David Walsh – M6 Method – Entire Course

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David Walsh – M6 Method – Entire Course



David Walsh – M6 Method – Entire Course
David Walsh – M6 Method – Entire Course




Stop talking, start building.
M6 is the dangerously intelligent business & product creation system to do it.

Nothing can touch what we’ve built, and we’re putting this powerful business/product creation arsenal in your hands.

What you do with it – how far you take – is entirely up to you.

Got questions?
We’ve added a massive Questions & Answers section covering every question we’re hearing. There’s substantial content & responses in there, written as raw and hype-free as possible. Read it if you’re still deciding.

The Least You Need To Know…
If you just want the raw facts first, here’s the rundown…

What’s M6 Method?

Method is a multi-phase, process-driven training course & resource library for creating high-grade products and the self-sustaining, profitable business behind them. It’s the result of our ruthless deconstruction of digital business models (including what doesn’t work), while constantly creating reusable processes and resources specifically for you to use.
What’s the outcome?

The core focus is creating recurring, passive income sources, powered by a scalable, systematic business. Your revenue comes through creating and launching specialized products into niche markets. Products include video/audio courses, e-books, membership sites, applications, or physical products.

By the time you’re done with M6, you’ll have identified one or multiple niche markets, create products they want, and have a streamlined system to keep the income steady. You’ll be able to do this all repeatedly and methodically.

What do I actually get?

You’ll get a combination of written content, instructional videos, processes, and resources/tools. Through our secure members area, you’ll have access to 6 core modules/phases, covering each step of the process.

The training material is spread across all modules, presented through 90,000+ words of clear, illustrated knowledge. It’s all supported by actionable, sequenced process instructions and critical resources. Resources include worksheets, templates, tools, videos, samples, and reference documents.
What does it cost?

The price is a one-time payment of -TVBZ-

… and much more!

Contained in this torrent:


The Modules & Course Breakdown


Introduction covers the origin of the course, core concepts, your prior experiences, and what you can expect after moving through Method.


Orientation focuses on getting ready to go through Method. We’re taking time up-front to explain how it’s organized and everything you need to know before starting. By going through it all at the beginning, we can spare ourselves the constant sidenotes, diversions, and clarifications as we move into the core modules.


Foundation is the base kowledge that serves the entire process. Nearly every course has a body of foundational knowledge at the beginning, and this is no exception. Foundation covers core principles, common myths & misconceptions, the wrong & ideal mindsets to hold, and a primer on defining your outcomes.

Module 1 / Niche Identification

You’re going to finally find your niche. I wont let you move on until you do… and you will. Your niche is everything. You’ve heard this before, and there’s a reason: it’s the damn truth. As with many endeavors, the first step can also be the most ambiguous and frustrating. It’s also the most critical, as it impacts and informs every step of the process. We’re going to focus on identifying the intersection of passion, expertise, and proven market demand. We will find the market that you can dominate, using a repeatable process to determine personal competence and interest and actual market demand.
We’ll also talk about validating the real-world demand inside any niche you’re exploring, with a focus on simple qualitative & quantitative analysis. In other words: make sure people want what you’re about to invest a lot of time and energy creating.

Module 2 / Offer Construction

Notice we don’t immediately start crafting a product – it’s far too early. Before creating anything, we need to focus on who we’re selling it to, what we’re selling, and how we’re communicating the value of the product in an irresistible way. The product only matters after the sale has been made.

First we focus on Persona Definition

To understand what someone wants, you need to know who they are and how they think. This persona informs everything – from the tone of your sales copy to the branding and delivery of your product.

Next we’ll move to Package Construction.

Information is everywhere. Solutions and answers are hiding in that massive, intimidating flood of information. Your job is to do the work for someone, package it irresistibly, and sell the benefits of it. The difference between a failure and a success is how you package what you’re selling. Once you’re able to take a single concept or problem and extrapolate it into a massive, multi-sensory body of information… you can basically start printing money. It’s that important.

Next I’ll walk you through effective Offer Composition.

The best package in the world, created for the perfect persona, is useless if you can’t communicate its value. Your offer is simply the means by which you persuasively communicate the value of your product to someone. Whether it’s a sales letter, a series of e-mails, a video sequence or a 3-hour long infomercial – it’s all just a way to propose a value exchange to someone that’s actively seeking it.

Module 3 / Demand Simulation

We’re not ready to create a product until we know it’s viable. We may have a perfect, ravenous niche audience and a killer product idea – but we need to hear it from them first. To gauge and simulate market demand, we need to build a public sales page, get the right eyes on our offer, track who tries to buy, and optimize everything until we’re happy with the numbers. And I’ve totally got you covered.
You’re going to access to my highly sought after sales page templates – the same templates that I’ve sold for $1000 on their own.

Creating a simple, sexy, focused sales site is essential. There are countless mistakes made here that are so easily avoidable, and we’ll make sure you aren’t making them. Controlled product sale testing will tell you if anyone cares about what you’re saying and selling.

