

* Learn the three components of an effective direct mail campaign, and watch your response rates soar! (Page 42)

* Make any of these five mistakes, and you’re flushing your direct mail dollars down the toilet. (Page 44)

* How to create a headline that forces your readers to stop and pay attention! (Page 45)

* The proven formula for writing money-attracting classified ads. (Page 57)

* Warning! Don’t listen to your Yellow Pages salesperson when designing your ad or you’ll be sorry! Here’s why. (Page 62)

* What every moneymaking business card has on it, and where to put it on yours. (Page 69)

* The “piggy back” phone technique that will draw sellers to call your number instead of your competitors’. (Page 60)

* Do not fall for this “expert” advice about what type of phone number to get! Here’s why. (Page 59)

* 21 great places to put your business cards for maximum exposure. (Page 70)

* The 5 most common money-losing mistakes most people make on their business cards. (Page 69)

* Four “sweet spot” locations to put out flyers. (Page 73)

* What NOT to do when handing out your flyers. (Page 74)

* Four proven flyers, all pre-built and ready for you to insert your contact information. (Page 77)

How To Recruit A Willing Army For You!

* How to get people to be your eyes and ears all over town, constantly bringing you deals! (Page 81)

* How to find the real estate agents who are doing all the deals, and how to get them to give you the lion’s share. (Page 87)

* Make this simple–but often overlooked–mistake with a real estate agent, and your name will be dirt all over town. (Page 89)

* Four important tips to keep agents sending YOU houses, instead of to your competition. (Page 88)

* The exact wording of an effective letter you can send to real estate agents to get leads from them. (Page 92)

* Advertise on these radio stations, and you’re throwing your money away. But advertise on these other ones, and watch your phone light up! (Page 93)

* Follow this easy way to conduct a radio interview, and be seen as the “Real Estate Expert” in your area. (Page 96)

* The two types of sales prospecting, and which one will make you boatloads more money. (Page 6)

Know Exactly What To Do When Sellers Call:

* The single most important question to ask a seller, to determine if you might have a deal, BEFORE you spend any more than 20 seconds with them. (Page 108)

* Is your answering machine or live answering service actually hurting your business? Here’s how to find out. (Page 111)

* Ask these Four Golden Questions right up front, and you’ll easily separate the cherry deals from the rest. (Page 108)

* The exact scripts to use when callers reach you or your answering service. No need to wonder ever again what to say….(Page 114)

* The critical piece of paper you need in your “Credibility Kit” that gains instant trust when you’ve entered a seller’s home. (Page 12)

Special Section On Pre-foreclosures And Auctions
As a way of showing you how to put together a whole direct marketing effort, I devote an entire chapter to pre-foreclosures. These profitable opportunities happen after a homeowner defaults on a mortgage, but before the bank has foreclosed.

This chapter, by itself, is worth the cost of the entire course. Based on my personal experience with over 150 pre-foreclosures, I give you the essence of how to profit in this market. I lay out:

* The hands-down best source for finding pre-foreclosure leads.

* Exactly how to contact homeowners, and what to say.

* When they respond to you, what worksheet to use, to go through the deal analysis.

* Killer negotiating tips to get you the big, fat deals you want.

* How to dress–and the secret place to stand–if you decide to try your hand at an auction. Not one in a thousand investors knows about this technique to up your odds of winning.

I even include exact copies of the letters I’ve used to generate millions of dollars in pre-foreclosure business.

You could live very comfortably for the rest of your life, just applying my marketing system to this one single market of pre-foreclosures. But my system will bring you many more deal types than just pre-foreclosures: I’m handing you a giant fishing-trawler for real estate, and into your net will fall all types of real estate opportunities. It will be your enjoyable duty to decide which trophies you keep, and which small fry you throw back, or flip to someone else.

“Two short weeks after getting your course and putting your strategies in play, my phone started ringing with deals. The best part was, they weren’t on the MLS, there was no sign in front of their house, and no one knew about them except me. One of the properties has a $600 per month positive cash flow and over $50,000 in equity! Not a bad return on my investment with you, Dave.” –Jason Rodriguez, Orlando, FL

You Might Be Thinking…

“But Dave, how can I compete with so many people who have way bigger budgets than I do!” Once you go through my course, you will laugh at them! You will shake your head with confident knowledge of how to beat the pants off their advertising.

I break out marketing techniques into two categories: the ones to use when you have little or no money, and ones that are effective once you have some cash to spend. Remember: I found out about and used these techniques when I had no money, and I still use them today, so they’re proven to work.

“But Dave, my town’s different.” You live in a cave? Call me and we’ll modify my system to work for you. You say they have homes and apartments where you live? Then my system will work just fine. It’s not based on where you live. It’s based on human nature…on proven ways to stand out from the pack, and have people pick up the phone and call you.

“But Dave, I don’t have full time to work on marketing real estate, the way you do.” I made my first million while busting myself all day in my struggling landscaping business. I HAD to find quick, efficient ways to do real estate, because I only had a few moments here and there to devote to it.

Sure you’ll make more dough when you’re doing real estate full-time; but you can make plenty by using my efficient marketing methods in your bits and pieces of spare time.



David Lindahl – Real Estate Investors Marketing Toolkit


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