David Wood – Costa Rica Intensive

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David Wood – Costa Rica Intensive



David Wood – Costa Rica Intensive
David Wood – Costa Rica Intensive




Over 15 hours of Network Marketing Masters training with David Wood in Costa Ricca. Course covers the psychology of network marketing and implementing attraction marketing along with seo. Modules included in the course are…

Module One:
-Network Marketing Sex Appeal
-What Does and Doesn’t Work

Module Two:
-Nobody Wants To Sell Chocolate
-Viral Sustainability

Module Three:
-Positive Framing To Convert More Sales
-The Power of metaphors

Module Four:
-Speak Your Prospect’s Language
-How To Get People To Buy Stuff

Module Five:
-What is Attraction Marketing?
-Empower Hour

Module Six:
-Do Less And Make More
-Create Money out of Thin Air

Module Seven:
-How To Sell To Everyone In Every Way
-Marketing for Smart People

Module Eight:
-Creating A Lasting Team Culture
-Keeping it all together.

Module Nine:
-SEO with Ola of MLMBrothers
-Get your stuff to rank, FAST.

Module Ten:
-How To Create A Compelling Story
-Your Story is ALL that matters.

Module Eleven:
-Bonus Video: The Birth Of Empower Network
-How To Use Empower Network in YOUR Business


David Wood – Costa Rica Intensive


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