Module 4 / Product Creation

Product creation is why I get up in the morning and what keeps me awake at night.

The ability to shape and create something from nothing more than an idea – that’s powerful. The entire reason I’ve built M6 Method is to ensure the majority of time, money, and energy to be focused on creating killer products. And that’s what you’ll learn to do in this module.

Creating products can feel daunting. From writing a book to a full audio/video course and membership system. It isn’t always easy, but it is entirely simple.

We’ll help you create amazing products by identifying the right people to help (for anything you shouldn’t do) and orchestrating production of it all. We’ve got templates for vetting and hiring people that ensures they wont waste your money.
We’ve also got an incredible tool we’ve dubbed the Alchemy Content framework.

This framework is extremely powerful in it’s ability to help you organize knowledge and funnel it into concise, logical parts. The end result is a clear and informative body of knowledge – your product.

You’ll be floored by what we’ve figured out within the Alchemy framework.

Module 5 / Systematic Distribution

Allow me to be blunt: I don’t want to be the guy responsible for birthing a fresh generation of ridiculous, blowhard marketers selling shamefully poor products.

Personally, I don’t want to spend my time selling – I’d rather be creating. If you’re in the same mindset, this phase of M6 Method is where we diverge yet again from the traditional path.

We’re going to create passive income streams that do not require continual time-investment in marketing to produce revenue.

I repeat: we are not trying to become internet marketers – we are simply leveraging a global marketplace (the internet) to build a business selling solid products to people that want them.

This is what we’re calling Systematic Distribution.

It’s a highly methodical alternative to the otherwise absurdly chaotic path that is online marketing.

Don’t get me wrong: sharp internet marketers will be critical to your success – you simply will focus on empowering them to move your goods onto the market, rather than doing it yourself.

No matter how good you think you are, you can never be as powerful as an army of affiliates (ie: other people who make a living selling your stuff) who you’ve enabled to do it all for you.
We’ve got a complete M6 Partner Hub framework for you to use. This will serve as your affiliate resources area.

I’ll then show you how to acquire the best Affiliates. Without affiliates, you’re leaving giant stacks of cash sitting on the table, and you’re likely working entirely too hard too.

Identifying, acquiring, empowering, engaging, supporting and interacting with affiliates is everything.

Your affiliates are your customers. You’re supplying the merchandise, and they’re pushing it for you.

If this is all starting to sound like a drug cartel, you’re right. Organized crime and drug trafficking are two of the most powerful, process-driven, scalable, in-demand systems on earth.

The same principles apply: identify a ravenous market, produce the thing it craves, and empower an army to distribute it. Repeat.

The only difference is you don’t need to end like Tony Montana, since we’re operating in legitimate markets, satisfying acceptable desires.

We’ll make it easy for your army to make money, and in turn they’ll want to do it. They need your product, and you need their hustle and reach. Failure to understand a systematic model for acquiring and empowering affiliates will ensure you never leave the little leagues.

We’ll also talk about setting up your E-Commerce. Accepting orders, processing payments, and seamlessly delivering digital media isn’t complicated, but it can be a nightmare without the right tools and processes. I’ll walk you through setting everything up correctly the first time.

I’m shocked at the choices I see otherwise smart people making when it comes to this most critical aspect of their business. Without the right services and systems, you can quickly become a slave to refunds, re-sending files, and random customer service insanity.

I’ll show you the least you need to know to be dangerous.

Module 6 / Process Automation

Wasting time is an unacceptable cost of doing business. Time is the real currency of power, and none of this is worth doing if we become a slave to our creations.

In this module you’re going to get your systems in order and in place.

Unless you want to spend your life as a marketer, handling your business like you’re merely an employee of it – systems, process and automation are essential.

From pre-sale inquiries to ongoing affiliate exchanges to post-sale support and everything in between – you need to be bothered by as little as possible. The more you have the foresight to prevent, the less you’ll have to worry about once the money is flowing in.

Everything that frustrates you is simply a prompt to create a system or automate a process. There are things you’ll otherwise never think of until they happen, and we’ll handle them from the start rather than waiting until they become a source of stress.

Every single aspect of M6 is structured and intended to be handed to someone else if and when you choose. These systems are pre-made, already solved for you.

You just have to step in and manage.

After releasing Source Control, something started happening: the idea clicked for everyone who read it, and people were ready to take serious action.

The trouble is that there isn’t always a crystal clear path to outsourcing experimentation unless you’ve shaped well-defined systems to inform what your new people are doing.

M6 is intentionally built on systems and process, making it prime for delegation. We’re pairing the leverage and force-multiplication you get from systematic outsourcing with a comprehensive, purpose-built library of processes – all for the purpose of producing low-input, hands-off streams of income.

If that doesn’t get your entrepreneurial mojo revved up, I don’t know what will.


David Walsh – M6 Method – Entire Course


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